How to change Steam’s profile background in seven easy steps

Matthew Adams
by Matthew Adams
Windows & Software Expert
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  • Steam’s default blank and dark profile background is a little boring, and changing it will improve the experience.
  • This guide tells you how users can change Steam’s profile background by adding game wallpapers to it.
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how to change steam profile background

The Steam game launcher has some customizable elements. One way you can customize Steam is to change its profile background picture.

Its default dark background isn’t that interesting, but you can add many more appealing game wallpapers to Steam.

How can I change the Steam profile background?

1. Add profile backgrounds to your inventory

  1. First, open the Steam software.
  2. Click your user account name to open a menu.
  3. Click Inventory and the Steam tab to open your background card list shown directly below.
  4. If you don’t have any profile background for Steam, click Community.
  5. Then select Market on the menu that opens.
  6. Click Show advanced options under the Find items box.
  7. Click Steam on the All Games drop-down menu.
  8. Select the Profile Background option.
  9. Click the Any menu and choose Search.
  10. Select a game wallpaper to purchase.

3. Edit Steam profile backgrounds

  1. When you’ve got a game wallpaper to add, click your profile name at the top of Steam.
  2. Click Profile to open further options.
  3. Press the Edit Profile button shown directly below.
  4. Then scroll down to the Profile Background section in the snapshot directly below.
  5. Click the Select Background button to open the Choose profile background window.
  6. Select a game background on that window.
  7. Press the Save Changes button at the bottom of the profile options. Thereafter, you should see the new Steam profile background.

So, it’s pretty straightforward to add alternative profile backgrounds to Steam.

Many of the backgrounds are available for less than 10 cents. Adding a new profile background is one of the best ways to customize Steam.