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As a result of the carbon monoxide emissions from generators, you must take crucial safety precautions, such as operating the equipment outside and at least 20 feet from any structure.

If we live in an age where we can charge our smartphones with a battery pack that fits inside a jeans pocket, shouldn’t there be a more straightforward approach to restore power in the aftermath of a hurricane?

How about powering a campsite without having to deal with the continual hum of a gas-fueled generator?

Portable power stations, often known as battery-powered inverter generators, have the potential to fulfill this promise. On the surface, they’re just big, bulky rechargeable batteries roughly the size of a countertop microwave oven, which you can charge up by plugging them into a standard 110-volt outlet.

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Because it emits no pollutants, you can securely operate a portable power station inside when the situation calls for it on duty.

These batteries have enough capacity to run a couple of small appliances for a short period of time. With a variety of outlets (regular 120v outlets, USB ports, and DC chargers), you may use the station to charge your electronics as well as your phone or tablet.

Furthermore, portable solar panels are frequently included with the units, allowing for increased charging capabilities and runtime.

Portable power stations, unlike their gasoline-fueled counterparts, require a transfer switch if you want to use them to power items like your furnace, overhead lighting, or anything else in your home that is hardwired.

For example, if you completely charge the battery before a forecasted weather occurrence, a portable power station may be able to provide you with many hours of electricity to run a refrigerator or another vital equipment.

If you are considering acquiring additional portable useful devices, we recommend that you read our article on four of the greatest wireless power strips.

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