Co-op Steam Games: 30 Triple A Titles You Don’t Want to Miss

Many co-op games offer cross-platform compatibility for players

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Key notes

  • With about 30000 games on Steam's library, you will find a good assortment of co-op games.
  • The Steam platform offers a vast repertoire of co-op RPG games for players. 

We discuss the best coop games on Steam steam in the article. But before we do, here is what you must know.

Valve’s Steam is a storefront and digital distribution service for video games. In fact, in 2003, it was released as a separate software client as a means for Valve to give automated game updates. However, it later extended to distribute and market titles from third-party game companies.

The platform comes with a library of games, a repository of your gaming experience, and should be enjoyable to browse.

For example, Steam’s new library makes finding, categorizing, concealing, and highlighting your games simple. Also, drag and drop is a great way to get things done, and it is the easiest way to restructure the library on the go.

You will find about 30000 games in Steam’s library; included in this collection are a lot of co-op games.

Let us introduce you to our favorite co-op games on Steam. These are the games you can play with your friends.

Before diving in, if any of the games in this article do not launch, you can take these steps to fix Steam games that won’t launch on Windows.

What Steam games can I play with my friends in 2022?

Sniper Elite 5 – Best all-round steam co-op game

Sniper Elite 5 is the next installment in the trophy franchise, including tactical third-person action, unrivaled sniping, and an improved kill cam.

You battle across comprehensive maps, with numerous real-world locales recreated in spectacular detail and a new navigation system that interlinks more of the places than ever.

As you embark on extremely competitive 16-player engagements that will put your sharpshooting abilities to the test, you may customize your avatar and loadout while earning medals, XP, and ribbons.

Additionally, if you prefer cooperative gameplay, its Survival mode allows you to fight waves of foes with up to three other participants.

This is one of our top recommendations for anyone looking to try co-op games.

Additional features:

  • Very extensive graphics
  • Abundant levels
  • Realistic graphics

Get Sniper Elite 5

What are some good 2-player games on Steam?

Portal 2 – Best overall two-player co-op game

This award-winning mix of narrative, unique gameplay, and music that gained the first Portal around 70 industry honors and a huge fan base is carried over into Portal 2.

Portal 2’s single-player mode offers a slew of new puzzle components, a cast of vibrant new characters, and a considerably more significant number of perplexing test chambers.

Test rooms, a distinct campaign with a unique scenario, and two additional player characters are included in the game’s two-player co-op mode.

Players will have to reevaluate all they believed and understood about portals in this game. They must behave together and think alike if they are to succeed.

Additional features:

  • Several portals
  • Original music
  • Competitive challenges

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Knights And Bikes – Best animated 2-player co-op game

You’ll take control of Demelza and Nessa as they ride and upgrade their bikes, exploring a historical island with their little pet geese Captain Honkers, searching for adventure and riches.

With an expanding assortment of toilet-plungers, water balloons, frisbees, and a boom-box loud enough to rouse the zombies, they’ll encounter riddles, perils, and the growing powers of an old curse as the game progresses.

These heroines would learn, laugh, and mourn together. Their creativity and camaraderie must be strong enough to preserve the island to be successful.

Additionally, you’ll use your improvised talents to solve puzzles and fight opponents throughout the game. You’ll use welly boots to trample through puddles, water balloons, frisbees, and a loud boom-box sound.

Additional features:

  • Windows and Mac compatibility
  • A treasure assortment
  • Many levels

Get Knights And Bikes

We Were Here – Best puzzle adventure

Let’s start by mentioning that We Were Here requires both participants to use a functional PC-compatible mic.

You’ll be separated from your buddy within a deserted mansion and trapped in a frigid landscape throughout the game. Finally, you’re down to your last possession: a two-way radio with a recognizable voice at the other end.

This game is a free preview of a coop Steam standalone adventures collection.

Will you be able to find your way out? Can you follow the voice on the walkie-talkie to safety?

Additional features:

  • Intriguing environments
  • Windows compatible
  • Multiple puzzle integration

Get We Were Here

Hide and Shriek – The best horror game

The setting is Halloween, and magic students at Innsmouth Academy and Little Springs High are ready to carry out an age-old ritual: creeping into school past nightfall, becoming invisible, and frightening the living daylights.

The game is a one-on-one multiplayer game that takes place over 10 minutes.

You must be a naughty rogue and terrify opponents nearly to death while the timer still runs. But, in the end, if there’s no apparent winner, the person with the highest score wins.

Lastly, spooking your adversary, enticing them towards traps, or executing an old ritual may earn you points.

