Does NordVPN reduce ping? How to fix gaming lag

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  • High ping gets in the way of your online gaming session, especially if your friends are waiting for you to join. But you can fix latency issues with a reliable VPN.
  • NordVPN is among the most popular VPNs on the Internet. But can you trust it to reduce ping and improve your gaming experience? Find out how to use it correctly.
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does NordVPN reduce lag

NordVPN is an exceptional VPN service that a lot of users get to unblock websites, watch streaming media on Netflix, and maintain their online anonymity. But there are many gamers wondering if NordVPN can reduce ping.

High ping interferes with your overall Internet activities and slows down everything you do online, from visiting websites to downloading torrents.

However, latency issues are particularly troublesome for multiplayer gamers: one wrong move that’s not synced to the servers could mean game over.

Luckily, you can improve your ping with a VPN. It doesn’t mean that all VPN services fit this role, so let’s see how reliable NordVPN is.

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Does NordVPN decrease ping?

compare NordVPN ping time

Yes, NordVPN does lower your ping in multiplayer games.

To do this, you must connect to a VPN server that’s physically closer to the game server. Assuming that you live in France and wish to play on a game server from New York, then you should connect to the New York VPN server.

However, it’s not foolproof. You might end up increasing your ping time instead of lowering it. Make sure your VPN isn’t slowing down your Internet.

It depends on several factors, such as the VPN server you connect to, your NordVPN settings, your Internet connection quality, your device settings, and whether or not the game server is crowded.

How to lower ping with NordVPN on Windows 10

NordVPN is one of the best VPN apps
  1. Get a NordVPN subscription plan.
  2. Download NordVPN and set it up on your device.
  3. Press Ctrl + R, type cmd, and press Enter.
  4. Without connecting to a VPN server, type ping game_server_address.
  5. Wait a few seconds and take note of the Average value.
  6. Connect to a NordVPN server that’s in the same location as the game server.
  7. Switch back to Command Prompt.
  8. Ping the same game server and take note of the Average value.
  9. Compare both
    • If the NordVPN value is smaller, then your ping is reduced.
    • Otherwise, connect to a different NordVPN server and try again.


Use this reliable VPN to lower your ping and improve your gaming experience.

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There’s no recipe for finding the ideal VPN server that lowers ping for your game. It’s a trial-and-error process, no matter which top ping reducer you use.

The most important aspect is to use a VPN server as close to the game server as possible. For example, if you’re trying to join a game session hosted by a friend on another part of the world, make sure to connect to your friend’s location.

What are the best NordVPN gaming settings?

  • Use NordLynx or OpenVPN UDP (next best thing) as the VPN protocol.
  • Make sure NordVPN runs its private DNS servers (the built-in Custom DNS setting is disabled).
  • Don’t use obfuscated or Onion-Over-VPN servers unless you need to bypass VPN blocks (China users, for example).
  • Explore more VPN servers in different countries.

Here are some other things you can try to reduce ping on your PC:

  • Run a speed test to check the quality of your Internet connection.
  • Terminate any applications that need Internet access but which you don’t need
  • Update the game files, gaming platform (like Steam), and your operating system.
  • Restart your router and fix slow Wi-Fi on your laptop.
  • Switch from Wi-Fi to wired mode.
  • Use driver updater tools to get the latest device drivers, especially GPU- and networking-related.
  • Use game optimization apps to get more out of your computer.

To recap, NordVPN reduces ping and fixes in-game latency issues. It’s an excellent VPN service not only for gaming but also for streaming, torrenting, online privacy, and computer security.

To find out everything worth knowing about this VPN, don’t hesitate to read our NordVPN review.

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