Chromium Edge won’t be available for 32-bit Windows 10 PCs

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Microsoft announced toward the end of 2018 that it will turn Edge into a Chromium-based browser.

The software giant is ditching that browser’s EdgeHTML rendering in favor of the Google Chromium engine, which underpins Chrome, Vivaldi, and Opera.

Users are still waiting for the first preview of the new Edge. However, a new support document highlights that the first Chromium Edge previews will not be compatible with 32-bit Windows platforms.

A new support document page titled “Microsoft Edge Insider builds: Troubleshoot install and updates” has emerged on Microsoft’s website.

That page lists some error message resolutions for Microsoft Edge Insider builds (Edge Canary and Edge Dev). The support document page also states:

Check your operating system. Microsoft Edge Insider builds are currently only available on Windows 10 (64-bit). Other versions of Windows are not supported at this time.

So, the first Microsoft Edge Insider builds will be exclusively for 64-bit Windows platforms. Microsoft is excluding 32-bit Windows users from the testing phase of Chromium Edge at least. Nor has the software giant made it clear if its flagship browser will support 32-bit Windows at all.

Those users who are not sure if their platforms are 32 or 64-bit Windows can check via the Control Panel. In Windows 10, press the Windows key + Q to open Cortana.

Then enter ‘system’ in the search box. Click System to open the window in the snapshot directly below. The system type detail tells users if their platforms are 32 or 64-bit Windows.

The emergence of an official Edge support document also highlights that the first preview version of the new Chromium browser might roll out soon.

Some of the first screenshots of Edge Canary and Dev already leaked. One screenshot includes a New Tab page open in the browser that shows that Chromium Edge will include extensions and a profile picture to right of the URL bar much the same as Chrome.

Another screenshot includes the new Microsoft Edge Store that will include a larger repository of extensions for the browser.

Microsoft has not confirmed when it roll out the first Chromium Edge preview build. However, the software giant might showcase the new Edge at May’s Build Developer conference.

When the big M does release a Chromium Edge preview build, it will be not be a part of the Windows Insider Program. However, users will still need a compatible 64-bit Windows platform to run the browser.



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