5 best browsers for WordPress editing to meet all your needs

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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  • WordPress is one of the best websites and blog-creation tools available online.
  • The article below will act as a list of the best browsers to use in order to make the most out of WordPress.
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browsers for wordpress editing

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The best browser for a WordPress editor is one that guarantees more security and quick response time. Also a professional needs the ease with downloadable extensions and add-ons, etc.

Developers rely on tools like PHP, JavaScript, CSS editing, debugging sites, productivity tools, project management, etc. Whether you prefer using one or multiple browsers here are some of the best browsers with compatibility for WordPress editing.

Best browsers for WordPress editing and optimizing


When having a slower connection, Opera is one of the best browsers for editing WordPress thanks to its exceptional Turbo mode. That’s because Opera runs faster on the PC than other browsers.

Opera Turbo compresses web traffic to improve your browsing speed by patching the traffic through Opera’s servers. Re-routing helps minimize data consumption and bypass ISP content restrictions.

Opera’s versatility and use of add-ons, plugins, and Chrome extensions make it an exciting option for editing WordPress sites.

More so, you don’t have to worry about regions where WordPress is not available since Opera also comes with a built-in VPN that is completely free, has no daily limit, and allows you to choose from 3 server locations.

Here are some of the perks of using Opera Browser:

  • Ultra-fast and great for older PCs
  • Comes with a built-in VPN
  • Low CPU footprint
  • Fast loading times
  • Completely free


Use WordPress at lightning-fast speed with the help of this lightweight and efficient web browser.

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UR Browser

UR browser takes a lead in the pack due to its excellent features that make working with WordPress a breeze. If you are a conservative, used to the already popular browsers then you just might be missing out on real value. UR Browser offers about the best browser for editing WordPress sites.

Its extensive features, add-ons, extensions, built-in VPN structure helps make working with UR browser an exciting one. The ad-blocker and virus scanner help give you more peace of mind from attacks and infiltration.

UR browser gives 4 x faster speed for downloading files as well as browsing using the advanced parallel downloading technology. With UR browser’s ‘Mood’ you get to organize your work, shopping, and home activities better.

With UR browser’s VPN it ensures no restriction with opening blocked sites.

UR Browser

UR Browser

A fantastic web browser that puts privacy above all else that is great for using website-creation tools like WordPress.

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Mozilla Firefox

With the recent re-engineering, Firefox offers great hope for bloggers and developers using WordPress. Firefox‘s innovative approach has helped reduce the percentage of system resources utilized even with multiple tabs opened.

Other features include the Firefox open access to file extensions, flexibility, and strict privacy tools. And these are some of the things most developers on WordPress look for.

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Download Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers for editing WordPress with the majority of the market share running into hundreds of millions. Chrome offers WordPress users fast performance and the ability to utilize unlimited resources for WordPress editing.

Google Chrome makes it possible to install add-ons and Chrome extensions to make the website developer’s job easier. A WordPress user can install additional plug-ins needed for editing WordPress to enjoy maximum efficiency.

However, the drawback with Google Chrome is its heavy browsing requirements. That means systems with low Ram might have issues with speed when working with Google Chrome plus data management.

Other interesting features are the improved privacy settings, WebAuthn (two-factor authentication), password-free logins, flexibility with VR headsets, accelerators, etc.

Download Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has said the Chromium Edge offer 37% more browsing speed than Google Chrome. Edge uses Metro software therefore, it accesses other metro applications with ease.

Its integration with Windows 10 gives it more flexibility and multiple tools to work with for WordPress editing. Microsoft Edge browser opens pages fast and in reading mode. Using Chromium Edge on Windows 10 and Cortana offers more secure protocols for safer, resourceful browsing experiences.

The strength of most browsers currently is the flexibility, room for extensions, speed, and security of information in and out. The best browser for editing WordPress must guarantee that level of security.

And every browser on this list offers some level of these features. However, the inclusion of VPN and more other features makes UR Browser stand out of the pack.

Try Microsoft Edge Chromium

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