Can’t print from Chrome? Here’s how to fix that for good

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Google Chrome offers a wide array of features, but sometimes certain issues can occur.
  • As for Chrome errors many users reported that they can’t print from Chrome.
  • Fixing this issue is simple, and you just need to clear your cache and remove printers that you don’t use.
  • This article is a part of our Chrome hub, so be sure to check it for more useful guides.
problems printing from chrome browser

Google Chrome is a great browser, but some users reported that they can’t print from Chrome at all. This is actually a very common problem among the users of Google Chrome on Windows 10.

Since this is such a prevalent issue, in today’s article we’ll show you how to fix it once and for all.

How can I fix problems while printing from Chrome browser?

  1. Delete local browsing history and uninstall Google Chrome
  2. Delete the printers you don’t use
  3. Press the CTRL + SHIFT + P shortcut

1. Delete local browsing history and uninstall Google Chrome

  1. You have to open Google Chrome and go to the Settings menu > More tools > Clear browsing data.
    clear browsing data Can't Print From Chrome
  2. Set the time to All time -> Check if the boxes associates with Browsing history, Cached images and files and Cookies and other site data are checked -> Press Clear data to start the deleting process -> Close Google Chrome when the process is complete.
    clear data chrome printing issues
  3. Enter Windows key + R in order to open the option Run Command -> type appwiz.cpl -> Press Enter to be able to open Programs and Features.
  4. Here, in Program and Feature you’ll have to scroll down -> Right-click on Google Chrome -> Click on Uninstall.
  5. If a message appears asking if you want to delete the local browsing history of Google Chrome, press Accept and after Next.
  6. Now that you have uninstalled Chrome, make sure to restart your computer and use the default browser that you have to download the newest version installer of Google Chrome.
  7. Install Google Chrome by following our Chrome installation guide.

Another method to uninstall Chrome is to use uninstaller software such as Revo Uninstaller. This software will completely remove Chrome from your PC and prevent any future problems once you reinstall Chrome.

If this solution didn’t work for you, please find below another two that we hope it will help you.

2. Delete the printers you don’t use

  1. Open Chrome -> click the Menu button -> select Settings.
  2. Here, in the Setting section, scroll down and press Advanced. Next scroll down the list -> click on Google Cloud Print.
    advanced settings chrome printing issues
  3. Navigate to Manage Cloud Print Devices. Next press the Manage button next to the other printers that you don’t currently use. Press Delete to delete the printer.
  4. Now that you have only one printer left, restart your computer or just Google Chrome and see if the problem has been fixed. Hopefully, now you’ll be able to print directly using Google Chrome.

If this solution also didn’t work for you, move to the next solution.

3. Press the CTRL + SHIFT + P shortcut

If the solution presented before it’s not working for you, we have also an easier one. This one is also very simple and it will help you save a lot of time.

Using this combination CTRL + SHIFT + P, you might be able to temporarily solve the problem.

This combination is only a quick workaround, but if you want to solve the problem for good, you’ll have to fix the issues that caused Google Print to send errors.

We hope that this article and solutions we gave you helped you and that now you are able to print directly by using Google Chrome.

In most cases, if you can’t print from Chrome, you just need to clear your cache and reinstall Chrome and the problem should be resolved.

FAQ: Learn more about Google Chrome

  • Where is the print button on Google Chrome?

Chrome doesn’t have a dedicated print button, but you can add it as an extension, or just use the Print shortcut.

  • How do I print directly from Chrome?

To print directly from Chrome, just select the desired content and use the Ctrl + P shortcut. Now follow the instructions on the screen.

  • How do I print a Web page in Chrome?

To print a web page in Chrome, click the Menu button and select the Print option. Now choose which pages you want to print.

  • How do I print to PDF in Chrome?

To print to PDF in Chrome, select the content you want to print and press Ctrl + P. Select Save as PDF as the desired printer.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2019 and has been since revamped and updated in April 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.