8 Best Online Hunting Games To Play In Your Browser In 2024

Choose a game with realistic graphics that replicate a real-life scenario

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Key notes

  • Hunting games are a well-developed gaming niche. Rest assured that you will find almost every type, ranging from single to multiple-player games.
  • Most modern browsers are great fits for most online games; however, we do have a recommendation for you. 
  • Our online hunting games listed below can keep you engaged for hours.
best online hunting games

The delight of the hunt is not something we all get to experience in real life. Not all of us are privileged to have thickets and dense woodlands in our backyards populated with deer and caribou species ready for harvest.

That doesn’t mean we are badly off; we have online hunting games that bring the experience right to the comforts of our rooms.

With an excellent laptop for gaming, you can roam the great outdoors and feel the thrill as you watch the doe-eyed deer enter your crosshair, and bask ready to be taken down as the next meal.

And the good thing is that you must not download and install apps to play these games. So, how good are you with a hunting rifle? Your hunting skills are just about to be tested as you set out for a hunting adventure of a lifetime with these online hunting games.

Let’s introduce you to the best online hunting games.

Are there any multiplayer hunting games?

Hunting games are a well-developed gaming niche; you will find almost every type, ranging from single to multiple-player games.

One that stands out is The Hunter. We will discuss in detail this game and a few other multiplayer hunting games in this article.

What is the most realistic hunting game?

There is now no better game available than The Hunter: Call of the Wild for those who really like realistic hunting. Its enormous, realistic surroundings are a visual feast, and you’ll struggle to cover every square inch of them.

What is the best browser for gaming?

Most modern browsers are great fits for most online games; however, we love to recommend Oprea GX for good reason.

Yes, being the first fully developed alone is not enough. However, this browser takes it many steps further, providing some of the most incredible sound effects that put you in the gaming mood right from launch. In addition, you will enjoy sound effects for startups and keystrokes.

It also has native integration with services like Twitch and Discord; hence, you can do your gaming, streaming, and chatting seamlessly.

It also carries over all the cool features of the Opera browser, making it a great all-around browser.

Opera GX

Enhance your gaming results and navigation at once using this optimized browser.

What are the best online hunting games?

The Hunter – Very realistic hunting game

best online hunting games

Hailed as the most realistic hunting game ever produced, The Hunter aims to recreate the stealth and tactics of real-life hunting by creating a tracking and hunting experience not found in other games. It is a great hunting simulator.

Its simplicity is remarkable. Just create a free account and set up an online avatar. You will be sent to an Evergreen Hunting Reserve, where your hunting expedition begins. The Hunter’s website manages all the tasks, including what you are authorized to hunt and the stats, so your work is pretty simple.

The game uses a PDA called the HunterMate. This helps to keep track of your location and the prey’s location. It uses the footprints and the game’s droppings to analyze where the target is.

As the player gets more experience at shooting and tracking, the game updates the avatar with the appropriate stats, making the shots taken more accurate. The game also features realistic graphics that replicate a real-life scenario.

Other great features:

  • 5 huntable animals
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Progress tracking

Play The Hunter

Deer Hunter 2016 – Great graphics

If you love deer hunting, then Deer Hunter 2016 will put you right amid rush woodlands populated by deer so you can hunt and improve your shooting skills.

This online free deer hunting game gives you a lot of hunting options so you can feel the excitement that hunting brings. In addition, you will exercise your hunting skills in different geographical locations, from the deepest recesses of African forests in Zimbabwe to Alaska.

Deer Hunter 2016 come with difficult challenges to complete and a huge number of trophies. You will not only need skills to take perfect shots but also strategy.

You will sometimes have to take out predators first before they attack you. The game brings real weapons, which can also be upgraded to match the player’s taste.

Other great features:

  • Easy mouse controls
  • Multiple levels
  • Nice sound effects

Play Deer Hunter 2016

Supreme Deer Hunting – Classic hunting game

Playing Supreme Deer Hunting online lets you become a supreme deer hunter. This online classic hunting game allows you to challenge your hunting skills and earn points for reaching the set goals.

