Top 10 Windows Mice to Buy In 2015

By: Ivan Jenic
5 minute read

As architecture and usage of PCs evolved, various components are not used for performing only one single operation, and mice are no different. In this list we included the crème de la crème of this year’s mice which will definitely the excellent choice for buying in 2015, as well, so if you had any confusion about which mouse is perfect for you, this will definitely help. Most of these mice are designed for playing games, but for real, you don’t need magical mouse for regular using of the computer.

Razer Naga

Razer Naga wind8appsRazer Naga is one of the most versatile mice of the year, because it feature a huge amount of buttons (12 to be precised) on the sides, besides two main buttons. If you’re buying this mouse for gaming, and you probably would, it is the most effective in playign MMO games like “Guild Wars” or “World of Warcraft.” Razer Naga is perfect for playing MMO games just because its huge amount of buttons, which can be used to cast spells, just with the click of your thumb, leaving your other fingers free to control your character and camera. This premium gaming mouse is available to buy for the price of around $160.

Corsair Vengeance M6

Corsair Vengeance M65 wind8appsIf you want to feel comfortable while using your computer or playing games, you will definitely fall in love with Corsair Vengeance M65. Because of its comfort and laser precision, Vengeance M65 is the perfect mouse for playing FPS games. It is actually designed for FPS players, as it delivers eight programmable buttons, including one that enters a “sniper mode,” allowing gamers to have a great playing experience. Players who want to feel the real power of this mouse can switch between three adjustable weights and three DPI settings. But as I said, this mouse can be used for other operations than gaming, because it comes with a deeply customizable software. Corsair Vengeance M65 is available for the price of $42.

Razer DeathAdder

Razer DeathAdder wind8apps

The Razer DeathAdder is a simple and ergonomic mouse without a bunch of features and buttons, but still well designed and comfortable for using. Because of its slick design, the DeathAdder fits in both large and small hands without any problems. Types of mice like the DeathAdder are just perfect for playing RTS games, because they rely on how quickly you can adapt to change of conditions, so if you’re using a mouse with a huge amount of features, you might get confused.  The DeathAdder has few extra buttons, accurate scrolling and is very responsive. You can buy the Razer DeathAdder for the price of around $43.

Logitech G502 Proteus

Logitech G502 Proteus wind8appsThe G502 Proteus really looks like a mouse from the future, with its textured grips and 11 big, programmable buttons. Although it looks a little rough, the G502 is very comfortable in hands and provides a great feeling of use. This mouse isn’t purposed for any specific game genre, but you can use it for playing FPS, RTS and MMO games without any problems. The G502 Proteus comes with a really powerful software, which will completely scan your computer for games and automatically create appropriate profile for them. You can also adjust its scroll wheel to feel either extremely resistant or almost frictionless. The Logitech G502 Proteus is available for the price of around $60.

Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime

Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime wind8apps

Here’s another simplistic, but very well designed and comfortable mouse suitable for playing Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, like League of Legend or Dota 2. The Logitech G302 is a small, minimalistic mouse which leaves your thoughts focused on the battlefield, without a confusion of what button should you press. The Logitech G302 is very responsive and feels great in the hand, so if you’re a passionate MOBA player, or even a pro, this mouse is perfect for you. The Logitech G302  is available for the price of around $50.

E-3Lue Cobra Type-M

E-3Lue Cobra Type-M win8appsAnd of course, there’s a place on every list for a budget device. If you don’t want to pay more than $20 for a high-end mouse, but still want a solid device, the E-3lue Cobra Type-M is a great deal. The Type-M offers nice design, three selectable DPI options, and two side buttons for forward and backward browsing. It is not so customizable, but is still very durable and responsive and is one of the best entry-level mice out there. The E-3lue Cobra Type-M is available for the price of around $17.

Roccat Kova

roccat cova wind8apps

If you’re left handed, no problems, we have an excellent mouse for you. Many gaming mice could be used with both hands, but the Roccat Kova appears to be the best choice. The Roccat Kova isn’t only designed for lefties, because of its angular design, right handed users could use it equally, as well. With seven programmable buttons, sensitivity adjustment software and audio confirmation when switching profiles, the Kova is a very good choice for any gaming genre, and probably the most versatile mouse on our list. The Roccat Kova is available for the price of $45.

SteelSeries Sensei Wireless

SteelSeries Sensei Wireless wind8appsIt is well known that gamers don’t like wireless mice, and they have a good reason for it, because they may lag sometimes, which can ruin the gaming experience. But, the SteelSeries Sensei may return the faith in wireless mice to gamers. The Sensei works without any lagging issues and delivers a good and responsive design. It also has a responsive dock on the side which keeps track of the Sensei’s battery life. The mouse is very easy to set up and works in an impressive range. Although the Sensei is a little bit expensive, you’ll get an amazing performance, which is not easy to find in other gaming mice. You can buy the SteelSeries Sensei for the price of $165.

Seenda IBT-C04 Music Mouse

Seenda IBT-C04 Music Mouse wind8apps

And now something a little bit different. Seenda’s IBT-C04 Music Mouse is a wireless mouse that also serves as a speaker and allows you to accept handsfree calls via Bluetooth. The music mouse could be useful for those who lack desk space or budget for complete computer equipment. Maybe someone will find this combination strange and unreasonable, but it’s definitely unique and worth mentioning. Seenda’s IBT-C04 Music Mouse is available for the price of around $30.

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