6 best Mario games to play online

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Mario is Nintendo’s mascot and the most famous game character in the gaming industry. The Mario series is among the biggest and longest-running game franchises. Ever since the 1980s, the plucky plumber has starred in some of the best ever console games.

Of course, Mario games are exclusive to Nintendo consoles and have never graced Windows. Nevertheless, you can still play some of Mario’s finest, albeit oldest, games on retro game emulator websites.

There are numerous emulator websites on which you can play Mario games for the NES, SNES, and N64 consoles among others.

Check out our selection for the best Mario games online

Mario 64

Mario 64 best mario games online

Mario 64 was a watershed in the history of its series as it was the first 3D Mario game.

This was the game that established a thrilling new 3D perspective for its series and firmly broke away the two-dimensional shackles of its earlier counterparts.

So, it’s little wonder that many fans rate this the best Mario game ever (and one of the best games ever).

Play Mario 64

Super Mario World

Super Mario World best mario games online

Super Mario World was the launch title for the 16-bit SNES console. This was one of the first Mario games to include a more open map for players to explore and play through in slightly different ways.

The game includes 96 levels for players to discover. It was also the Mario game that introduced Yoshi the dinosaur, which can gobble up enemies.

Although it wasn’t quite as revolutionary as Mario 64, Super Mario World still propelled the series to new heights.

⇒Play Super Mario World 

Mario All-Stars

Super Mario All-Stars best mario games online

Super Mario All-Stars is primarily a compilation of the NES Mario games with revamped 16-bit graphics.

This is one of the best Mario games online as it includes Super Mario Bros, Mario Bros 2, Mario Bros 3, and Mario Bros Lost Levels within a single package.

It also includes Super Mario World to boot. So, All-Stars includes all the classic NES Mario platform games with better graphical and audio quality for you to play.

⇒Play Mario All-Stars

Super Mario World 2 – Yoshi's Island

Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island best mario games online

Yoshi’s Island isn’t always considered a part of the Mario platform series, but it is the sequel to Super Mario World.

Yoshi might be the star of the show in this game, but little Mario is still riding the dinosaur. This platform game has a more distinct graphical style to other Mario titles and incorporates some nice effects to boot.

It also features more unique gameplay mechanics, such as Yoshi’s flutter jump (which is also included in Mario Galaxy 2). So, this is another great Mario platform game, albeit with a Yoshi angle.

⇒Play Yoshi’s Island 

Paper Mario

Paper Mario best mario games online

Paper Mario is a Mario spin-off game that’s an RPG and platform game mixed into one.

The great thing about this game is its exciting turn-based battle system, which was something not seen in a Mario game before Paper Mario.

This game also has a novel paper-based graphical style. It was one of the most highly rated N64 games and began a new Paper Mario series.

⇒Play Paper Mario

Super Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart best mario games online

Mario Kart is among Nintendo’s biggest game series. Super Mario Kart for SNES is the game that began one of the big N’s foremost game series.

This was an entirely new breed of go-kart racing game in which players can collect items, such as mushrooms, stars, and shells, to win races and battle modes. Few racing games have been as much fun, and you can play through the original Mario Kart’s cup races at retro game emulator websites.

⇒Play Super Mario Kart

So, check out those Mario games at retro game emulator websites. Play Emulator, Nintendo Emulator, RetroGames, SNESFUN, and Retro Games Online are some of the best sites to play Mario-themed games at.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Game console emulators are game emulator software that loads virtual console hardware on your PC to have access to these games. Check out our top 5 best Sega emulators article.

  • No, you can only play older Mario games that are included on the retro game emulator websites (or download their ROMs for emulator software).

  • Yes, some retro game emulator websites do include gamepad options that enable players to play Mario games with alternative controllers. Check out this useful gamepad guide.

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