Best Windows 8 App This Week: Electric Toolkit

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A new week gets a fresh start here so this means we’re ready to share with you what we have hand-picked as the “Best Windows 8 App of the Week”. In the previous week have featured Chronozoom, a nice history tool and now we’re presenting Electric Toolkit.
electric toolkit
I am telling you beforehand that this app is aimed only at select Windows 8 users, especially engineers, electrician and just math lovers. Of course, since the Electric Toolkit app for Windows 8 is described as one to help you with your home wiring project, it is virtually helpful to just about anybody who owns a Windows 8 touch or desktop device who wants to make use of such an application. It was previously available on the Android and iOS platform and now the successful title has made its way into the Windows Store.

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Electric Toolkit for Windows 8 helps in home wiring

Electric Toolkit is an easy to use collection of electrical wiring diagrams, pinouts, and electrical calculators for home wiring projects. Electrical wiring diagrams, including 3-way and 4-way switches. Audio/Video pinouts and basic calculators for NEC, ohms law, and circuit breaker sizing.

windows 8 electric toolkitThis is a really awesome app and comes with many interesting and useful features, such as the following: different switch wiring diagrams like basic light, 7 different 3-way, 4-way, multiple GFCI and wall outlet. Also, there’s a Service Entrance Ground Size Requirements table and a Grounding conductor size calculator. Of course, not everybody will understand what this all means, but those who do, will appreciate.

The app also comes with an Ohms Law calculator, a Sizing a Circuit Breaker calculator, a Voltage drop calculator and Audio/Video Cable pinouts for the following: Component, DisplayPort, DVI, Ethernet, Firewire, HDMI/Mini HDMI/Micro HDMI, LPT, PS/2, RCA, Serial port, S-video, USB 3.0/Mini USB/Micro USB, and VGA.

I actually wanted to try out the app for myself, but couldn’t because there was no free trial option available. And the app isn’t quite cheap at five bucks. However, if you know how successful the app has been on other platforms, then you probably know what you’re paying for. Follow the link from below to the link on the Windows Store.

Download Electric Toolkit app for Windows 8, Windows 8.1


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