18 Best Apps & Websites to Download PC Games [Free & Paid]

Top picks for apps and sites to download your favorite games

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  • There are many ways to download games to your PC, including directly from websites online or through a host platform.
  • Gaming on PCs is one of the most popular ways to play games leading to a rise in game distribution services.
  • Most game distribution apps are free to download and users only need to pay for the games they want.
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Users can access their favorite games on just about any device, but with so many options on the market, it can be hard to decide where to download games. Here are our top picks for the best apps and sites to download both free and paid games to your PC.

The gaming world has expanded and grown exponentially in recent years with the rise of new technologies and platforms. Whether you prefer hardcore shooter games or calming strategy games, there is something for everyone.

With PC as one of the most popular ways to play games, there are tons of gaming distribution services to choose from. Keep reading to find out our picks for the best ones.

How can I download games on my PC?

There are many ways to download games to your PC depending on what type of games you want. Users can download games from the Microsoft Store which is already built into most Windows devices and offers a good selection of free and paid games.

Users can also build a library of games using a host platform like Steam or Epic Games. Many websites offer the option to download games without needing to download a hosting client first.

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What are the best apps & websites to download PC games?

Steam – Largest selection of games

Steam best app to download pc games.

Steam is the largest virtual distribution platform for gaming, so it’s no surprise that it tops our list. The game catalog hosts over 50,000 games, so there’s something for everyone. Steam is free to download and install and offers free and paid games to users.

The Steam platforms have access to all the latest and most popular games for PC. Users can join a community about their favorite games and connect with players from all over the world. Steam offers an in-app chat that users can access while gaming and players can earn achievements.

Steam updates game in your library and provide the latest gaming news so users can keep up with their favorite games. However, if you’re having issues with Steam games not launching, we have a guide for that.

Key features of Steam:

  • Offers one of the largest selection of games
  • Connect with others via community
  • Provides automatic updates and news

Use Steam

GOG – Gamer-first philosophy

GOG online website for downloading pc games.

GOG (formerly Good Old Games) is a website for both games and movies. The platform is a subsidiary of CD Projekt, the company that developed the Witcher franchise.

Users can easily install games with one click and there is no need to install a separate client. There are also automatic updates that users can toggle on or off. GOG offers DRM-free video games for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Key features of GOG:

  • No need to install a download client
  • Automatic updates
  • DRM-free games


Origin – Best for broadcasting

Origin best app to download pc games.

Origin is another well-known host client for popular games and is developed by Electronic Arts. Like Steam, Origin is free to download and install and also offers access to both free and paid games. Users can store their games on the cloud storage to save space.

There is also an in-app chat for users to connect with friends while gaming. This feature also allows users to broadcast their gameplay online to share it with others on video streaming services like Twitch. Origin is available across PC, Mac, Xbox, PS, iOS, and Android devices.

Key features of Origin:

  • Cloud storage
  • In-app messenger
  • Video streaming services

Use Origin

Battle.net – Oldest gaming service

battle.net best platform to download pc games.

Battle.net is online gaming and social networking client developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The gaming service was the first of its kind in its release in 1996. Battle.net hosts some of the world’s most popular games like World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo, and more.

Users can chat with friends using the built-in messaging system and can buy merchandise of their favorite games from the online store. If you are unable to open the Battle.net launcher in Windows 10 or 11, we offer solutions for that.

Key features of Battle.net:

  • Built-in chat client
  • Store for merch
  • Communities and forums

Use Battle.net

G2A – Fastest growing

G2A website to download games.

G2A is a rapidly growing digital marketplace for games. The site offers a platform for buyers and sellers to connect. The community provides users with extremely low prices for resold games which users can purchase and download using a redemption code.

Not only does G2A offer games for users to digitally download, but also software, prepaid codes, and much more. G2A offers tons of specials and deals for users to get the best prices on popular games.

Key features of G2A:

  • Provides special deals on games
  • A community for game buyers and sellers
  • Also offers software

Use G2A

Epic Games Store – Best for game developers

Epic games store website.

The Epic Games Store is a virtual storefront created by Epic Games for Windows and macOS. Users can access the Epic Games Store either from the online website or in its standalone client that users can download.

Users can purchase and download popular AAA games and the platform also offers a wide range of free games. For game developers, the Epic Dev Community makes it easy to post questions and share games.

Key features of Epic Games Store:

  • Offers an online site and standalone platform
  • Wide selection of free games
  • Epic Dev Community

Use Epic Games Store

Ubisoft Connect – Best for cross-platform gaming

Ubisoft Connect.

Ubisoft Connect provides an online environment for players to connect with others and download their favorite Ubisoft games. The service is free to download and install across PC devices as well as Android and iOS devices.

With the Loyalty Program, users can earn rewards that unlock unique character mods and appearances for popular games. Players can also keep their progress across all their devices with Ubisoft Connect so users can switch consoles and pick up where they left off.

Key features of Ubisoft Connect:

  • Online Community
  • Loyalty Program
  • Maintain progress across platforms

Use Ubisoft Connect

Game Jolt – Best for indie games

Game Jolt best for downloading pc games.

Game Jolt is a gaming social media platform available on the web, iOS, Android, and a desktop app. Users can join a social community for their favorite games and content creators. The site offers the ability to share content and chat with others.

In addition to being able to download games, users can also participate in contests for prizes. These competitions encourage users to create and develop indie video games for others to play.

Key features of Game Jolt:

  • Social gaming media platform
  • Contests and rewards
  • Develop indie games

Use Game Jolt

Microsoft Store – Best for Windows

Microsoft store app for downloading pc games.

