Round-up: Windows 10 build 14915 reported issues

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Windows 10 build 14915 is now available for download, bringing many fixes and improvements to the OS. Builds offer many system improvements, but they also bring issues of their own. Build 14915 is no exception, as Insiders are already complaining about various issues they encounter after installing this update.

1. For some Insiders, the issues began from the moment they tried to install the latest Windows 10 Redstone 2 build. When the installation got to 100%, installation suddenly froze and computers became unresponsive.

“When the build got to 100% it went to a light grey screen with a long rectangle on the bottom left and a smaller one above it also has a very small square on the bottom right. Can’t go anywere with the install as it is frozen. Tried reboot and went to same screen.”

2. Insiders can’t report all the issues they encounter because the Feedback Hub crashes when it’s launched. Some Insiders were luckier and managed to launch the Feedback Hub, but couldn’t use it because it was blank. They waited for a few minutes, white boxes then showed up on the screen, but it wasn’t clear for what options they represented.

“The Feedback Hub is blank but if I wait for 10min or so a few white boxes show up. I can’t send feed back because I have no idea what I’m clicking on. When I move my cursor it “highlights” what I’m on but it’s a white box. When I right click I get a white box in response.”

3. Apparently, there are many essential drivers that are missing, preventing users from properly using their computers. Insiders are reporting Wi-Fi drivers that cannot initialize, forcing them to roll back to previous builds. Actually, judging by user feedback, it appears the drivers most affected by this issue are the display and Wi-Fi drivers.

“My Surface Pro 1 WiFi drivers would not initialize after the update. I reinstalled the drivers and it did not fix it. I had to roll back to the previous build.”

4. Speaking of driver issues, the app list is literally invaded by white boxes, and it’s not just the Feedback Hub. This prevents users from reading text, making it very hard to roll back. If your PC display is full of white boxes and you want to roll back, type into Cortana the sentence “Go back to earlier build”. Click on the sixth white box in the middle of the screen and this will bring a text up asking you if you want to go to an earlier build.

“I’m also getting these white blocks where text should be.  Hopefully this can be fixed quickly as I can’t even roll back since I can’t read the text.”

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5. Insiders also report that build 14915 doesn’t recognize external hard disks. This bug also plagued previous build releases as well, and it appears the latest Redstone 2 build is no exception.

6. Under Homegroup settings, Insiders can’t allow all devices to be shared because the setting immediately crashes. However, it appears that the crashes don’t stop the sharing process itself.

“I’m still getting crashes when trying to “allow all devices…” to share, under homegroup settings. The good news is even though it crashes, it seems to be sharing.”

7. Insiders are also complaining Cortana is extremely slow — almost useless. However, it seems that only a few users are affected by this issue, as many Insiders confirmed they used Cortana to roll back to previous builds because of the white boxes described above.

“No problem with settings personalization and Adobe Reader  doesn’t crash. However Cortana is so slow it’s all but useless.”

8. It appears that Windows 10 Mobile users are luckier as they haven’t reported as many bugs as PC users. However, build 14915 doesn’t always run smoothly on Windows phones. For example, after scrolling all the way down the Action Center, it doesn’t go away when scrolled up from the middle of the screen. The only solution is to grab it from the bottom and throw it up.

9. Other Insiders aren’t as lucky and can’t even fully install the build on their phones. Many Insiders actually reported their devices got stuck at the Windows logo splash screen. The volume and power button combo used to restart the phone in such situation no longer works.

“Downloading new build 14915 on my Lumia 950XL. Restarted as prompted and now phone is stuck at Windows logo splash screen and not progressing. […] I’ve tried restarting multiple times but the phone just hangs at the Windows splash screen. I don’t know if I need to just leave it and see if it eventually progresses on its own […].”

These are the issues Insiders have reported so far. If you’ve encountered other issues, tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.


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