4 best robotics kits for adults to buy [2020 Guide]

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Key notes

  • Programmables can be extremely exciting at any age so check out our list with the best robot kits for adults.
  • The first on our selection is a construction that can take more shapes and perform many functions with the included sensors.
  • A great tank robot from Makeblock makes for a sturdy piece of machinery that will last.
  • If you're looking for car stunts and video transmission, choose the smart car kit below.

Robotics is an engineering branch that pretty much brings together elements from all other engineering branches. Because of this, not everyone can understand it as easily.

That’s precisely why robotics kits exist, so that people may get started out with robotics in a way that is fun and engaging.

Of course, while there are robotics kits for children, there are also robotics kits for adults that let you build more complex robots that can perform more complicated tasks.

We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the best robotics kits for adults to try out.

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What are the best robotics kits for adults that I can buy?


  • Contains everything you need to build GrabberBot or DigBot
  • Can program the JIMU robots to navigate obstacles, pick-up objects, and more
  • Program JIMU robots by creating entirely new, custom actions
  • Includes 357 snap-together parts
  • Coding needs some improvements

If you want to engage in hands-on STEM learning, you can do so by programming the JIMU robots that you can find in the UBTECH JIMU Robot Builderbots Kit.

You can use the Blockly coding platform, or you can even create entirely new, custom actions with the PRP (Pose, Record, Play) function.

This kit has 387 parts and connectors so it will make an exciting build. Moreover, you can recompose it in various shapes.

It also contains 1 infrared sensor, 1 speaker, 2 LEDs, and 5 smooth motion robotic servo motors that you can use for the robot movements.

Even though it looks pretty complicated, you will not need any tools because the 3D, 360° animated building instructions that come with the robot will guide you through the steps.

After you build it, you will have to install a free app that works with both Android and iOS devices.

It’s worth mentioning that the kit doesn’t include the battery so you will have to provide your own Lithium – Polymer battery for the robot to function.

Makeblock mBot Ranger

  • Perfect choice for beginners to learn robotics, electronics, and coding.
  • You can build a robot tank or a three-wheeled robot car with this kit
  • Uses mBlock software
  • Easily control and assembly
  • Programming the robot may be difficult for some

The Makeblock mBot Ranger 3-in-1 Transformable Educational Robot Kit is one of the top of our list simply because it caters very well towards beginners.

By following the instructions, you can either build a robot tank or a three-wheeled robot car with this kit, and programming them is done via mBlock Software.

The kit comes with the Arduino Mega 2560 processor and the main parts are made of high-quality aviation aluminum alloy. Also, you will benefit from two powerful encoder motors with metal gears.

You will also find some nice modules in the kit like an ultrasonic sensor, line-tracking sensor, 2 light sensors, gyroscope sensor, 12 RGB LEDs, a buzzer, temperature Sensor and a Bluetooth module.

With these modules, the programming and the functionalities of the robot become more interesting and interactive.

mBot ranger can be only the base kit for something a lot more complex. You can expand it with mechanical, electronic, and coding elements.

The robot is sturdy so if you’re gifting it to a kid, it will be a long-lasting piece of machinery even if he decides to put it to the test.

Smart Video Car Kit

  • Perfect robot kits for adults to learn Raspberry Pi
  • Improved protection features base don user feedback from past models
  • Wide-angle USB webcam to real-time image and video transmission.
  • Remote control with the UI on PC or on a web browser
  • The price tag

If you want to create a robotic car that can dodge obstacles and perform complex stunts, then you can get the SunFounder Smart Video Car Kit.

Not only will it move in an incredibly flexible manner, but the wide-angle camera makes it great for filming tight spaces and even certain reconnaissance missions.

The kit is ideal if you want to learn Raspberry Pi but the PiCar-V is also an exciting way for teens and parents to work together in building and using it.

The robot car has a high quality, wide-angle USB webcam to real-time image and video transmission.

It comes with multiple and interesting online tutorials and relevant materials that will help you get started easily.

You can program the car using Python but you can also program and debug it with Dragit, a Snap-based graphical interface that is based on drag-and-dropping the cone blocks.

You can control the robot with the app on PC or you can use a web browser and that means that you can use any device, including a smartphone or a tablet.

