[SOLVED] This browser does not support ActiveX components

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
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  • If you're not using IE, you might get an error saying that ActiveX components are not supported.
  • This can be easily fixed by downloading a browser extension, and we're showing you exactly how.
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your browser does not support or has disabled activex
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ActiveX is a proprietary feature from Microsoft for Internet Explorer, designed to provide exclusive controls required to access and display certain web content.

However, there are times when ActiveX malfunctions (Internet Explorer) or is not existent (every other browser basically) and you’ll see the Your browser does not support or has disabled ActiveX error.

In today’s article, we explain how to troubleshoot this situation.

How do I enable ActiveX on my computer?

1. Try using another browser

It’s true that we mentioned that ActiveX is not integrated with any other browser, however, there are ways to activate this tool.

This is why we recommend switching to a browser that has more to offer than IE, namely Opera.

Switching from your current browser to Opera is easy and takes only a couple of minutes. You can install Opera for free, using the button below.

Then, if you have certain settings or bookmarks saved, you can import them to Opera with just a couple of clicks.

To enable ActiveX, you’ll need a separate extension called Open in IE. With the aid of this plug-in,  you can open ay tab you want in Internet Explorer without the need to manually copy and paste links or to open the respective browser.

open pages in IE using opera

  1. Download the extension from the official Opera add-ons libraryIt will download a zipped file on your PC.
  2. Extract the file locally using any unzipping program.
  3. Double-click on install.bat.

And you’re good to go. The extension will show in the dedicated menu in the upper right corner menu (the black box). Pin it to the bar, for easier access.

Whenever you need to open a program that uses ActiveX content and you get the error message, right-click on the extension icon and choose to open the tab in IE.

how to view activex content in opera



ActiveX content can be viewed in Opera as well with just a couple of tweaks. Try Opera now and benefit from all its awesome free features!

2. Enable ActiveX in Internet Explorer

  1. Launch Internet Explorer on your PC.your browser does not support or has disabled activex
  2. Navigate to the Tools icon and click on it.
  3. Select Internet options.your browser does not support or has disabled activex
  4. Now, click on the Security tab.
  5. Click on Custom level.your browser does not support or has disabled activex
  6. Go to ActiveX controls and plug-ins.your browser does not support or has disabled activex
  7. Enable the following commands:
  • Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls
  • Binary and script behaviors
  • Display Video and Animation on a webpage
  • Download signed ActiveX controls
  • Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins

7. Click OK twice.

Check if the issue is resolved.

3. Disable ActiveX filtering

  1. Launch your browser.
  2. Navigate to the target site.
  3. Navigate to the web address panel, locate the blocked icon , and then click on it.
  4. Select Turn off ActiveX Filtering.your browser does not support or has disabled activex
  5. Repeat the procedure for all desired websites.


4. How to enable ActiveX on Chrome

  1. Download the IE Tab extension to simulate Internet Explorer on Chrome from this source.view activex content in chrome
  2. When you get to the ActiveX-related websites, just click on the IE Tab icon in the top right corner to run it in the Internet Explorer engine.

We hope you fond this post helpful. If you have further suggestions on viewing ActiveX content in other browsers than IE, drop us a line in the comments section and we’ll surely take a look.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in June 2019 and was updated and revamped in August 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in June 2019 and was revamped and updated in August 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.