• Grabbing a picture from a video is something many of us have tried doing on multiple occasions.
  • This guide below will be covering 3 methods that you can use in order to achieve this.
  • For example, Adobe Premiere Pro is a great tool that you can use to grab images from videos.
  • For more tutorials, check out our How-To page as well.
grab image from video

Ever wanted to make a screen capture from a movie or video file on your , Windows 10 device?

This feature comes in very handy if you want to create the perfect thumbnail for a video, or to add some effects to your website, and why not, to set them as your background image.

However, there is no simple way to do this with accuracy, or is it?

Users of Windows 10, can rest assured that they will be able to capture pictures from videos by using some of the steps written below.

How can I capture pictures and photos from videos?

1. Use a third-party video editor

The most obvious choice when it comes to extracting content out of a video is through the use of a video editor. This is because, since you are trying to capture a picture from the video, you are essentially interested in a particular frame from it.

That being said, no video editor is better for the job than Adobe’s very own Premiere Pro, an industry-standard in the world of video editors, since it is used by both common users and within the movie industry to create Hollywood-level content.

The interface is simplistic, following the traditional timeline-based arrangement, so even casual users will know how to get around this app.

More so, the program comes with all the tools one may ever need in order to edit a video, including extracting a single frame from it and using it as a screenshot.

Download Adobe Premiere Pro for Free

2. Use your video player

Most video players nowadays come with a few video editing tools themselves, most of which are used to adjust the image of the video as you are watching it.

Curiously enough, the ability to capture a certain frame at any given time from within a video is a trait that is quite common.

In some video players such as VLC, all you need to do is right-click the image while the video is playing, and simply select an option that usually looks like Capture frame.

Of course, not all video players are the same, but you can easily find a similar option if you look for a bit.

3. Use a screen-recording tool or take a screenshot

If all options fail for some reason, a screen recorder is your next best solution

  1. Play your video on any video player
  2. Pause it at the moment you want to take a screenshot
  3. Press PrtSc
    • Alternatively, press any key that you bound your screenshot function to

By following these steps, you should be able to capture a photo or image of any video, and use it for whatever purpose you see fit.

Let us know if our guide was useful by leaving us a message in the comments section below.

FAQ: Learn more about capturing images from videos

  • Can you capture still images from videos?

Yes, you can, by using a video editor, a video player, or even Windows 10’s built-in screenshot function.

  • How do I extract high-quality images from videos?

Simply make sure that the source-material is high-quality itself, and your image-grabbing tool is set to the highest quality as well.

  • How can I grab images from videos easily?

There are plenty of dedicated tools on the Internet made specifically to grab stills from videos.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2018 and has been since revamped and updated in May 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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