8+ Windows 8, 10 Math Apps to Get Better Grades

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There are many ways to improve your mathematics skills that you learn in school. Understanding math is required from us from the earliest stages of our lives. Unfortunately, most of us need extra help in order to understand some mathematical methods, but luckily there are a number of ways to do that. This is where Windows 8 math apps can step up and help you get over most issues with the least amount of effort.
Computers were built to answer mathematical issues and calculate way faster than anything else. Mathematics is an universal language and you can find real world applications of it all around you. If you know how to ask the right questions you will get your answers in the blink of an eye, so why not use this fact in our advantage using the best Windows 8 math apps ?

Learn faster with these Windows 8 math apps

Looking for help from your devices is the first and easiest step you can take towards getting better. There are many Windows 8 math apps that  can be found in the Store for all the different areas of the discipline. You never know when you might need to remember a math formula or a plot to a function, so here are some Windows 8 math apps that you should keep on your tablet or smartphone.

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windows 8 math apps geogebraThere are many types of math that are needed in different areas of school that range like physics, chemistry, economy and so on. In case you are looking for an all-in-one Windows 8 math app, you’ve struck gold with GeoGebra. The features packed in this app make it one of the most flexible ones. GeoGebra can be used as a tool in algebra, geometry, statistics, calculus or even for graphs and spreadsheets. This Windows 8 math app as an extra resource needed for school and it covers all levels of education.

Learning point

learning point windows 8 math app

This Windows 8 math app knows no boundaries when it comes to science and everything related to it. Basically if it has numbers it in, it is contained by this all-in-one app. The different topics available are broken down into science, computer science, math and history. Moving along directly to what interests us the most we can see that the math is broken down further into everything we can possibly need. The videos found in each section are created as a didactic resource and are a great way to learn in case you didn’t understand, or just missed that class.

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Function plotter

windows 8 math app function plotterWhen it comes to mathematical functions, this particular Windows 8 math app is a must. Nothing complicated about it and can be used on-the-fly when you need some quick and accurate answers. There are a large number of learning possibilities that come with this app and when it comes to creating plots this is the only thing you need. Generate plots get coordinates for essential points like maximum, minimum, inflection and so on easily without going through the calculus yourself.


imath windows 8 app

This is one of the best Windows 8 math apps to get your kids to perform better at school or just to get them more interested in math. Being designed for children under the age of 12, the app contains a lot of exercises in the form of interactive quizzes. The interface is really simple and easy to use by anyone and it is a lot more entertaining than the traditional way of doing exercises. Your kids will have a blast using this app and maybe even develop a passion for math.

Some more awesome Windows 8 math apps

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