Steps to enable dark theme in Chromium Edge browser

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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dark mode chromium edge

Microsoft is currently testing its Chromium-based Edge browser and we have recently seen the first screenshots of the new interface.

The new version has a lot of similarities with the Google Chrome browser and it has inherited a few features from the browser as well. 

Well, if you’re interested in testing the upcoming version of Edge along with its dark mode, you can download the browser installer.

How to enable dark theme in Chromium Edge browser

1. First, you need to type the following code in the address bar to launch the flags screen. 


2. Then, the Google Chrome screen will show the flag configuration interface. Search for the following option using the search box:


Another way is navigating directly to the flag by pasting the following code in Microsoft Edge’s address bar:


The flag basically allows the browser to adapt to the system settings in the operating system.

Furthermore, the description also states that the development of the Chromium-based browser‘s Mac version is currently in progress. 

3. Initially, this flag has been set to Default. The dark theme can be activated by switching the option to  Enable. The settings will be saved after you reboot your browser.

4. The dark mode in the system settings needs to be activated in order to use the feature in the Microsoft Edge browser.

The feature can be activated by navigating to the below-mentioned path in Windows 10 Settings app.

         Settings > Personalization > Colors > Choose your color > Dark

The changes will be reflected in the UI of your OS. The dark or light theme changes in Windows 10 system will be applied to the new Edge browser in your system.

The Chromium Edge browser has not been officially released yet but the company plans to release it very soon.

What is the most customizable web browser?

UR Browser is one of the most customizable browsers that you can install on your Windows 10 computer. The long list of available customization options, high browsing speed alongside advanced privacy options make UR Browser our browser of choice.

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Dark themes are included. And that’s only the tip of an iceberg when it comes to all the ways you can personalize UR Browser to your liking.

Besides your usual wallpapers, you can tweak almost everything concerning UR Browser’s interface. Disable or enable News Feed, Moods section, or bookmarks bar.

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Of course, you can completely change them to your liking. Reorder websites, add new Moods sections, and much, much more. The possibilities are endless. Try UR Browser for free and see the advantages it has over Edge.