Bing now has an annotation feature that shows price history & coupons

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  • Your favorite search engine just got some pretty interesting features.
  • Bine now displays available coupons and price history when shopping.
  • You will also see if the retailer you are buying from is the ethical choice.
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There are a lot of reasons to be happy nowadays if you’re a Windows operating system user. We don’t know exactly if you head already, but Microsoft added an awesome feature to Bing.

In fact, the tech giant added a ton of new features to its Bing search engine over the past couple of years, with the latest addition to Bing being an annotations function that adds information directly to the search result pages.

Let’s take a deeper dive together and see what all the hype is about, while we discover everything there is to know.

Ethical SHopping is now a Bing search engine feature

When you are shopping for whatever it is you want from the Internet, like sneakers, gadgets, or maybe a new doggy bed, Bing will remind you that coupons are available for specific sites listed in the results.

Furthermore, the search engine may also highlight whether the brand has an ethical shopping rating, as that matters to a lot of people. 

For individual products, you will have the ability to look at the price history directly on Bing’s site, which makes things even easier for you.

The Redmond-based tech colossus also mentioned that all three features are only available in some countries at this moment.

The Microsoft Bing team is excited to announce the addition of time- and money-saving annotations to shopping search results. Ever wondered if you were overlooking coupons or special promotions when you shop online? Or perhaps you didn’t even consider that a discount might be available, and you missed out! Bing now provides you with this information within shopping searches – annotations neatly nested within your search results, without the need to install a browser extension or plugin (third-party cookies must be enabled.)

This coupon annotation actually reveals if coupon codes are available for a specific site, a functionality that will surely make shopping a lot easier, and cheaper.

All you have to do is move the mouse over the available coupons section and they are displayed immediately on the page.

And, even better, each shopping entry will list the discount and the requirements, if you are eligible for any on that specific website.

Keep in mind that the coupon codes are not displayed fully and you need to press the Copy & Go button in order to copy the coupon code to the clipboard and open the site in question to use it.

For the time being, this useful feature is only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, and France.

Besides these coupon listings we mentioned, Microsoft Bing may also highlight the Ethical Choice annotation for sites based on Good On You ratings.

When you are hovering with your mouse cursor over the Ethical Choice annotation, an overall rating, using emoticons, and individual ratings for the planet, people, and animals will be displayed.

The third type of annotation we were talking about is related to price history charts on the popular Microsoft search engine.

When you search for specific products, you can therefore see the price history annotation. How awesome is that?

Have you already tested these new Bing features? Share your experience with us in the comments section located below.

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