Yahboom Tank Robot Kit

  • Real-time transmission of 5G HD video
  • Programming languages and detailed tutorials
  • Supports multiple functions, such as tracking, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, going over obstacles, and more
  • Can be remote controlled
  • Not very beginner-friendly

If you want to build a tank that can intelligently track over obstacles or avoid them entirely then the Yahboom Professional Tank Robot Kit is the best choice for you.

The vehicle is perfect at line tracking but it also use its ultrasonic sensor to dodge obstacles and it has real-time video transmission.

But that’s not all because it also has advanced AI functions like face detection and tracking, and it can also recognize color, objects, gestures, and QR codes.

Not only is the tank incredibly sturdy, but it can be controlled through a wide variety of methods, including through a mobile app that is Android and iOS compatible.

However, there’s a pretty bad downside to this robot. It doesn’t come with the Raspberry Pi so you will have to buy your own, separately.

The tank is equipped with 2DOF camera PTZ that are capable of real-time 5G transmission of HD video through the Raspberi Pi’s Wi-Fi hotspot.

The camera supports 480P resolution with manually adjusted focal length and two camera formats: MJPEG, YUYV(default).

ELEGOO Penguin Bot Kit

  • Uses Arduino programming
  • Adorable design
  • The tutorial is easy to follow and also available on YouTube
  • Makes for a great STEM toy
  • Burns through batteries very fast

If you want to use your robotics skills to create something that is intelligent, fun to play with and adorable, then the ELEGOO Penguin Bot Kit is the right choice for you.

This kit allows you to build a programmable walker bot that can move, dance, and avoid obstacles, and the software isn’t all that hard to comprehend at all.

You can choose from the 3 color versions: red, black and transparent. It also comes with 6 head covers which will make Penguin Bot cuter. Of course, you can draw and apply your own pictures.

Even if you’re just starting robotics programming, you will find a great user manual that will guide you through the build and a CD tutorial on how to program it.

The kit also contains all the tools needed for the build like tweezers, magnetic screwdriver, servo motors and spare screws, which are stored neatly in zip-lock bags.

You can control the bot by using a Bluetooth enabled Android or iOS app, then you can use the smartphone to make the robot sing, dance, avoid obstacles, and auto-follow.

As a surprise, the kit also comes with a TF card so you can upload any music you want for the robot to dance on.

What do you need when you’re starting to build robot kits?

Robotic kits are ideal creative, fun ways to spend time and the fun never ends because you can expand and program the robots in a lot of ways.

Whether you’re a beginner that want to pick up a kit to spend time with their kids or a seasoned robotics veteran, you should take into consideration the following aspects when buying such a kit.

Make sure you have the right tools

Beginner kits don’t need any tools necessary for the build. They have snap-on parts that you will be able to get in place easily.

There are also kits, like one in our list that come with the right tools, so you don’t need anything else.

However, the advanced kits won’t include any tools so make sure you read the characteristics and make sure that you have all you need before buying or order them.

However, a pair of pliers and a screwdriver will do in most cases so don’t think at some complicated and costly ones.

Make sure you have all the parts

There are mase kits and there are expansion kits. The first ones have the base set of components while the expansions will make use of the base elements to extend them.

So, make sure that you already have the base kit before getting an expansion. Also, some kits don’t include a crucial component like the Arduino or the Raspberry board, or the battery.

Of course, you will have to order them separately or take them from other projects if you already have more at home.

In any case, you don’t want to look at a robot that can’t move a joint because some crucial component like these.

If you need to upload software to your board, here’s a great article on how to download Arduino IDE to help you do that.

Start learning about programming the robots

Most of the kits come with detailed guides about programming the robots and mostly all of them can be programmed with blocks-like drag-and-drop commands.

However, if you want to move to more complex programming, you will probably need to take on some real coding and Python would be a great start.

Most of the robots come with Arduino or Raspberry boards that support a lot of programming languages so get on board with the one that you feel more comfortable one and find some online tutoring.

Adults can be creative as well, and a good robotics kit is a great way to stimulate their creativity.

More so, they make for a good learning experience, since robotics kits are a good steppingstone towards more complex projects.

Lastly, they are also great for learning how to program Arduinos, Raspberry Pi’s, and other similar micro-controllers.

While you’re looking for programmables, you should also check our list including the best coding robots that you can get right now.

How do you feel about robotics? Tell us about your experience in a comment from the dedicated section below.