It also gives you the option to upgrade your weapons for better shots which result in better aim, more significant scores, and maximum damage.

Your task is to kill 100 does, 50 small bucks, and 5 big bucks. Realistic shooting with range allows you to hone your aiming skills and shoot accurately.

Note that this game uses Flash, so you must install the SuperNova SWF Chrome Extension to play it.

Other great features:

  • Easy game controls
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Multiple weapons

Play Supreme Deer Hunting

Deer Sniper 2014 – Free online deer hunting

Deer Sniper 2014 is a free online deer hunting game that enables you to master the trigger of your sniper as your prepare to hunt as many deer as you can.

Your task is to aim and kill any moving object (as many as you can) before your time runs out. An astute move is to shoot in the head, as headshots earn more scores.

Use the right mouse button to zoom in on the object and the right mouse button to shoot. The game has ultra-realistic graphics and a lot of animals to shoot.

It is one of our favorite deer hunting games online.

Other great features:

  • Many animals
  • Easy mouse controls
  • Ultra realistic graphics

Play Deer Sniper 2014 

Big Hunt – Time-based hunting game

Big Hunt is another online game that lets you master your hunting skills. This time, you will have to roam about looking to stock up on food for the cold season. Your goal is to hunt as many animals as you can within the set time limit.

The Big Hunt is not only about the deer; each level gives you 35 seconds to hunt as many rabbits, deer, or wolves as possible.

In the first level, you need to shoot down at least 20 deer, at least 10 wolves in the second level, and at least 10 rabbits in the third level.

Other great features:

  • Multiple animals for hunting
  • Different difficulty stages
  • Cool graphics

Play Big Hunt

Hunter’s World – 3D game

You will only have a certain quantity of ammunition to fire at animals in this beautiful hunting game, and the goal is to score as many points as you can.

This game will test your precision, endurance, and hunting prowess. Get the best score you can with only 20 bullets.

In the game, you shoot the deer’s lung or head regions using the mouse, and you zoom in on your victim with the space bar.

The score of shooting distant animals will be greater but don’t miss or you’ll lose points!

Unaware animals will award you additional points. Your score or life will be reduced if animal attacks or flees when startled; bears are dangerous and should be avoided.

Other great features:

  • Scoreboard
  • Nice realistic sound effects
  • Great game graphics

Play Hunter’s World

Duck Shoot – Arcade hunting game

best online hunting games

Duck Shoot is an online arcade hunting fun game. Your task is to hunt and shoot as many ducks as you can within the given time.

You will realize that certain areas are overpopulated with ducks which only exist to damage nature and wildlife.

Your goal is to eradicate them without letting even a single one of them escape. Use the space bar to reload your gun, the mouse to aim the weapon, and then click the mouse button to shoot.

Other great features:

  • Multiple levels
  • Easy reloads
  • Cool sound effects

Play Duck Shoot

Lion Hunting 3D – Predator hunting game

best online hunting games

Lion Hunting 3D is another brand new 3D online hunting game. You take the role of a lion, and to survive in the jungle, you have to hunt savannah animals like zebras, rhinos, sheep, chickens, rabbits, and even larger animals like elephants.

You gain experience with each animal you kill, but you have to be careful as some animals might hunt you too. Each level contains different animals, and your goal is to hunt and kill them. Your skill points will help you upgrade your speed and strength.

This is one of the best free hunting games you can play.

Other great features:

  • Nice graphics
  • Cool sound effects
  • Target difficulty levels

Play Lion Hunting 3D

Online hunting games can keep you engaged for hours. You can hunt various animals, from deer to rabbits, zebras to elephants, and more. Also, you may even try unblocked bow hunting games which are equally so much fun.

You also get to use real-life weapons, which for the better part, help you hone your aiming and shooting skills. Most online hunting games also feature photo-realistic graphics, which make you feel like you are in the scene.

And if you want a more thrilling experience from your hunting adventures, you can also grab some of the best hunting games available on consoles.

We recommend you try any of these dedicated browsers for gaming for the best experience playing these online games.

We hope you will find the above online hunting games fun and entertaining to play.