Additional features:

  • Leaderboards
  • Spooky scenes
  • Thirty different spells

Get Hide and Shriek

What are the best local co-op games on Steam?

Castle Crashers – Best for four people teams

In this newly upgraded edition of The Behemoth’s immensely famous 2D arcade adventure, you will smash, slash, and hack to be victorious. Online or locally, as many as four friends can play. 

In this game, you must save your princess, destroy certain castles, and protect the kingdom.

Castle Crashers also features a new Ultra texture quality and an unlimited framerate option, thanks to its recent Barbarian Makeover Update.

It even includes a new rapidly-paced multiplayer minigame designed specifically for buddies.

Additionally, it features Ultra graphics, a novel alternative texture quality option in the Game Settings menu.

Additional features:

  • Alien Hominid character
  • Arena mode
  • Insane Mode

Get Castle Crashers

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince – Best Overall local co-op game

With this game, the Trine series comes back to 2.5D magic.

This best-selling adventure series’ 3 protagonists are back on a mission to find the poor Prince Selius. Pontius the Knight, Zoya the Thief, and Amadeus the Wizard reunite for another exciting adventure through incredible fantasy landscapes brimming with peril.

Prince Selius has incredibly dark dreams throughout the game and owing to his magical abilities, and terrible nightmares may escape into real life and cause mayhem in the world.

Finally, Trine 4 takes the franchise to new heights, offering fans and newcomers the most comprehensive gaming experience.

Additional features:

  • Amazing gameplay
  • Great graphics
  • Nice backing sounds

Get Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Broforce – Best Anti-terrorism 4-player game

When the globe is threatened by evil, the world turns to Broforce, a poorly funded paramilitary group dedicated solely to using extreme force.

You must prepare to run and shoot at countless different people and exterminate the enemy terrorist troops that menace your way of life, and you could do this with three other teammates. 

For liberation’s sake, you’ll unleash various exotic weaponry and set off spectacular cascades of fire, limbs, and napalm.

The game includes a level editor where you may create a bespoke playground of devastation and share it online to become the admiration of other bros.

Additional features:

  • Bro-Op & Deathmatch
  • Explosion Run
  • Destructible terrains

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Trine 2 – Best fairytale Local Steam game

Trine 2 is a puzzle and action game where you and two other heroes navigate through unknown dangers in beautiful fantasy land.

Join Zoya the Thief, Pontius the Knight, and Amadeus the Wizard on a journey filled with magic, friendship, and betrayal in this game.

The all-new unlocked Dwarven Caverns level and the Goblin Menace expansion campaign are seamlessly integrated into one magnificent narrative in Trine 2. In addition, the Complete Story edition is automatically upgraded for all Goblin Menace owners.

You’ll journey across gorgeous sights and environments throughout the game, including a blazing desert, ice mountains, a castle by the dangerous sea, and even the insides of a giant worm.

Additional features:

  • Superb graphics
  • Hidden collectibles
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision support

Get Trine 2

Left 4 Dead 2 – Best action horror FPS

This eagerly expected companion to the famous Left 4 Dead, 2008’s number one co-op game, is based on a zombie attack.

From New Orleans to Savannah, this co-op action horror first-person shooter takes you and your pals through the Deep South’s marshes, cities, and cemeteries throughout five massive missions.

You’ll take control of any of four new survivors, each armed with a diverse arsenal of modernized and traditional weapons. 

Aside from firearms, you’ll be able to unleash your rage on the infected persons using various carnage-inducing weapons, like axes, chainsaws, and even the odd frying pan.

Additional features:

  • A new multiplayer mode
  • 20 new weapons
  • AI Director 2.0:

Get Left 4 Dead 2

LEGO Marvel – Best Marvel-based

An original plot spanning the whole Marvel world is featured in LEGO Marvel.

Players control Captain America, the Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, and a slew of other Marvel heroes as they band together to prevent Loki and a slew of other Marvel adversaries from putting together a mega-weapon capable of ending the planet.

Players will trek around LEGO Manhattan, searching for cosmic bricks while visiting significant Marvel Universe landmarks such as a Hydra outpost, Asteroid M, Stark Tower, and the X-Mansion.

Smash, soar, and swing in this first LEGO videogame featuring above 100 Marvel heroes and Villains.

Additional features:

  • Hulk smashes
  • New and powerful moves
  • Customizable characters

Get LEGO Marvel

Brawlhalla – Best 2D platform fighting game

In an epic battle of skill and power, history’s best fighters compete to see who is the greatest. These brawls are peppered with lethal weapons and devices. Every gun you acquire alters your playing style.

This free 2D platform combat game for PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Android, and iOS allows as many as 8 online or local players.

