How to Play NES Games Online with Friends [Free]

Vintage SNES games are a pleasure to play and here are the best ones

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  • In case you want to play NES games online, this guide will provide all the information you need.
  • The options we presented in this guide include Nintendo Emulator, 88Bit, and other websites.
  • Of course, you might find other options as well, but we compiled the best ones especially for you.
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The Nintendo Entertainment System, otherwise the NES, was one of the big N’s first home game consoles. It was the biggest game console of the 1980s for which Nintendo introduced game series that continue to go strong today, such as Mario, Zelda, and Metroid.

The big N even re-released the game console in 2016 with NES Classic Edition. However, you don’t need NES Classic Edition to play its retro games. You don’t even need to install an NES emulator on Windows.

You can play a multitude of classic NES games in your web browser at retro game emulator websites! This is where you can play NES games online.

Playing NES games online free is something we all want to do, especially if you grew up in the ’80s and ’90s, so buckle up and find out where you can play the best SNES games online.

Can I play Nintendo games online?

You should know that, before the Switch Online service launched, the Nintendo company offered free online multiplayer for games like Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

However, now, you have to have a subscription to use the online features of first-party Nintendo games and most third-party games.

Keep in mind that Nintendo Switch Online members can download and play the online mode of the game at no extra cost.

Stick with us to the end and discover all viable options for NES emulators unblocked online, as well as NES games online for multiplayer.

And, if you aren’t using a PC or a laptop and prefer mobile devices such as phones or tablets, you can also search for NES emulators that are online for mobile.

Quick Tip:

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Opera GX comes with one purpose, to make the gaming experience more enticing. With GX Corner, you can play games right in from the browser and it facilitates finding old titles with ease. It also provides limiters for CPU and RAM usage plus a hot tab killer for the browser.

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Experience an amazing gaming session with Opera GX features.

Where can I play old NES games online?

Nintendo Emulator – Contains all the classics

Nintendo Emulator play nes games online

Nintendo Emulator is a website dedicated to NES and SNES games. So, this website has a big collection of NES games you can browse through on its A-Z index.

This site’s emulator includes options for keyboard customization and a full-screen mode. With its Setup Gamepad option, you you can play NES games with a gamepad.

Access Nintendo Emulator

8BBit – Has some of the best Nintendo oldies

8BBit website play nes games online

88BBit is an emulator site exclusively for NES games. Here you can play the vast majority of games released for NES. Players can select to play its games with Javascript or Flash Emulator. 88BBit NET provides cheat codes for some of its games.

This website has a novel multiplayer feature for its NES games, which isn’t something many alternative sites include. Registered users on this site can also leave comments under games and gain access to more exclusive parts of the website.

Access 8BBit

MyEmulator.Online – Contains a fair selection of oldies

The MyEmulator.Online website includes NES, SNES, Nintendo DS, N64, Game Boy Advance, Neo Geo, and Genesis games on it. It has a very decent catalog of NES games amounting to 139 titles in total.

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The good thing about MyEmulator.Online is the additional configuration options its emulator includes. Players can adjust shader, aspect ratio, sound, and image settings for games. In addition, this site’s emulator includes a Save Manager you can save multiple games too.

Access MyEmulator.Online

RetroGames – The most popular one

RetroGames website play nes games online

RetroGames has a massive collection of online NES games. This website’s A-Z index of NES games amounts to 57 pages, which is very big considering there are more than 30 titles on each page.

This site includes different national release versions for its game titles, which inflates the size of its collection.

Aside from its massive A-Z index of NES titles, RetroGames is also based on a good emulator to boot. RetroGames’ emulator includes Shader, Color Palette, Sound Quality, Turbo Enable, 4 Players Support, and Region settings.

Furthermore, the emulator provides a heat option players can click to open cheat lists for games.

Here’s another NES game emulator that many of you will like to try, just to bring back the sentiment of nostalgia and enjoy some of your favorite childhood games.

Access RetroGames

PlayEmulator – User favorite

PlayEmulator is one of the best websites for online retro games generally. It includes emulators for 26 alternative consoles/platforms. Its NES game index amounts to 15 pages, most of which include 39 titles each.

So, this website is packed to the rafters with online NES games and those for other consoles.

Access PlayEmulator

Legendary videogames Online – Stacked with vintage titles

Legendary videogames ONLINE website play nes games online

Legendary videogames ONLINE is a website museum of retro games. This website includes online game emulators for various retro consoles.

It includes a pretty long list of NES titles for you to play in your browser with an emulator that’s seemingly exactly the same as the one at MyEmulator.Online.

This site also provides more extensive additional details for its retro games from Wikipedia. In addition, Legendary videogames include a collection of offline emulators for players to download.

Legendary videogames Online

That being said, if you were on the lookout for NES emulators for online multiplayer, you have everything you need right here.

There are so many entertaining games to play through an NES online emulator, so it’s only natural you want to explore all options.

NES online emulators that are unblocked aren’t that easy but also not that hard to find. This article, however, will filter the best options for you.

These are some of the great websites to play NES games online on. There, you can play a plethora of 8-bit NES games from a golden era of console gaming.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, NES online is completely free.

  • Yes, downloading ROMs with copyright protection or sharing them online is illegal.

  • No, emulator software is completely legal to use, but the ROMs can have copyright protection. Check out our thorough emulator software guide for more information.

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