10+ best Windows 10/11 gaming laptops [Razer, Dell, Lenovo]

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What are the best Windows 10 gaming laptops

Gaming laptops are normally frowned upon in the PC gaming community, especially when you can build a comparable or better desktop computer at half the price. The price you pay is for the portability – is what most people forget.

If you were to buy a gaming laptop 5 years ago you would be buying a piece of machine that wasn’t really powerful enough, yet was really thick, got really hot and on top of it, all was really expensive.

Today, things have changed and technology has moved towards building smaller and more efficient chips that produce less heat and consume less power – giving direct benefits to portable machines such as laptops.

Obviously, when everyone starts making good machines, deciding which one to buy can become a hard decision. This list will try and help you with that by listing some of the best options.

What are the best Windows 10 gaming laptops?

Razer Blade Pro 17 2020

  • 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER Max-Q
  • 300Hz refresh rate
  • 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD
  • CNC Aluminum body
  • Expensive

The Razer Blade looks like any normal laptop – it is thin, light, and is made out of aluminum; what makes it different though is what is inside it.

The Blade packs an NVidia GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER Max-Q with an Intel Core i7-10875H processor – that’s powering a 17,3” display at a whopping 3840 x 2160 resolution. All that powered with 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and a 1 TB SSD for storage.

These insane specs need insane cooling, so Razer had to design a custom heat dissipation solution called Vapour-Chamber.

MSI GE75 Raider 10SGS

  • 300 Hz refresh rate
  • Intel Core i9-10980HK processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super Max-Q 8G GDDR6 graphics card
  • Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 (2*2 ax) connectivity
  • Low battery life

The MSI GE75 Raider 10SGS might not have a name that rolls of the tongue and might not look like the sleekest thing out there, but it packs a punch in terms of what it offers.

With a 17.3 inch 1080p screen it packs an Intel Core i7-10750H processor clocked at 5 GHz with 64 GB of DDR4 RAM, meanwhile, the graphics are being pushed by an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super and the display even supports Nvidia GSync.

The keyboard is made in partnership with Steelseries, so you know you are getting the best thing possible. For cooling, you need extreme solutions so this rig has no less than 8 heat pipes to chill its inwards.

Alienware m15 R3

  • 10th gen Intel Core i7 processor
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM and 1TB SSD
  • Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 Super 8GB GDDR6 graphics card
  • Windows 10 Home
  • It can get hot

Alienware is still a goto brand for pre-built gaming desktops and laptops but the competition caught up to them.

Alienware might not be the best choice anymore and they are definitely not the only choice but they still make great laptops.

The Alienware m15 R3 is a pretty expensive model – at $1,918 you will get a 15.6-inch 1,080p display powered by an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 and an Intel Core i7 10th Gen processor with RAM options up to 16 GB.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 15

  • 48 GB 2666MHz RAM
  • 8 TB PCIe SSD
  • 10th Generation Intel Core i9 processor
  • 300 Hz refresh rate and 3 ms response time
  • Really expensive

ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 it’s the first Asus attempt at a dual-screen gaming laptop and we might say that it’s a really successful one. But brace yourselves as the top version with a 4K screen and an Intel i9 chip crosses a little over the $4K price range.

The main 15.6-inch screen with 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution is aided by a secondary, reclinable, 3840 x 1100 pixels display (hence the Duo from its name) which can be a huge help in any game.

Of course, this great machine is also powered by an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super graphics processor and an 8GB of dedicated memory. It also has a 32 GB RAM limit and a 1 TB SSD.

Acer Predator Triton 500

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super graphics card
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC Display with 300 Hz refresh rate
  • 16GB Dual-Channel DDR4 and 512GB NVMe SSD
  • Per-key RGB backlit keyboard
  • Can heat up while gaming

Acer isn’t a name you would think of when you decide to buy a gaming laptop, but they do make quite decent hardware for the price.

The Acer Predator Triton 500 comes with an Intel Core i7-10750H (up to 5.0GHz with 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super

All of that powers a 15.6-inch 1080p screen and it comes with a 512 GB SSD, and a 1 TB mechanical hard drive.

Acer Predator Helios 300

Acer Predator Helios 300 gives you plenty of configuration options. You can choose between 16 GB, 32 GB and go as far as 64 GB with the RAM. 

You can also play with the hybrid storage configuration selecting a 512 GB, 1TB, or 2TB SSD in tandem with a 1 TB or 2 TB HDD. 

As far as the processor and graphics card, you can only go with an Intel Hexa-Core i7-10750H latest generation and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060.

It’s not as fancy as its Triton 500 brother but it still has a backlit keyboard to help you in battle.

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Lenovo Legion 5

The Lenovo Legion 5 comes with an AMD Octa-Core Ryzen 7 4800H clocked at 2.9 GHz (can go up to 4.2 GHz) along with up to 64 GB of DDR4 RAM. It also comes packed with a GeForce GTX 1660 Ti with 6 GB of GDDR6 memory.

