You can now enable Windows Mixed Reality support on Chrome

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Windows Mixed Reality support is about to hit the most popular browser in the world — Google Chrome. It looks like the company is enhancing the capabilities of its browser on the Windows 10 operating system. 

Various commits regarding the implementation of Windows Mixed Reality support in the browser have been added by Chromium contributors during the past few weeks. 

It seems like the search giant is currently in the final stages of the development process. The new feature is currently available to Windows Insiders who are running build 18329 or later.

Windows Mixed Reality support confirmed — almost

 Recently, a new flag has been added in the Google Chrome Canary that enables Windows Mixed Reality support. Chrome users will be able to use Windows Mixed Reality headsets if the flag ‘Windows Mixed Reality support’ is enabled in the browser. The flag is currently in Chrome Canary version 74.0.3710.0. 

The flag description reads:

If enabled, Chrome will use Windows Mixed Reality devices for VR (supported only on Windows 10 or later). – Windows

Notably, Microsoft Edge and other Chromium browsers will be able to access the changes, so we can say that the feature is not limited to just Chrome.

On a side note, around 60 percent of the PCs are currently using Google Chrome browser. It is expected that Windows Mixed Reality integration will be available to those users very soon.

However, the company has not shared any specific deadline regarding its release to the Stable version. You might have to wait until Spring till the next major rollout of the operating system.

If you are interested in enjoying the feature you can always check out new Windows Insider builds and Chrome Canary. 

Surprisingly, you will be able to run Chrome Canary side-by-side along with the Chrome proper. That is the only way that users can use to test the browser while avoiding stability related risks. 

How to enable the Windows Mixed Reality flag in Chrome

First, open your Chrome browser and then you have to navigate to chrome://flags. Then use the search bar to search for Windows Mixed Reality. Once you are able to spot the flag select Enabled.

The browser has also added support for various other features of the Windows 10 operating system. Some of them include  Action Centre Notifications, Dark Themes. Furthermore, the support for Windows TimeLine has also been added through an official Chrome Timeline Plugin. 

We can assume that Microsoft is making a move to ensure Windows 10 feature support for Chromium as the company is shifting its Edge browser to Chromium.



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