The Microsoft Store is a digital distribution platform that comes pre-installed on Windows devices. The app store offers programs for not only gaming, but for productivity, movies and TV, social media, music, and so much more.

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The Microsoft Store works in conjunction with the Xbox Games Store, meaning any games purchased on an Xbox will also be available on your Microsoft Store account. Users can also use their Xbox Game Pass to download games from the Microsoft Store.

For suggestions on how to fix games if they won’t download in Microsoft Store, we have a guide for that.

Key features of Microsft Store:

  • Pre-installed on Windows
  • Wide selection of free games
  • Works with Xbox Game Pass

Use Microsoft Store

Softonic – Most diverse selection

Softonic for downloading games.

Softonic is another massive web platform where users can find and download apps from any category for their device, including games. In addition to offering software and apps for PCs, users can also explore news, reviews, and articles on Softonic.

Users can find games for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. Softonic offers a wide selection of both free and paid games to download.

Key features of Softonic:

  • Offers news, reviews, and more
  • Compatible on mobile devices
  • Large library of free games

Use Softonic

GamersGate – Offers the best deals


GamersGate is a well-known platform based in Sweden for users to buy and download popular games. Developed in 2004, the platform is among one of the older gaming distribution sites and offers both indie and AAA games.

Users can also find helpful gaming and strategy guides on GamersGate. Games are offered at a heavily discounted price making them affordable and accessible for everyone.

Key features of GamersGate:

  • Offers indie and AAA games
  • Discounts and deals
  • Gives cheats and guides

Use GamersGate

Green Man Gaming – Great for gaming publishers

Green Man Gaming.

Green Man Gaming is an online video game distributor and publisher based out of London. The site partners with gaming publishers to get discounts and affordable prices on some of the most popular games on the market.

There is a Green Man Gaming community that users can join on Discord. In addition to offering a hub for guides and overviews, there is a blog and forum for users to access. Because Green Man Gaming is also a gaming publisher, game developers can reach out and work with the company to publish and promote a game.

Key features of Green Man Gaming:

  • Partnerships with gaming companies
  • Discord community
  • Forum and blog

Use Green Man Gaming

Itch.io – Best indie gaming community

itch.io best for indie games.

Itch.io is a simple and straightforward side to find both free and paid indie games to download to your PC. The site offers a community for gamers and indie game developers to share content and chat. Game developers can also upload their own games for users to try.

Itch.io also offers Game Jams where users can host and participate in game creation. Game Jams come in many different themes and time frames to complete the game.

Key features of Itch.io:

  • Simple interface
  • Gaming Community
  • Game Jams

Use Itch.io

AllGamesAtoZ – Best for free games


AllGamesAtoZ is a massive online platform that offers users free games to download for macOS, Linux, and Windows. The site offers the widest selection of free games from a huge range of genres so there is something for everyone.

In addition to offering free games for PC platforms, AllGamesAtoZ also offers games for Android, iOS, Xbox One, and PlayStation consoles.

Key features of AllGamesAtoZ:

  • Great selection of free games
  • Extensive genre library
  • Cross-platform compatibility

Use AllGamesAtoZ

Humble Bundle – Collaborates with charity

Humble Bundle games for pc.

Humble Bundle is not just an online storefront for video games, users can also purchase ebooks, software, and more. The site operates on a monthly subscription basis, however, any games downloaded with a subscription belong to the user forever, even if the subscription is canceled.

Humble Bundle works closely with charities, and they donate a portion of the proceeds for every product sold. Users can choose where the money from their purchase goes and can even choose to donate the entire cost of their purchase to charity.

Key features of Humble Bundle:

  • Also offers ebooks and software
  • Subscription basis
  • Donates to charity

Use Humble Bundle

Mega Games – One of the largest gaming websites

Mega Games platform.

Mega Games offers a great selection of free games for players to download to their PC. Users can also keep up with gaming news and leave reviews for their favorite games.

Founded in 1998, Mega Games has grown to be one of the largest gaming sites. In addition to popular games, Mega Games offers guides for fixes, cheats, guides, and mods all in one place.

Key features of Mega Games:

  • Library of free games
  • Updates on gaming news and reviews
  • Offers guides, cheats, and more

Use Mega Games

Softpedia – The best selection of categories

Softpedia website for downloading pc games.

Softpedia is an online website that offers a wide range of games from every category for users to choose from. The site goes a step further and even provides game cheats and demos for users. Many players prefer Softpedia because of its reasonable prices and simple interface.

After purchasing a game from the Softpedia library, users can download the game to their PC. Softpedia offers games that are compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.

Key features of Softpedia:

  • A broad selection of categories
  • Provides game cheats and demos
  • Low prices

Use Softpedia

Ocean of Games – The most simple

Ocean of games.

Ocean of Games was developed by Ocean Software and offers a wide variety of categories of games for players to download. There is also a community forum page where users can connect while gaming. Ocean of Games supports both single-player and multiplayer games

However, many users report that some of the games are not frequently updated and older versions are still available to play despite bugs.

Key features of Ocean of Games:

  • A wide array of games
  • Community forum page
  • Offers lots of free games

Use Ocean of Games

Are there any free apps for downloading games?

Yes, most game distribution services are free to use and download. Users may only need to pay for the individual games they download. Some services even offer selections of free games so users don’t need to pay anything to download and enjoy gaming on their device.

We hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best PC apps to download games. Let us know what your favorite site or platform is to download games for your PC.

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