Windows 10 build 14915 causes Wi-Fi connection failure on some Surface devices

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Microsoft released the new Windows 10 Preview build 14915 for PCs and Mobile last week. As one of the early Redstone 2 builds, this release didn’t bring any major changes, but instead a few system improvements, bug fixes, and of course, its own share of issues!

We already told you which problems bother users in build 14915, but it appears that one problem is bigger than others. The most serious issues in Windows 14915 build is the problem with WiFi connections on select Surface devices.

Here’s what devices are affected by this issue:

  • Surface Pro 1
  • Surface Pro 2
  • Wi-Fi adapters using early Marvell drivers
  • (There may be other similar drivers affected, research is ongoing)

surface pro wifi problem

Microsoft actually warned us about this problem in build 14915’s announcement blog post, so we can’t say the company didn’t acknowledge the problem. Redmond immediately said that there’s no solution for this problem until the new build gets released, due to the nature of the bug. Actually, the only possible solution is to rollback to the previous build, and wait for Microsoft to release a new, perhaps more stable one.

What’s at least the good news is that a cable connection should work fine, so users of affected devices who want to connect to internet, or roll back to the previous version would have to use this method of connecting to internet.

Although Microsoft made us aware of this problem from the beginning, a lot of users are furious because the team behind Windows 10 Preview builds even let this issue to slip through their hands. Because being unable to change a taskbar color is one thing, but being unable to connect to internet is another.

Microsoft assured users that it is working on a solution. It remains to be seen if the company will deliver the fix with the next Preview build or as a cumulative update. But one thing’s for sure, Microsoft must act fast.

Have you managed to install Windows 10 Preview build 14915 on your device? What’s your experience with it? You noticed some major issues that need to be resolved as soon as possible? Tell us in the comments.



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