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  • You can play Bridge directly in your browser, without the need of downloading and installing an application.
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Playing cards have always been a favorite activity between friends.  Bridge is one of the best-known card games. It needs four players, a deck of cards and a lot of fun.

What better way to spend a rainy afternoon than playing bridge with your friends? But what are you going to do if you can’t gather all in one place? Simple. Just read this article and choose one of the websites that offer online bridge games. We strive to bring you all the information you need to make the best choice.

Use a dedicated gaming browser for your Bridge games

However, to play online bridge you need a browser. And though all browsers can serve pretty well for this purpose, our strong recommendation is Opera GX. Opera GX is the best browser for online games.

It is meant to be very fast and it opens into a split of a second. It features a rich gaming theme, completely integrated with Razer Chroma.

You don’t have to worry about resources management. With Opera GX you set the amount of RAM that this browser uses so you don’t affect other tasks you have open. Opera GX allows you to set it a network bandwidth limit. This way you can let other applications use the bandwidth.

Opera GX is built around the concept of security. It comes with a VPN with unlimited bandwidth. Its built-in ad-blocker takes care of unwanted ads. You are always connected to your friends during online gaming sessions thanks to Opera GX’s Messenger.

The latest news in the gaming industry is accessible through GX Corner. All of your favorite games are found here, very well organized.

So, trust us and try the best browser for games, Opera GX and you are not going to be disappointed.

Editor's choice
Opera GX browser logo
  • Best gaming browser
  • Resource controller
  • Custom UI
  • Twitch integration
  • Free VPN included
  • Ad-blocker

Best online Bridge games to have fun

Bridge Base Online

Bridge Base Online has a community of more than 250000 players. It comes with a rich, interactive interface. They present themselves as a social club, also. You can choose to play for free, without becoming a member. If you want, you can decide to become a member and enjoy the full experience and benefits.

Tournaments winners and best players receive BBO points. They also host ACBL tournaments, where winners receive masterpoints. Though Bridge Base Online is more of a social club for passionate bridge players, all players are welcome to learn and have fun.


Bridge Doctor

Bridge Doctor has a simple interface but very rich content. If you want to learn how to play bridge, then this is the right place. It features Bridge lessons right on the first page of the website. Once you become a member you can start playing.

Choose to play practice games against the computer. Or you can join a game against human players. If you have a paid membership plan, you can create your own game and call your friends to share the fun.

Bridge Doctor

Bridge Club Live

Bridge Club Live focuses on players with extensive knowledge of Bridge game. You need to become a member and pay a fee to be able to play. They organize regular tournaments and even tournaments for professional players. The graphics are quite good and pleasant.

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Though this site has more of a professional look, you have the option of playing a live game with your friends.

Bridge Club Live

OK Bridge

OK Bridge has a history that starts in 1989. You can see it has a long experience from the way it is built. Simple, but with a lot of features for avid bridge players. They have a teaching and practice section for new players. You can become a member and play for free.

Or you can pay for a subscription plan and participate in one of their daily tournaments. Best players receive Masterpoints.

OK Bridge

24-7 Bridge

24-7 Bridge is the fastest and simplest way to play Bridge in your browser. Once it loads, all you need is a click and you can start playing. The whole interface is built around a bridge table. Your teammate is a computer, as are your opponents. It’s a very good place to practice Bridge or just to relax.

24-7 Bridge

These are our recommendations for websites on which you can play Bridge in your browser. In our view, you have the best experience playing Bridge when you are using Opera GX.

Please share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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