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  • You can make your company stand out with the help of a business card software that provides you with hundreds of exciting templates.
  • A high-quality solution comes from Adobe, just one of the many tools for creating exquisite logos, you'll find in our guide.
  • Make a QR code for the location of your business or keep it simple but professional with some of our apps that stick to the basics.
  • Our solutions for the best business card software for Windows 10 support most file formats and can be exported in PDF or JPEG.
best business card software

If you own a business, it’s always good to have a business card available so you can exchange your contact information easily with others.

A business card can tell a lot about you and your company, and today we’re going to show you the best business card software suitable for your entrepreneurial needs.

What is the best business card software for Windows 10?

Adobe Spark

If you want to create a business card that will really make an impactful first impression, you need to use Adobe Spark. This is an excellent tool to create unique custom logos that will help you increase your brand value and awareness.

Moreover, Adobe Spark offers you a wide library of ready-made business card templates.

If you’re in a hurry and you need to have those cards ready as soon as possible, we’re sure those templates will come in handy.

But if you have plenty of time and ideas, you can start from those templates, play with the font and shapes and create your own business card designs.

Communicating with a professional designer is not always easy. Very few people can understand what your company really wants and put those ideas into practice.

But if you have Adobe Spark and an Internet connection, you can get started right now and create your own business cards.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Become a successful entrepreneur by creating a unique business card with this excellent software!
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Adobe Illustrator

Having a business card that pops that draws people’s attention is part of the art of differentiation your company from other businesses activating in the same field.

You can access thousands of business card design templates straight from Adobe Illustrator.

Thanks to the built-in vector graphics tools, you can access a wide array of fonts, colors, gradients, and textures.

You can also customize all these elements within the tool to create custom templates that will suit your company’s branding needs.

The simplest way is to select the preset or the presets you like best, change the preset text to reflect your business, add a background image or keep the background white.

All you need to do is save your design and then have it printed. It’s as simple as that. Rely on Adobe Illustrator to make a business card with style.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

Make the best of all the versatile features to create a business card that will pave the way to success!
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Edraw Max

Edraw Max is an application that lets you create various graphics including flowcharts, forms, maps, mind maps, and business cards. The first thing you’ll notice about this application is its user-interface.

The tool uses a tabbed interface that resembles Microsoft Office, so if you’re familiar with Office tools you won’t have any issues with this application.

The application fully supports templates and you can choose one of many available templates and customize it any way you want.

In addition to templates, there’s a built-in library and you can use it to insert various shapes, icons, business card templates, and text.

However, you can’t save your contact information and add it to future projects like in other similar apps. On the other hand, you can add the desired text to the library and save it for later use.

Using this tool you can freely move your elements, and you can also group them, bring them to front or back and align them.

The application uses layers so you can add different objects to different layers and edit them separately. If needed, you can also lock a certain object in order to prevent any editing.

As for editing, you can customize each element and change its color with ease. In addition to solid colors, you can use gradients, patterns, and pictures.

Of course, you can change the shade and transparency for any color or gradient.

You can also modify lines and change their width, type, color, and other options. With this tool, you can also add shadows to your elements and achieve some interesting results.

Edraw Max is a solid application, and in addition to business cards, it can also create other types of graphics.

The application isn’t as simple to use as previous entries on the list, but it’s perfect if you want to create your business card from scratch.

Edraw Max

Edraw Max

Make an excellent business card to entice customers and grow your company with this complex app!
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Business Card Studio PRO

Another great application that can help you create business cards is Business Card Studio Deluxe.

According to the developer, the application is simple to use and you can create your own business card in a matter of minutes.

The application has more than 10000 templates available, so you can create your unique business card with ease.

On the other hand, if you’re a designer you can also create your business card from scratch.

Each template offers customization and you can easily change the available information or add new graphics, text, images, etc.

As for customization, you can also change the color of your elements as well as their alignment, background and other options.

The application offers Auto Concept Generator that allows you to create multiple variations of your business card.

This feature is perfect if you’re not feeling creative and you just want to create a new business card quickly.

To use this feature you just need to enter the desired information and you’ll be able to choose from wide range of business card designs.

It’s worth mentioning that this tool has 1000 fonts and more than 5000 graphic elements available.

Using these elements you can create all sorts of business cards as well as letterheads and envelope concepts.

Business Card Studio Deluxe also offers 3D text effects so you can create some impressive results in a matter of seconds.

There are also special effects available and you can easily add frames, shadows or blur specific elements.

The application also has a simple wizard that helps you create unique business cards in a matter of minutes. Of course, you can always fine-tune your templates in order to achieve the desired results.

After you create your business card, you can export it to JPEG, BMP, PNG, EMF, WMF, TIF, GIF, ICO or PDF format. It’s worth mentioning that this application supports resolution up to 1200 dpi.

Business Card Studio Deluxe is a great business card software, but unfortunately, it’s not free, so if you want to use it you need to purchase the application.

Business Card Studio PRO

Business Card Studio PRO

Get your hands on this tool to create a business card with a highly professional look!
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