The display is pretty nice as well: a 144 Hz WVA Anti-Glare display with Dolby Vision Display technology running at 1920 x 1080.

It’s also important to mention the excellent audio with 2 x 2W Harman Kardon speaker system and the Dolby Atmos headphone support.

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All the laptops above are boosting fair 15-inch screens but if you feel like trying a bigger approach, you should definitely try ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 17 that brings a 17.3-inch FHD IPS display into the game.

Add an Intel 10th generation Core i9, 32GB DDR4, and a 1 TB PCIe SSD to the spoils. Of course, you can lower the budget by choosing an i7 processor instead, but you can also go higher because you can fit no less than 3 SSD into its chassis.

As you would probably expect, the gaming time is powered by an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super card. 

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HP Omen X 2S

HP’s OMEN X 2S comes with two displays and the one above the keyboard is a multi-touchscreen. It’s definitely not as big as the one from Asus Zephyrus Duo 15 but it’s still useful because you can interact with apps like Twitch, Discord, Spotify, and the OMEN Command Center during gameplay.

The main 4K and 15.6-inch screen is powered by an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 with Max-Q design and 8 GB GDDR6 dedicated memory. The second screen is only 5.98-inch but it has FHD resolution.

The processor is a hexa-core 9th generation Intel i7-9750H and the RAM goes up to 16 GB. As for the storage, you can count on a 1 TB SSD.

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ASUS ROG Zephyrus S

Yes, there are a lot of gaming laptop options from ASUS and ROG Zephyrus S is the slimmest and lightest of them all, being only 0.6 inches thick and weighing 4.63 lbs. And that is only thanks to a CNC-milled metal chassis and the narrow bezels of the 15.6-inch screen.

Unfortunately, the small form-factor comes with sacrifices because Asus only fit a GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card and an 8th generation Intel i7 processor so it can’t go against any of its predecessors in terms of power. 

You will have to settle with 24GB DDR4 memory a 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD and its sleek chassis.

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Dell Inspiron G7

Nothing says gaming more than a big screen and Dell Inspiron G7 packs a big 17.3-inch Full HD display with IPS technology. The machine is powered by an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card and a 9th generation Intel Core i7-9750H Processor.

The 256 GB SSD is assisted by a 1TB HDD. It’s definitely not the highest storage configuration in this top but it’s enough to get you by for a while.

The USB 3.1 and HDMI 2.0 ports are a nice addition but its 7.28 lbs will pull down your shoulder a bit as you carry it to your LAN party.

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No, you’re not having a deja-vu, ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 15 is ROG Strix SCAR 17’s smaller brother with a 15-inch screen instead of the 17-inch. The screen also has only 240 Hz frequency instead of 300 Hz for the bigger model.

Other than that, they are almost identical. The ports are placed a bit differently and the dimensions and weight are obviously different but even the fact that you can squeeze up to 3 SSDs inside is still the same.

So if you want a slightly less expensive variant ROG Strix SCAR 17, check out the 15 inch one.

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Lenovo Legion Y740

Another 17-inch screen comes from Lenovo’s Legion Y740, a gaming laptop powered by a 9th generation Intel Core i7-9750H and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card with Max-Q.

The laptop has a 16GB DDR4 memory clocked at 2666MHz and a 1 TB HDD aided by a 512 GB SSD for the storage department.

We have to mention that Legion Y740 is pretty slick for a 17-inch laptop, being just 0.9 inches thick and weighing just 6.4 lbs.

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ASUS ROG Zephyrus M15

Zephyrus M15 is just another ROG gaming laptop by ASUS and it doesn’t surprise with any of the specifications although they are close to maximal.

By that, we mean an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card with 8GB GDDR6 VRAM and an Intel Hexa-Core i7-10750H CPU. 

The RAM can go as far as 40GB DDR4 and the storage is as high as a 1TB SSD. We welcome the presence of Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, and DisplayPort 1.4 in the connectivity department.

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HP Omen 15

Besides the interesting design and the 300 Hz 15.6-inch screen, HP Omen 15 doesn’t surprise with any out of the ordinary feature.

Like many gaming laptops from this top, it features an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super Max-Q graphics card, and an Intel Core i7-10750H (10th generation).

It can go up to 64 GB with the memory but it stops at 512 GB when it comes to the SSD storage capacity. Cudos for the Wi-Fi 6 (2×2) and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivities included.

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These were some of the best gaming laptops you could buy.

Gaming laptops are usually really expensive, but in this competitive market if you want to stay relevant you need to keep your prices in check – which is great for consumers.

There are all sorts of combinations of hardware and price, the decision of which to pick is yours.

This specific deal is part of our bigger selection of the best laptop deals you can find.