Build 14366 sports new expiration date, signals continued life for Insider Program after Anniversary Update

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Windows 10 build 14366 is now out and brings with it a plethora of interesting fixes. If you’ve already downloaded this build, you might’ve noticed the expiration date is now different, a hint that the Insider Program is continuing even after the Anniversary Update.

Of course, the expiration date for Windows 10 Technical Previews vary by build number. However, all the recent expiration dates are exactly 14 days before the end of the free upgrade offer on July 29th, 2016. If you check the expiration date for build 14366, you’ll see that this build expires on 10/1/16 7:59 PM.

I just noticed that Build 14366 now has an expiration date of 10/1/16 7:59 PM. I am not sure why a later date than the normal 7/15/16.

This expiration date change suggests the Windows Insider Program is continuing even after the Anniversary Update, signalling an “always work in progress” mindset when it comes to Windows 10.  This is an excellent piece of news and means that Windows 10 users will continue to have their say about Microsoft’s OS even after the final version is deployed next month.

If you want to see what is the expiration date of your Windows 10 build 14366, enter Winver.exe in the Search box. For additional information on the build edition, right click on the Start icon and select “System.”

If you’re a new Insider, it’s useful to know that approximately two weeks before a build’s license expires, you’ll get warnings that the build will expire and the system will invite you to upgrade to the latest build.

When the license expiration date is reached, your computer will automatically reboot every three hours, trying to install the latest build. If you’re away when this happens, you will lose all open apps and information. Therefore, you should consider backing up critical data.



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