Best Steam Backgrounds 2024: Level Up Your Profile

Explore top Steam backgrounds available on the market right now

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Key notes

  • If you want to decorate your Steam profile that represents your taste, an amazing profile background is a must.
  • Even though Steam doesn't allow you to upload your own backgrounds, there are countless items available within its marketplace.
  • We have featured the best Steam backgrounds of different categories that you can find in this post.
  • In the last part of this article, you will also get some amazing sources to get the cool profile wallpaper for Steam.
best steam profile backgrounds featured
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If you have been looking for the best Steam profile backgrounds, go through this article to see the awesome list we have featured.

Steam backgrounds are Inventory items that you can purchase in the Steam marketplace. Although it doesn’t boost your gaming skill, it still represents your attitude and personality as a gamer. It is also very easy to change your Profile background if you already have purchased one for your profile.

Many avid gamers use different types of backgrounds for their profile. There are mainly two types of backgrounds; static and animated. But, if you consider some other things, you may distinguish the profile wallpapers into more categories.

Steam Profile Background Settings

Some backgrounds represent particular games, and some don’t. There is also a type of item called mini-profile background. It is relatively smaller than the normal ones.

Can I have a custom background on Steam?

Steam allows backgrounds available in its marketplace and store only. You cannot upload your custom background and set it to your profile. And we do not see any possibility that Steam will allow it anytime soon.

Though Steam doesn’t allow you to upload your custom backgrounds, it doesn’t mean you should be disappointed. There are thousands of unique artworks available in the marketplace that you can use for your gamer profile.

Every day new awesome backgrounds are landing in the store. That means you can find one according to your taste and set the one that represents your attitude more.

Can you get free backgrounds on Steam?

You may not be able to get truly free background on Steam. But, from the Point Shop, you can get some amazing ones using your reward points without spending actual money.

What are the best Steam profile backgrounds in 2022?

➡ Cheap Steam backgrounds

1. The New Star of Bethlehem

The New Star of Bethlehem

You may play the game God’s Trigger or not. Still, The New Star of Bethlehem is an impressive profile wallpaper you may like. It features an apocalypse world with a crimson sky. It is one of the cheapest and best Steam backgrounds in 2022.

Get now from the Community Market

2. Coconut and Azuki in Casual Wear

Coconut and Azuki in Casual Wear

The Coconut and Azuki in Casual Wear is one of the best anime backgrounds for your Steam profile that you can find for under 1 dollar. This is related to the game called NEKOPARA Vol. 3 Uncommon and is one of the best Steam wallpapers that you can get.

Get now from the Community Market

Get now from the Point Shop

3. Fray


This profile background related to the game The Elder Scrolls Online Uncommon looks very cool. You can find the Fray in the marketplace at a very low price.

Get now from the Community Market

4. Survivors


The Survivors is an outstanding wallpaper for your Steam profile. It is currently available for under 10 cents on the community market. You can also get this item on the Steam Point Shop using reward points. If you are a big fan of the game Dying Light, you will indeed like this item.

Get now from the Community Market

Get now from the Point Shop

Free Steam profile backgrounds

1. Guarded


If you own the Counter-Strike GO, this profile background is a perfect fit for you. You can buy this item without spending real money from the Steam Point Shop if you own the game CS Go.

Although the ownership of the game is required, On the marketplace, this wallpaper is available as a paid item. In that case, you do not need to own the actual game.

Get now from the Point Shop

2. Repose


Are you a fan of the game Hollow Knight? Maybe yes or not. Nevertheless, this dark Steam background will surely give your profile an exceptional look. It is currently available in the point shop, and you do not need to pay any real money to get this item.

Another thing is that the game ownership is also not required to use this profile background.

Get now from the Steam Point Shop

3. Blood


If you are an Apex Legend fan, the Blood is a perfect artwork that can represent your passion for this game. This profile background doesn’t require you to own the original game. On the Point Shop, you can get it by spending your reward points.

Get now from the Steam Point Shop

Animated Steam backgrounds

1. Cyberpunk City

Cyberpunk City

If you need one of the best Steam animated backgrounds, Cyberpunk City is probably one of the best choices out there. The animated loop of the city featuring the night with a big moon in the red sky gives a great look to your profile.

Get from the Steam Point Shop

2. Glitched School

Glitched School

You may know about the new game Gravewood High or not. But, you will definitely like this animated background for your Steam profile. It features an aesthetic indoor environment of a school with a glitch animation effect.

Get now from the Steam Point Shop

3. Testa Ride

Testa Ride

The Testa Ride is a perfect profile background for Steam profile for the racing game enthusiasts. This animated wallpaper will change the vibe of your profile and make someone easily understand that you have a passion for racing games.

Even if you are not a fan of this type of game, you will still want to use this animated artwork for your profile. It is currently available on the Point Shop, where you can buy this item using the points you have earned on Steam.

Get now from the Steam Point Shop

Red backgrounds for Steam profile

1. Red Clouds

Red Clouds

The Red Clouds is a trendy steam background, mainly for the users who prefer the red color. It is available on both the community market and the Point Shop.

Though the Point Shop requires you to own the game Zup! 8, you can get it on the marketplace without owning the actual game.

