Is your car stereo USB port not working? Check these methods

by Vladimir Popescu
Vladimir Popescu
Vladimir Popescu
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USB not working car stereo
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We all love listening to our favorite songs in the car. Listening to music proves to be a very useful method that helps you to manage those stressful drives while waiting for the roadblock to clear, waiting for the green light, or just enjoying the ride with your family or friends.

What can you do if your car stereo USB port doesn’t work? If you don’t have a CD player, the only option would be to listen to the radio or to have your friends sing some songs, which doesn’t sound very fun.

The best option would be to make that USB port work as before, so you can access your music from any storage device easily, and enjoy the drive without issues.

Please read on to find out some of the best troubleshooting methods if you find yourself in the situation mentioned above.

What can I do if my car stereo USB port stopped working?

1. Use another USB cable

USB cable - USB not working in car stereo

Even though this might seem like an obvious step, it is important to identify where the problem is coming from. In this case, the only other possibilities for your USB not working could be the cable or the storage device.

Change the USB cable with a new one and check to see if the issue persists. If it does, please follow the following troubleshooting steps.

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2. Try another USB drive with your defective port

USB stick - USB not working in car stereo

Because it is important to identify where the problem arises in order to fix it, it is recommended that you try to connect another USB drive to the defective port.

If the new USB drive is being read properly, then it is clear that your USB port is not the issue, so that makes the USB drive the culprit.

If the USB drive is not being read, then we can assume that the USB port might be defective.

Note: Make sure the new drive is compatible with the USB port.

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3. Check for any compatibility issues between devices

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Drive USB - USB not working in car stereo

Because of the variety of brands, formats, and range of power needed to run USB drives, the compatibility between the two elements can be a problem as well.

In some cases, the USB port doesn’t offer enough power to read the data from the drive properly, or the format of the files might not be compatible.

Depending on the USB drive you’re using, and what brand of car stereo you have, you can perform quick online research with both of the models that you’re using.

4. Update firmware for both devices

Update on blackboard - USB not working in car stareo

It is recommended that you keep all your devices up to date to avoid encountering any issues, and this principle applies to your car stereo firmware as well.

Depending on the car model, car stereo model, and the USB drive that you’re using, you will need to make sure that all firmware is up to date.

You can search for firmware updates on the producer’s websites.

5. Try using a USB drive with a smaller storage

USB sticks - USB not working in car stereo

In some cases, users have reported that they got their USB drive read without issues after replacing the original drive with a one that has a smaller storage capacity.

To be sure you’ll cover the entire range of drives that can work, it is recommended that you try a 2GB drive, then a 4GB one, etc.

This way you’ll be able to choose the biggest size drive that works for your car stereo system.


As you noticed, the issue with your car stereo USB not working can have a variety of reasons – compatibility, size of the disk, the power outage, a defective cable, and ultimately a defective USB port.

Check them all out and find the source of your problem with the help of our steps.

We would love it if you would share your experience with us. Do you have any troubleshooting suggestions? Leave a comment in the section found below this article to contact us.

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