These are the best Chrome extensions to protect your privacy

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  • Google Chrome is currently one of the most popular browsers in the world.
  • This article will cover some of the best privacy extensions for Google Chrome.
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  • If privacy is your main concern, check out our dedicated VPN page.
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When a service or tool is free to use, this means that you are the product. Or more specifically, the data collected on you and your behavior is the product.

Online privacy has been one of the hottest topics of debate in recent years. Naturally and rightfully, users want to better control the amount of data collected on them, but this is not always an easy task.

We all agree that it’s impossible to prevent user data collection while surfing the web. However, users can indeed limit the data collected, as well as decide which type of data tech companies can collect.

Browser privacy extensions are one of the best and simple tools to use in order to control what data is collected on you.

Since Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world, in this article we’re going to list the best Chrome privacy extensions to install in order to protect your privacy.

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Quick Tip:

Instead of going through the process of adding extensions to Chrome, why not go for a web browser that comes with a VPN that is already included?

One such browser is Opera, and the VPN that comes with it is very efficient, primarily because it is both free and because you don’t have a traffic limit.

Another great thing that adds to its security level is the ad-blocker and the tracker-blockers, so you know whatever you do in Opera stays in Opera.



If you value privacy when surfing the Internet, then look no further than Opera as your new default browser!

What are the best Chrome privacy extensions to use?

  1. Privacy Badger
  2. Ghostery
  3. Blur
  4. Privacy Cleaner
  5. SearchLock
  6. ZenMate VPN extension
  7. SurfEasy VPN extension
  8. Fair AdBlocker
  9. Browsec VPN extension
  10. DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials
  11. HTTPS Everywhere

1. Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is perhaps the most popular privacy extension for Chrome. The tool is a project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the same group that publicly criticized Windows 10’s privacy policy.

Privacy Badger blocks tracking tools and spying ads so that nobody can track your browsing activity without your consent.

The extension also blocks third-party trackers that load invisibly when you launch Chrome. Or as its creators describe it: “Nothing can stop the Privacy Badger from eating cookies when it’s hungry!

Get Privacy Badger

In case you want to be secure while surfing the internet, you will need to get a full-dedicated tool to secure your network.  Install now Private Internet Access and secure yourself. It protects your PC from attacks while browsing, masks your IP address, and blocks all unwanted access.

2. Ghostery

Ghostery protects your online privacy and also shows you who’s tracking your web browsing. In this manner, companies can no longer build a profile about you in order to manipulate your behavior.

The extension allows you to control with whom you share your personal data. Oftentimes, trackers reduce your browsing speed.

By blocking them, Ghostery can also speed up your browsing. Another advantage of this tool is that it removes page clutter, so you can focus on the content.

This extension also focuses on offering you all the information you need to understand the different types of trackers and how they may affect your browsing experience.

Get Ghostery 

3. Blur

Blur is an excellent Chrome extension that really keeps your private information private. The tool allows you to secure all your personal information online.

Blur saves, encrypts and organizes your passwords. The extension keeps you safe from hackers’ attacks. For example, if a website where you’ve shopped gets hacked, your personal information, including your credit card info won’t even be there.

Blur also blocks companies from collecting data about your online activity, including non-cookie trackers. Thanks to Blur, Facebook and other social media websites won’t be able to track you when you are not logged in.

Get Blur

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Editor's Note: This article was originally published in June 2017 and was revamped and updated in September 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.
  • One thing not mentioned here are possible conflicts and overlaps in functionality between these extensions. Which ones are best to install together? Which ones should be mutually exclusive and NOT installed together?

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