Get now from the Steam Point Shop

Get now from the Community Market

2. Sol Badguy

Sol Badguy

If you want an anime-style red Steam profile background, this Sol Badguy is one of the most immaculate choices for you. This item featured the game GUILTY GEAR XX ACCENT CORE PLUS R, which is similar to the Street Fighter.

Get now from the Steam Point Shop

Get now from Community Market

3. Anoxemia Art Background Red

Anoxemia Art Background Red

The Anoxemia Art Background Red is another excellent Steam profile background available right now. You may like the game Anoxemia or not, but this item can change your profile’s look if you prefer the color of blood and dark atmosphere.

Get now from the Community Market

Black Steam backgrounds

1. Hopeless


Hopeless is a dark black and white Steam background that you can use on your profile. This artwork can give your profile a mysterious vibe. It is available on the community market and is very affordable.

Get from the Community Market

2. Smoke


The Smoke is another black Steam background that can be a perfect choice if you prefer a very dark grayscale wallpaper for your profile. You can get this unique item for under 1 dollar in the community marketplace.

Get now from the Community Market

3. A deep black

A deep black

The persons who prefer nothing in the black prefer this pure black background. There is nothing in it, just the solid black color. You may like it if you do not want to distract your profile visitors with anything else.

Get now from the Community Market

4. 7Days cat

7Days cat

The 7Days cat is one of the most impressive choices if you prefer black-anime background for your Steam. This item is related to the game 7 days with Death. But, it can fit well with any user’s profile who has not played the game.

Get now from the Community Market

Bright Steam backgrounds

1. Sunset silhouette

Sunset silhouette

If you are looking for a sunset steam background for your profile, the Sunset silhouette is a wonderful choice. The bright crimson sky of the evening looks incredible on this wallpaper. This item is available on both Point Shop and the Community Market.

However, on the Steam Point Shop, you will require to own the game Hentai Girl Karen to purchase it.

Get now from the Point Shop

Get now from the Community Market

2. Dusk Town

Dusk Town

The Dusk Town is another beautiful bright evening Steam background that features the crimson sky. You will surely like its aesthetic environment. Like the Sunset silhouette, it is related to another anime game called Hentai Girl Linda.

Get now from the Steam Point Shop

Get now from the Community Market

3. Iridescent cloud

Iridescent cloud

The Iridescent cloud is a fabulous bright steam background related to Hentai Girl Karen’s game. It has featured the bright sky of a fantasy world that can give a unique look to your Steam profile.

This item is available on both Point Shop and the Community Market. To get it, follow any of these links.

Get now from the Point Shop

Get now from the Community Market

How do I change my steam background?

  1. Go to your Steam website or open the app.
  2. Click on Login.
  3. Log in with your credentials.
  4. Click on your profile and then on View profile.going view profile steam
  5. Now, click on Edit Profile.clicking edit profile steam
  6. Go to Profile Background.going profile background settings steam
  7. Choose a Steam background and click on Save.setting profile background steam

If you don’t have any background rather than the default one in the list, you will need to go to Steam Points Shop. Then purchase the ones you prefer.

You also can purchase profile backgrounds from the Steam community market.

It is not easy to find some fantastic backgrounds for your profile as there are many of them. In this article, we have featured some of the best steam profile backgrounds to give you convenience.

How do you get cool backgrounds on Steam?

As Steam does not allow you to use backgrounds from any third-party sources, the only way to acquire any backgrounds is through its Community Marketplace or the Point Shop.

Any wallpaper or artwork can be beautiful. In this case, it depends on the person’s taste. Despite that fact, some backgrounds look good to most people’s eyes. We have featured the best of them in the above list.

If you want to get some fantastic Steam profile backgrounds, you can look at these sources.

1. Steam Point Shop

Steam Point Shop for Profile Backgrounds

There is a huge number of backgrounds in the Steam Point Shop. Most of them look very attractive. You can find animated, static, and mini-backgrounds there. 

If you have Steam points, you can purchase the backgrounds from there using these reward points. Though some items are not available for you if you do not own a particular game, you can find them in the Community Market.

2. Steam Community Market

Steam Community Market for Profile Backgrounds

The Community Market is another best place where you can buy unique and great profile backgrounds. There are some free and paid ones in this marketplace. Unlike Steam Point Shop, you don’t need to own a game to use any particular artwork.

3. Backgrounds.Gallery

Backgrounds.Gallery for Steam

The Backgrounds Gallery is the best third-party source where you can find the best class of artworks that you can set on your profile. Whatever, it doesn’t host or sell these items as Steam doesn’t allow it to do.

You can find the purchase links to both Point Shop and the Community Market when you view any items that you prefer.

4. SteamBackgrounds.COM

SteamBackgrounds.COM for profile

This is another third-party website where you can easily find amazing backgrounds and wallpapers for your steam profile. Even though they do not sell or host the backgrounds, you can view the backgrounds and get the purchase link here.

5. Steam.Tools backgrounds

Steam.Tools is another website that has a lot of Steam profile backgrounds with the purchase link to the Community Market. You also can use it to find the best artwork for your profile.

This article has featured the best steam backgrounds from different categories and also mentioned where you can get amazing steam artworks. If you have an opinion, you can let us know in the comment box.

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