You may play rated matches, casual free-for-alls, or host a private room for friends. Match recording and playback, as well as best-in-class spectating, are available in gameplay. It also includes a large number of maps.

Additional features:

  • Brawl of the week
  • Experimental mode
  • Training Room

Get Brawlhalla

What are the best free co-op games on Steam?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Best FPS

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is next on this list. It’s a terrific option if you’re seeking a free shooter game to play among your friends. 

The game was released by Value in 2012, and although Counter-Strike is more than nine years old, it continues to be exciting among players.

You may also install new modifications by downloading recent maps to make them more enjoyable. You may purchase maps through the Steam Workshop and other activities to attempt with your buddies.

While playing, note that Sniper is a powerful weapon in this game, and you can increase kills if you master how to use it. 

Additional features:

  • Steam Achievements
  • Full controller support
  • Multiplayer

Get Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Fistful of Frags – Bests Wild West-themed FPS

This is an action-packed, first-person, multiplayer-based, and skill-demanding shooter set in the Wild West.

It offers a one-of-a-kind blend of nonstop action and slow-moving yet devastating weapons.

Years ago, Fistful of Frags (FoF) was conceived as a Wild West-themed Source engine tweak. In this Steam release, it’s been entirely reworked, with a focus on battle mechanics.

It is, of course, free, with no need to register or micro-transactions. So it’s as easy as installing and playing.

However, you may encounter advertisements when you join some third-party servers where the game is hosted. That, however, has nothing to do with the FoF development team.

Additional features:

  • Crossplatform Multiplayer
  • Lan PvP
  • Online PvP

Get Fistful of Frags

Warframe – Best interplanetary war game with free play

As you build your Warframe and follow the instructions of the enigmatic Lotus, you’ll face off against warring groups throughout a vast interplanetary universe.

In this third-person, exhilarating combat experience, you will discover your ultimate potential across enormous open environments and amass an arsenal of lethal weapons.

To play the game, you’ll need to put on your Warframe, a bio-metal suit with incredible strength. You’ll be able to activate its powers and wield a wide range of destructive weapons from inside, allowing you to crush swarms of foes on sight easily.

When the carnage is done, you earn or quickly unlock over 40 distinct Warframes, each having its abilities, to relive the chaos in any way you wish.

Additional features:

  • Remote play
  • Cross-device compatible
  • Single-player support

Get Warframe

Escape Room: The sick colleague – Best Free puzzle

Escape Room – The Sick Colleague is another game that is free to play; however, it gives the option of purchasing the supporting DLC. This is a way to help the dev team. 

This game includes a beautiful sticker in the multiplayer lobby and on the main menu, letting everyone know you are a great person (Or maybe not so lovely).

From its main menu, you will equally be able to download the sticker’s high-resolution version in a png file.

This game also falls within the multiplayer puzzle category. So, if you can solve riddles quickly, this is a short game for you that lasts about 1-2 hours.

Additional features:

  • Online Co-op
  • Single-player
  • Leaderboards

Get Escape Room: The sick colleague

Ring of Elysium – Best nature simulation

A completely new desert map is launched after the release of Europa Island and Mt. Dione, Vera. You must endure the competition and come alive despite the devastating nuclear storm.

This game, which has realistic visuals, a wide range of tactical and traversal skills, and its spectacular helicopter escape, encourages players to participate in an intense royale 60-man battle.

The game’s extremely accurate display of natural disasters will enthrall you, recreating abnormal weather conditions such as cloudy, sunny, heavy rain, foggy, thunderstorms, and so on. 

Additional features:

  • Multiplayer
  • Real-life disaster simulation
  • Stealth Cloak

Get Ring of Elysium

Maelstrom – The best free fantasy game

Maelstrom is another game that is free to play on the list. This one is for you if you like games set in fantastical realms. The naval fights in Maelstrom are the inspiration for the fun.

Gunpowder Games, Inc. created this game, released in 2019 by Double Jump Publishing. It’s a good one to share, and you and your friends may play the game for free on Steam. 

Finally, note that to play, you’ll need a powerful PC with a quad-core CPU, 8 GB of RAM, and a GTX470.

Additional features:

  • Incredible scenes
  • Online PvP
  • Single-player

Get Maelstrom

What are the best coop survival games on Steam?

Dying Light: Bad Blood – Best post-apocalyptic co-op game

best coop games steam

Over 16 million gamers across the globe have praised Dying Light: Enhanced Edition, which has received over 50 nominations and awards.

The game contains everything you’ll need to begin your journey in a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic universe.

