5 best virtual desktop software for Windows 10

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  • Virtual desktop software helps you declutter and organize your desktop. Instead of squeezing applications and shortcuts on a single desktop, create and navigate multiple virtual desktops.
  • Windows 10 has built-in virtual desktop functionality called TaskView. However, it's pretty limited. So we handpicked the 5 best virtual desktop tools you can use on your Windows 10 PC.
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use best virtual desktop software
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Virtual desktop software enables users to open programs on multiple desktops.

Instead of opening and squeezing all your applications in the taskbar, you can create virtual desktops and place them there instead. As a result, you can reduce organize your desktop better by eliminating clutter.

Microsoft integrated virtual desktop functionality into Windows 10. To access it, press the Task View button on the taskbar. You might think that Windows 10 users don’t really need extra third-party virtual desktop software.

However, the built-in Task View is fairly basic and has limited options. For example, you can’t add individual wallpapers to virtual desktops or customize their hotkeys. In this case, you can turn to third-party solutions.

Here’s the best virtual desktop software for Windows 10

  1. Dexpot
  2. VirtuaWin
  3. Virtual Dimension
  4. DeskSpace
  5. BetterDesktopTool

Let’s take a closer look.

Top 5 virtual desktop software for Windows PC

1. Dexpot

Dexpot is the best among virtual desktop software programs for Windows. It’s available for personal use for free. However, you have to buy a license for commercial usage.

Dexpot enables users to set up 20 virtual desktops within Windows. The best thing about this software is that you can customize those desktops by giving them their own separate wallpapers, screensavers, hotkeys and custom resolutions.

You can even distribute icons so that each desktop has its own unique software and file shortcuts. The amount of customization is well beyond what you can do in Windows 10’s Task View.

Dexpot also includes numerous extra plug-ins, such as MouseEvents, Taskbar Pager, Dexcube, and Wallpaper Clock. My favorite is Dexcube that activates a 3D-rotating cube effect when switching virtual desktops.

The Desktop Slideshow plug-in automatically switches between the virtual desktops much the same as a slideshow. There are also a few experimental plug-ins you can add to Dexpot, which include Gadgets that adds sidebar gadgets to the virtual desktops.

Download Dexpot

2. VirtuaWin

VirtuaWin is virtual desktop software that hogs minimal system resources and has a good number of configuration options. The program works with all Windows platforms from Windows ME up, and there’s also a portable version of the program. This is open-source software you can add to your desktop.

VirtuaWin is primarily a system tray app with which you can switch between virtual desktops and select other options from its menu. However, its setup window still includes a diverse range of configuration options with which you can customize the virtual desktop titles, layouts, hotkeys, mouse actions, and more besides.

One of the best things about VirtuaWin is that it supports up to 20 virtual desktops with minimal resource usage. You can enhance its functionality with modules, which are similar to plug-ins. The software’s website includes a variety of extra modules you can add to the VirtuaWin modules directory.

For example, VMPreview provides a preview of the virtual desktops in window or full-screen mode; and KvasdoPager adds a virtual desktop pager to the taskbar similar to the Gnome pager in Linux.

Download VirtuaWin

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A virtual desktop improves your productivity and declutters your desktop. You can organize your tasks better by creating personalized virtual desktops, where you can quickly launch applications and toggle windows.

  • You can create a virtual desktop using the Windows 10 Task View. But an easier way is to download one of the virtual desktop tools we mentioned on this list.

  • Amazon WorkSpaces is the best virtual desktop software for business. However, Dexpot is ideal for personal use.

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Deskspace was the best virtual desktop software I’d ever found and a Windows 10 update from a year ago killed it. On top of that the developer apparently left the planet and no longer supports the software or responds to cries for help, so I’m out $25 and I’ve yet to find anything that works as well. Thanks Microsoft!!! =(