Best Coding Robots for Tech-Savvies

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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top coding robots deals
Technology has come a long way and nowadays you can find a wide range of products, even coding robots, which are robots that virtually anyone can program to respond to certain stimuli (or lines of code, that is) without significant efforts. Xiaomi MITU Mi Robot Builder, Ozobot 2.0 Bit Smart Robots and Sphero RVR are only a few of the best coding robots that money can buy, and the best part is that most of them won’t even break the bank. Note: Deals are subject to change. Keep in mind that the price tag often varies. We recommend going on the vendor’s website to check the price. Some of the products may be out of stock by the time you’ve made your purchasing decision. So, hurry up and hit the buy button.

What are the best coding robot deals to grab today?

Ozobot 2.0 Bit Smart Robots

Coding robots Ozobot 2.0 Bit Smart Robots

If you’re interested in learning how robots are programmed or want to teach your kid the principles behind automation, Ozobot 2.0 Bit Smart Robots is a perfect choice, hands down.

The pack contains two robots that can be easily programmed by simply drawing coded mazes, which will instruct the robots to follow your commands, whether you want them to spin, speed up or come to a halt all of a sudden.

You can draw the code (conveniently called OzoCode) either on paper or if you’re worried about the environment, you can use your tablet just as easily.


  • Comes with two easy to program bots;
  • Can draw code on both paper or your tablet;
  • Ideal for creating challenges or activities;


  • Robots are pretty limited to movement-related commands;

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Xiaomi MITU Mi Robot Builder

Coding robot Xiaomi MITU

Xiaomi MITU Mi Robot Builder is not a robot builder per se, but it does mean that the product’s innovative 3-in-1 design will allow you (or your kid) to deconstruct it and put it back together in another shape, whether it’s a robot, a plane or a dinosaur we’re talking about.

The greatest part about Xiaomi MITU Mi Robot Builder is that whatever you end up building, you can bring to life by means of programming, controlling and assigning movement routes without writing a line of code, straight from your phone.


  • Can build 3 different robots from the same pieces;
  • Can program the robot straight from your phone without writing a line of code;
  • The robots come with self-balancing technology;


  • None;

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Matatalab STEM Coding Set

Programming bots Matatalab

While Matatalab STEM Coding Set might be a perfect gift for your kids if you want them to learn to code, that doesn’t mean that you can’t play with it and enjoy doing it, too.

This product is suitable for kindergarten children and up to the third grade and will help them learn about conditionals, sequencing and debugging by throwing challenging tasks their way (not literally) so that they discover coding in a fun, stress-free manner.


  • Imagination-fueled coding robot that helps kids develop their creativity;
  • Word-free environment, code blocks use intuitive graphics;


  • A bit pricey;

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Sphero RVR

Sphero RVR programmable robot

Sphero RVR might just be the rockstar of our evening, as it’s a coding robot that can be programmed to go virtually anywhere you can think of (as long as you obey the laws of Physics, that is), but also perform various other actions.

The tank-like vehicle robot packs a lot of sensors such as a color sensor, infrared (IR), a magnetometer, a gyroscope, an accelerometer and a light sensor, each of which enables you to use them in any way you can possibly think of.

Sphero RVR also packs a customizable expansion plate that lets you include third-party hardware such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and even proprietary Sphero bits to your projects.


  • Works with popular third-party hardware such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi;
  • Is highly hackable with SDK and API libraries;
  • Comes with a lot of on-board sensors;
  • You can code it with scratch blocks, draw & drive, and even JavaScript;


  • Some customers complain that it’s difficult to pair initially;

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Bee-Bot TTS Educational Robot

Coding robot Bee-Bot TTS Educational Robot

It might not look like much, but not only is Bee-Bot TTS Educational Robot a programmable robot, it also falls on the premium side of products (due to its price) and is capable of teaching algorithms, improve directional language and programming skills.

This pack holds 6 such robots and a cute docking station that they can be recharged on. Bee-Bot TTS Educational Robot is capable of moving forward, backward, left and right, but also perform 90-degree turns, depending on the users’ needs.


  • Compact size and durable materials;
  • Comes with a cute, wall-mountable docking station;
  • The pack comes with 6 programmable robots;


  • An expensive product;
  • Bee bots are pretty limited in what they can do;

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A few ending words on best coding robots

Whether you’re fascinated with robots and are interested in learning more about the way they magically come to life or want to make your children become interested in robotics and programming, none of the products listed here are wrong choices.

Products such as Xiaomi MITU Mi Robot Builder, Sphero RVR and Ozobot 2.0 Bit Smart Robots are excellent robots that you can program to perform actions, and while some of them are a bit more advanced than others, they all deliver both fun and education in a pretty effective matter.