Cable Management Software: Best to Use in 2023

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Working in a data center can be both rewarding and challenging at the same time, but you can cut yourself a little slack if you’re readily-equipped with appropriate tools such as cable management software solutions.

Be it Sunbird DCIM, Pathfinder or netTerrain you’re going to be using in your data center, the results are always going to be better than just heading in empty-handed.

Top cable management software to get right now



PATCH MANAGER is one of the most recommended Windows software solutions when it comes to cable and asset management situations.

This tool can help users find their way around organizing cables by providing them with useful insight regarding the usage and purpose of cables and devices, as well as their location on the network.

It goes without saying that nowadays the software industry has evolved to a point where everything can be more or less simplified with specialized programs and cable management, which seems such a niche issue, is fortunately not an exception.

PATCH MANAGER was mainly designed to be used within data centers, campuses or buildings, as it features means of both managing and documenting changes to assets and physical layer connectivity.

In other words, users who are having a hard time figuring the layout of their data center and the cabling scheme can definitely rely on this software solution.


The program gives users an overview of network components by using templates, which makes it easy to apply for a broad range of networks.

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The tool itself is a web-based software solution, with its backend server being easy to deploy on Windows computers, but PATCH MANAGER is also available in a SaaS (Software as a Service) form, which lets users bypass installation and jump straight into the action.


A demo preview of netTerrain

netTerrain is a cable management software solution for users who are tired of organizing their cable and circuit documentation and schemes by using traditional or outdated methods, such as PowerPoint presentations, Visio diagrams, or even worse: pen and paper.

Instead, what this program offers is a breath of fresh air, as it provides data center managers with real options regarding fiber and copper wire systems management, tray organization features, circuit management, power cable administration and other features related to outside plant connectivity.

Users can take advantage of netTerrain’s capabilities for circuit mapping operations, but also for managing one’s asset inventory in a more effective manner by tracking both connectivity and occupancy down to the smallest detail.

If done right, these operations can easily translate into saving a lot of money, thanks to proper commissioning and decommissioning of assets, ports and subcomponents alike.

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There are a lot of issues that can arise from subpar cable management, such as slower troubleshooting of issues due to the inability to trace circuits accurately and worse, stranded subcomponents and ports due to the decommissioning of fiber connectivity, whether partial or total.

However, since cables and circuits are the backbones of any data center, the topic of good cable and circuit management through specialized software solutions such as netTerrain shouldn’t be easily overlooked, as many agree that doing it right can save you from a lot of expenses.


Pathfinder overview cable management

Its name might not immediately say it, but Pathfinder is a software solution specialized on cable and asset management which can aid data center administrators into organizing their cables, circuits, subcomponents, ports, and assets in a hassle-free, quick manner.

The program can be deployed on Windows computers without too much effort, but it also has a mobile counterpart, so users can be flexible about their projects and perform various administration routines while on the go.

Pathfinder’s dashboard gives users a quick, yet detailed overview of their entire network and assets, so that they can find out at a glance if everything is running at optimal parameters or not.

Statistics regarding all the devices that are managed through the utility can be viewed directly from the dashboard.

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Users can take advantage of Pathfinder’s capabilities to manage port status, fetch network pathways and document their cables.

The software offers signal tracking for cables and devices, primary, secondary, and tertiary cable documentation, GAN, WAN, MAN, and LAN documentation, multiple location cable management as well as the possibility to plot entire physical network pathways, with everything that this involves (e.g. outlets, rails, panels).

Sunbird DCIM

Sunbird DCIM demo

Sunbird DCIM is a software solution that is suitable for users who are struggling with proper cable management in their data centers, but organizing cables is not even by far the only thing this handy utility can do.

This program enables users to create 3D schematics of their data center, thus helping them generate an overview of their assets, power and data connections on a fully-navigatable, interactive map.

Without even being on the premises of the data center, the user can view down to the smallest connector details about how everything is connected. That includes the way the cables are handled between the various connection types.

Devices, assets, and connections can be treated as a whole, but thanks to Sunbird DCIM, users are also capable of isolating only the parts that pique their interest at that very moment, turning even complicated data center administration routines into child’s play.

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With the help of specialized software solutions such as Sunbird DCIM, data center administrators can understand and document each and every single node in the network, thus decreases time spent troubleshooting various issues by identifying failure points in a timely, effective and convenient manner.

At the end of the day, the tool is also very effective at creating extensive, interactive and, most importantly, fully-customizable reports, which is of utmost importance if you have to justify various happenings to third parties, be it your clients or supervisors we’re talking about.

Conclusion on cable management software

Like many other fields nowadays, DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) received an overhaul regarding the way things are being handled, with the possibility of passing a huge burden on specialized software.

Time-consuming operations like tracking a faulty cable back to a device or identifying a malfunctioning component can be now solved at the flick of a button with software solutions such as PATCH MANAGER, Sunbird DCIM or Pathfinder.

Whether the topic is organizing a data center’s inventory (assets) or performing nerve-wracking cable management, these software solutions are here to help you take care of things once and for all.