How to block websites on Microsoft Edge

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  • Some people limit specific apps and features on their child's device, while others want to block websites on Edge.
  • There are two methods that you can use, by modifying setting or by using specialized software.
  • By modifying the contents of the Driver folder, you can block certain websites on your PC.
  • If you want to have a personal blocklist in Edge, we suggest using a specialized website blocking software.


How to block websites on Microsoft Edge
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Blocking certain websites is a necessity in some cases as you may not want children to access certain content on the Internet, for instance.

While it’s fairly easy to block websites on other browsers, this operation is not as obvious on Microsoft Edge.

Currently, there is no direct option allowing you to block certain websites on Edge, as Microsoft is still tweaking and upgrading its browser.

How do I block websites on Microsoft Edge?

1. Use Opera

Plenty of browsers used to be completely useless when it comes to privacy. But things had changed along with time and secure browsing became possible.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Opera is the best choice for parents trying to filter inappropriate content and keep their children safe online.

Besides that, that’s a great choice for fraud and malware protection, while the included ad blocker stops the countless malicious ads that target your PC.

As for Opera’s virtual private network, keep in mind that data sent back and forth is encrypted and routed through a remote server so that you and your loved ones are always safe from prying eyes.

Get Opera

2. Block from drivers

  1. Go to C:\Windows\System32 \Drivers
  2. Find and select the hosts file. To make the search easier, go to Drivers, press CTRL + F and type hosts. Then, double click on the search result.hosts file
  3. If you are using the Admin account, the file will open when you double-click it. Open it using Notepad.
  4. In case you encounter access issues, you need to edit the permission level.
  5. Go to Properties and go to the Security tab.
  6. Under Permissions for System, click Advance button and select Add.
  7. Select Principle and under Enter the subject name, add your Windows username.
  8. To block a specific website, add the following sequence on the Notepad hosts file: the website’s address. Example: www.facebook.comhosts-file-block-edge
  9. There is no limit in regard to the number of websites you can block. Simply type the sequence followed by the web site’s address, press Enter to go to the next row, and type a new sequence.
  10. Save and close the Notepad hosts file.

If you try to access one of the websites you put on the block list, Edge will inform you it can’t reach that page.

The good news is that this method blocks the respective websites on other browsers as well.

This is a fairly simple solution, and it will help you block YouTube, or any other website, on Edge.

3. Use a blocking tool

Also, you can use a program that will block unwanted websites and content for more browsers, including Microsoft Edge.

FocalFilter is a free tool that will help you focus on your work by blocking websites that could distract you.

It is simple to use, just copy the address of the site into FocalFilter and set up a timer for the period you want a certain site to be blocked.

If the temptation is too big, the app has a response to this. You can’t modify the settings of FocalFilter before the timer runs out, and uninstalling the program will not remove the blocks.

This is a perfect tool, especially if you need a personal blocklist in Edge, so be sure to try it out.

Check FocalFilter now

Meanwhile, you can use the Feedback Hub and request Microsoft to add a native Edge feature to allow the blocking of websites.

If you’re concerned about losing your bookmarks and history from Microsoft Edge, you really don’t have to. We got you covered with the best tools for organizing and saving your browser data too.

Were the above tips helpful? Do let us know by using the comments area below. Also, let us give you a few more hints when looking for info on these topics:

  • How to block a website/websites on Microsoft Edge – Refer to the above steps if your wish is to block a specific website on Edge. Always take age-appropriate decisions and make quick changes in that regard.
  • Microsoft Edge block websites – A blocking tool or the above procedure is exactly what you need. If you don’t have the time to go through any steps, the must-have privacy features built into Opera make it a great alternative.
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