It adds a new game mode, the buggy (your ride), two packages, and two more confinement zones, bringing the whole gaming experience to a new level.

You can play Dying Light in its final version and various gameplay enhancements. You’ll have to make weapons, hunt for materials, and do whatever you can to stay alive in a zombie-infested metropolis.

Additional features:

  • Multiplayer mode
  • Numerous modes
  • Plenty missions

Get Dying Light: Bad Blood

7 Days to Die – Best Zombie survival co-op game

best coop games steam

This Steam game defines the survival category, with unequaled crafting and world-building capabilities, and has sold around 14 million copies.

It offers a unique blend of tower defense, survival horror, first-person shooter, and role-playing games, all set in a harsh post-apocalyptic world that zombies have now overrun.

In this game, crafting, looting, fighting, exploration, mining, and character advancement are all presented in a manner that has elicited an ecstatic reaction from fans all over the globe.

You may scour the globe for the most excellent tools and armor and enhance objects with various modifications.

Finally, the game offers six quality ranges, each with millions of variations.

Additional features:

  • Multiple zombie archetypes
  • Multiple worlds
  • Customizable characters

Get 7 Days to Die

Tribes of Midgard – Best graphics

best coop games steam

Tribes of Midgard is yet another co-op game that combines survival, action, and Rogue-lite aspects in a new way.

Every night, armies of attackers attempt to ruin the Seed of Yggdrasil, the holy tree you’ve promised to guard, so the players must now defend their hamlet.

Ragnarök of the world’s end will only be averted if you, alongside your tribe, preserve this Seed.

To combat strong opponents, hunt mythological monsters, topple giants, harvest rich resources, and claim treasures, you will explore the untamed wilds of Midgard.

Lastly, the more complex the struggle and the bigger the rewards, the deeper you wander from the settlement.

Additional features:

  • Face colossal game-changers
  • Viking Legend
  • A Bright Norse Realm

Get Tribes of Midgard

State of Decay 2 – Best open-world survival-fantasy game

best coop games steam

This sequel to the State of Decay is set shortly after the zombie outbreak. Your little group of survivors is trying to reconstruct a sliver of civilization, and it’s on you to decide how they do it.

You choose how to strengthen and improve your base, where and how to establish the community, who to attract to the squad, and when to move on.

In the game, it is also on you to decide which survivors to go on a foraging mission for ammunition and the food needed and who you’ll employ to defend your stronghold from the undead. It is up to you to determine how you will deal with newcomers to your community.

Finally, not that the sandbox experience of every player is different, and the problems you confront differ depending on who joins your team and your choices.

Additional features:

  • State-of-the-art graphics
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Multiplayer mode

Get State of Decay 2

Icarus – The best apocalypse co-op game

best coop games steam

Icarus was supposed to be the next earth, but terraforming failed, the air became poisonous, and humanity’s aspirations of populating a new planet were dashed.

On Icarus, our biggest blunder, you must survive a hostile alien landscape. You’ll have to create, gather, explore, and hunt through the harsh terrain while looking for your fortune.

Prospectors descend to the planet’s surface for short periods from their orbiting station, where they adjust to coping with the unfamiliar environment, seek rare exotic minerals, and execute faction objectives.

Survivors become seasoned veterans transform and take on more difficult drops using their newfound expertise.

Additional features:

  • Multiple missions
  • Plenty skill levels
  • Wonderful graphics

Get Icarus

Conan Exiles – Best Graphic survival co-op steam game

best coop games steam

Conan Exiles is an online survival game based on the tales of Conan the Barbarian’s world.

You’ll join a giant, open-world sandbox where you’ll create your house or perhaps a shared metropolis with strangers and friends.

You’ll have to raise your avatar from a peasant to a great warrior, explore loot-filled dungeons, brave frigid weather, and battle to conquer your foes in epic siege conflicts.

It would help if you rapidly learned to live when Conan saves you by cutting you free. Then, surviving might be as simple as avoiding extreme heat and hunting animals for sustenance.

You will travel over a large and continuous universe, from the mountains in the north to the scorching southern desert.

Additional features:

  • Persistent online multiplayer
  • Full single-player
  • Stunning scenes and graphics

Get Conan Exiles

Are there any co-op RPG games on Steam?

Monster Hunter – Best monster-hunting Steam co-op game

best coop games steam

Hello, and welcome to this new era. Here, you assume the duties of a hunter and fight terrible beasts in a natural, active ecosystem where you may gain an advantage by using the terrain and its different residents.

You can hunt alone or in groups of as many as four, collecting resources from slain adversaries to construct new equipment and even take on larger stronger animals.

