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Madalina Dinita
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QuickBooks‘ continuous evolution has helped it remain at the top of the pile as far as both business book-keeping and personal finance software is concerned. And as evident from the editions on offer during this year’s Black Friday QuickBooks deals, a lot of these changes are inspired by their user’s demands.

For instance, the latest version allows users to track projects or jobs profitability, photograph and save their receipts via the QuickBooks mobile app as well as generate highly specific finance reports.

Well, our team has been out hunting for sizzling Black Friday QuickBooks deals and we are happy to report that things are even better than last year. Have a look.

Note: Deals are subject to change. Sometimes, some of the deals listed in our guides may no longer be available by the time you hit the buy button. So, hurry up and grab them while they’re hot.


Best Quickbooks software for your company

QuickBooks Desktop Pro Version 2019 [PC Disc]

QuickBooks Desktop Pro Version 2019

QuickBooks is one of the most advanced business finance software in the market and lets entrepreneurs organize their business finances from one dynamic platform.

There are tons of instant reports on sales, expenses, and profitability, all very helpful in enhancing productivity.

Plus, it’s even possible to download all the bank transactions for easier reconciliation.

Summary of core features:

  • Simple Setup: QuickBooks Desktop Pro has an unbelievably straightforward setup process and even simpler usage steps.
  • Tax-Time Reports: In addition to staying on top of their expenses, owners get reliable tax reports ahead of tax time.
  • Step-By-Step Tutorials: The in-depth tutorials means that subscribers don’t need prior accounting knowledge to get going.
  • Accurate Invoice Tracker: It expedites collections and improves cash flows by tracking every invoice’s status and issuing timely updates.
  • Easily Manage Payments: It provides a new unpaid bills view so late payments will become a thing of the past.

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QuickBooks Desktop Pro with Enhanced Payroll 2020 [PC Disc]

QuickBooks Desktop Pro with Enhanced Payroll 2019

The biggest news here is the accompanying 1-year prepaid enhanced payroll subscription for a more efficient payroll processing.

This is on top of enjoying the best features from the QuickBooks Desktop Pro Version 2019 including meticulous invoicing, tax reporting, and pending bills management.

Summary of core features:

  • Prepaid Enhanced Payroll: Easily pay employees, calculate payroll taxes, and access instant w-2s during year end. Includes 1 employee but adding staff is easy (monthly nominal fees apply)
  • Track Accruals: It comes with improved track accruals for sick and/or vacation time.
  • Import From Spreadsheet: Operators can import their business data from Excel to better crunch the numbers.
  • Easy Configuration: The program and the payroll are not only easy to download but also configure and is ready for use within moments.
  • Time Tracking & Professional Estimates: Easily create accurate estimates and generate time-based invoices.

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QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020

Black Friday deal on QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Desktop Premier includes all QuickBooks Pro features and helps you take advantage of business insights with industry-specific reports. Here are the main features of the program:

  • create sales orders and track backorders
  • improve your cash flow by tracking invoice status
  • track costs for assembled products and inventory
  • set product/service prices by customer type
  • customize your inventory reports in order to get those valuable information for your business
  • transfer customer credits across jobs
  • view unpaid bills from a vendor to easily manage payments

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QuickBooks Enterprise Gold Edition, 7-Users (1-year)

QuickBooks Enterprise Gold Edition 2018

This comes with a massive collection of business-focused advanced functionalities that scales as one’s business grows.

The QuickBooks enterprise gold edition is the benchmark in delivering robust reports and is one of the easiest to use.

Summary of main features:

  • Manage sales orders: Operators can now sort their sales orders for prioritizing and precise filing.
  • Multiple Monitors Support: The multiple monitor mode enables users to access their records from several screens and can be helpful in improving the management of financial information.
  • Highly Customizable Reporting: Accountants and controllers can add or remove columns on various reports including the inventory summary reports.
  • Cash/Accrual toggle: Financial reports now provide a cash/accrual selection and allow users to rapidly change the reporting basis.
  • Past due stamp: Overdue invoices are now marked with a past-due stamp for faster follow-ups.

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QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum Edition, 10-Users (1-year)

QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum Edition 2018

Platinum packs all the mighty functionalities of the trend-setting Gold edition but sweetens the deal by incorporating some interesting extras.

For instance, manufacturing companies are instantly alerted of shortages to allow them to build more assemblies on time.

The additions make this software invaluable for manufacturers, contractors, wholesalers, and retailers.

Summary of key features:

  • Payroll Enhanced: Managers can save time (and money) by printing unlimited paychecks, using the free direct deposit, and seamlessly filing payroll taxes from one window.
  • Advanced Pricing: Controlling pricing has never been this easy. Operators are required to set up their relevant pricing rules and leave QuickBooks to do the rest. The end result is super-smooth pricing calculations and invoicing.
  • Advanced Inventory: The sophisticated inventory management systems permit unprecedented actions like tracking of items to their specific bins in a warehouse, scanning of barcodes for quicker data entry, and dashboard-centralized sales order fulfillment.
  • Data recovery:  QuickBooks auto recovers lost data in the unfortunate event of a hard drive crash.
  • Priority Care: In case of hiccups, users receive preferential treatment when calling support.

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[Bonus] QuickBooks Desktop For Macs 2020

QuickBooks Desktop For Mac 2019

We’re a Windows-centric website, but we just had to add this deal to the list. If you used QuickBooks on Windows but you switched platforms and you want to use it on Mac, you can do that too.

QuickBooks Desktop 2019 for Macs has undergone a major facelift and is now as good as its Windows counterpart.

Mac users can Manage expenses, get reliable tax reports, and import essential data for detailed analysis from their spreadsheets.

They can also stay synchronized with their bank records and automatically share crucial documents across multiple gadgets through iCloud.

Summary of main features:

  • Integrates With Square: Those using Square to process credit card sales can easily import their sales data into the latest QuickBooks for Mac.
  • Reconciliation Discrepancy Report: It offers a faster way to identify reconciliation discrepancies when reconciling the QuickBooks file to the bank balance
  • Email Tab: Easily track and sort the pile of emails coming from customers and going to vendors from the included Email tab.
  • Enhanced Security: QuickBooks for Mac 2019 Desktop is compatible with Mojave (macOS 10.14). This help protect organizational data as Mojave’s extra layers of security require users to set up tougher passwords.
  • Access From Multiple Mac Computers: Users who require to open QuickBooks from different Macs are happy that this version synced files to iCloud allowing file access from different Mac computers.

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QuickBooks remains the go-to solution for businesses looking for a powerful assistant to help streamline finances.

It automates payment and filing of taxes, paying of employees, and enables decision makers to take charge of budgeting.

And now owners and managers can take advantage of all these fantastic Black Friday QuickBooks offers to revolutionize their businesses.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.