Microsoft decides not to use Chromium fork for Edge browser

by Milan Stanojevic
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Microsoft isn't maintaining Chromium's fork

Microsoft recently hosted an AMA session on Reddit and encouraged users to ask questions about the upcoming version of Microsoft Edge.

The tech giant announced the news on Twitter and asked users to keep their questions ready.

One user asked Microsoft about maintaining Chromium’s fork. 

Are you maintaining a fork of Chromium in order to exclude the stupid changes like Google’s decision to cripple the webRequest API in order to stop people blocking ads?

Microsoft responded to the question and confirmed that the company decided not to fork. 

We have chosen not to fork since we don’t want to fragment the community, but our infrastructure does allow us to maintain patches for cases where we have a different point of view on individual changes (we talked about the webRequest/Manifest V3 changes in a couple other places. In general we plan to upstream our web platform improvements to the Chromium project. 

It looks like Microsoft is really working hard to incorporate user feedback in the upcoming projects. Microsoft encouraged its users to test the new Chromium Edge preview channels on Windows 10 and macOS. 

This AMA session has been a pretty productive one and we hope that Microsoft conducts some similar sessions in the future.

You can join Microsoft Edge Insider program and provide the company with feedback via the Edge Insider Forums.

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