Lastly, you’ll be tasked with hunting creatures in various environments. Kill these creatures, and you’ll get resources to make better weapons and ammunition.

Additional features:

  • Monster tracking
  • Extensive weapon collection
  • Specialized tools

Get Monster Hunter

Borderlands 3 – Most detailed RPG co-op steam game

best coop games steam

This game brings back the original shooter-looter with a slew of new weapons and a brand-new chaos and confusion adventure.

Playing as any of the all-new Vault Hunters, you’ll blast your way through new worlds and adversaries.

Also, you may play alone or with pals to fight mad foes, get plenty of riches, and rescue your homeland from the galaxy’s most deadly cult leaders.

As you go through the game, you may choose from one of four incredible Vault Hunters, each with rich skill trees, playstyles, powers, and customization possibilities.

Every hunter in the game can wreak havoc on their own, but when they work collectively, they are unbeatable.

Lastly, every combat is a chance to gain new gear, thanks to the plethora of weaponry and gadgets available.

Additional features:

  • Wonderful graphics
  • Great game scenes
  • A rich assortment of weapons

Get Borderlands 3

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – The most bloody RPG co-op game

best coop games steam

To begin, please be aware that this game includes material unsuitable for every age or watching at work. For example, it provides gore or violence and some general mature material.

That said, the game is a cooperative action game for four players, and it’s based in the universe of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Vermintide 2 is the sequel to the highly praised Vermintide, and it’s the newest entry in a series noted for its brutal and deadly first-person combat action.

Five warriors return to face an even bigger enemy than ever in the game, and with your friends, you remain the only thing standing between complete loss and triumph.

Additional features:

  • Multiple war-ravaged lands
  • Five character options
  • Skill progression ladder

Get Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Grim Dawn – The best apocalyptic fantasy co-op game

best coop games steam

Enter this apocalyptic fantasy where humanity is almost getting extinct. Iron is more valuable than gold in this land, and trust is difficult. 

Complex character growth, unique items, crafting, and missions with decisions and consequences are all included in this ARPG.

Players will make difficult choices that have far-reaching consequences for the rest of the globe. So, depending on your decisions, desperate families, strangers on the road, and even whole communities may live or die.

You’ll gain favor with human groups, allowing you to access new quest lines, merchant discounts, and faction-specific equipment and augments. Some neutral groups may become friends, but assisting one makes another an adversary.

Additional features:

  • 35 quests
  • Several weapon choices
  • Excellent graphics

Get Grim Dawn

Outriders – Best 3-player co-op game

best coop games steam

Outriders is a cooperative RPG shooter game for 1-3 players, and it is set in a unique, harsh, and desperate sci-fi environment.

You’ll design your Outrider and begin on a trip across the barren earth while humanity dies out on the battlefields of Enoch.

The game offers a grand narrative covering a vast universe. Hence, you’ll leave the shanty towns and slums of the First City behind and travel across mountains, woods, and deserts in search of a mystery signal.

Outriders deliver numerous hours of gaming and are a product of one of the best shooter game developers in the market.

It will quickly become one of your favorites by combining furious gunplay with deadly abilities and an inventory of more twisted weapons and gear sets. 

Additional features:

  • Brutal and bloody combat
  • Single and multi-player support
  • Custom Outrider character

Get Outriders

Remnant: From the Ashes – Most dynamic RPG co-op game

best coop games steam

An old horror from a different realm has plunged the planet into disarray in the game.

As one of humankind’s last survivors, you must confront swarms of deadly monsters alone or with as many as two additional survivors to rebuild and recover what was lost.

You will explore regularly created worlds that vary every time you play, introducing new quests, maps, monster encounters, and world events.

Lastly, the game’s four distinct worlds are full of horrific inhabitants and surroundings that provide new difficulties with each run.

Added features:

  • Endless realms
  • Online co-op
  • Vast weapon choice

Get Remnant: From the Ashes

Can Mac and PC devices play Steam games together?

PC and Mac can work for the base games; however, Mac does not run Horizons.

Cross-platform play is possible across many platforms depending on the game. You can play with your mates on PC/Mac (Steam), Xbox platforms, PlayStation, Google Stadia, and the Nintendo Switch.

What Steam games work well on Mac?

Even though the list is considerably more extensive, we’ve picked some of the most appreciated games that allow users to play across platforms. Below, you can have a look at our selection:

There you have it, our extensive list of the best coop games Steam has to offer. While many of these require cooperative play, a few can also be enjoyed in single-player mode.

To get started on the games in this article, you could follow a few easy steps to register and install Steam on your computer.

Lastly, we like to hear from you in the comments, so let us know which of these games is your favorite to play.

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