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Online detective games

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If you are a fan of TV shows like Sherlock Holmes or even detective fictions like Byomkesh Bakshi, you will be intrigued by the idea of playing a detective game.

While there are tons of detective games for PC, the detective games that you can play online using your web browser has grown exponentially over the years.

Detective games let you play out your wildest fantasies and bring out the detective in you to solve puzzles and murder mysteries. Detective games are usually challenging and require the use of logic and reasoning.

In this article, we explore some of the best detective games online that you can play on the web. You don’t need to download or install anything, but need a large screen device with working internet. So, let’s get started.

Top 5 detective games to play online 

Wheely 7

detective games online

Wheely 7 is the sequel to the popular detective game Wheely 6. The new season comes with even more exciting point and clicks adventures. You play as a detective who travels around the world, solving puzzles and mysteries.

Playing the game is easy. You can use your mouse to interact with objects such as buttons and levers to make your way to the end of each level. There are a total of 15 levels which are all are locked except for the first level. The levels will unlock as you progress in the game.

Each level requires you to find and use the objects that allow you to move forward. The short 15 levels should finish pretty quickly if you get addicted to the game. However, you can also play other seasons from 1 to 8 on CrazyGames.

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Vortex Point

detective games online

Vortex Point is an engaging detective game that you can enjoy in your browser. It is an exciting adventure game that is based on Mouse City games that use only pointer-based devices to control the characters.

Clicking on Start will start the first chapter with an introduction to the characters. You, as a detective, need to collect evidence from the scene that shows up in your collection. Clicking on the door images brings up the map.

Using the map, you can navigate the Vortex Point pharmacy, pizza house, headquarters, and Dc McGinn’s house to find the evidence. The game is easy to follow through once you get the basic idea of its working.

Similar to Wheely, Vortex Point also has several seasons that you can play on CrazyGames. Note that your browser must have flash enabled to play this game.

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detective games online

ANOVA is a beautifully designed point-and-click detective game that takes you on a journey to witness the adventure of a spirited pirate, Violet, and her faithful robot companion.

The game starts with the introduction of the characters. The first chapter requires you to fix a leaking boat with the help of available tools. You need to find and click on the tools to be able to access them.

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All the tools collected from the scene can be found in the inventory. To access the inventory, use the scroll button on your mouse. To use the tools from your inventory, simply and drag-drop the tools where you think it will work.

The game can be overwhelming as it is a point-and-click game that requires repeated clicks on a single object to find hints and tools. However, the game is an excellent choice if you are looking for something to do with your spare time.


Sherlock Has a Clue

detective games online

If you are a Sherlock Holmes fan, Sherlock Has a Clue allows you to play as the famous detective who is called to investigate a murder case. As a detective, you need to identify who the murderer is and find out how it happened.

Similar to previous games, Sherlock Has a Clue also requires you to enable Flash to play the game. The game is available to play in multiple languages.

Sherlock Has a Clue is also a point-and-click game where you can click on multiple objects to find evidence and hints. You can walk through different doors to reach different rooms and scenes to investigate further and interrogate the people in the house.

Once you have found all the evidence and determined the murderer and solved the case, the report must be submitted to a police computer.

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Total Darkness

detective games online

Total Darkness is a detective adventure game that takes place in a town where the power has gone, and nobody knows why. You, as the detective, must explore the town by walking down the dark streets to find locations.

However, the battery of your torch loses some juice with every tap. The game requires you to use your science skills to solve problems and help people as they struggle without power.

The objective is to find the theories about what is causing the power cut and then find the real cause. You can also interact with the characters in the game with multiple questions.

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Detective games are not for everyone as these types of games require patience to playthrough. However, even if you are tying detective games for the first time, begin with the list above. Some of these games are extremely simple, while others may require you to put more work to finish them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you are playing on a PC, there are tons of popular detective games like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Sherlock Holmes – Crimes and Punishments, Grim Fandango, L.A Noire, etc. If you want to play online, checkout Wheely, Sherlock Has a Clue, and Total Darkness.

  • The most popular Sherlock Holmes games include Sherlock – The network, Sherlock Homes – Crime and Punishments, and Sherlock Has a Clue if you are looking for an online web browser game.

  • Depending on the game, the detective game requires the player to use reasoning and logic to find clues and evidence to solve the given mystery.

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