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One of the most used functions on every Windows 10 PC is a copy/paste function. This is a simple but powerful function, and you can enhance it even further by using any Clipboard manager.

If for some reason, you cannot copy or paste in Windows 10, you should have a look at one of our previous articles for a solution.

When you copy text or an image, it’s placed in your Clipboard, and you use that data stored in Clipboard to paste it further.

Using tools such as Clipboard managers allows you to easily see all the data you copied in last few days and select it from the Clipboard manager if you need to use it again.

Clipboard managers are rather useful, and if copy and paste data regularly, you might be interested in a Windows 10 clipboard manager.

What is the best clipboard manager software for Windows 10?

Here is a quick list of the software listed below:

  1. Comfort Clipboard
  2. Clipboard Fusion
  3. Ditto
  4. ClipCube
  5. Ethervane Echo
  6. ShapeShifter
  7. Save.me
  8. ArsClip
  9. Clipjump
  10. CLCL
  11. ClipTray
  12. Clipboard Master

Clipboard managers for Windows 10

Comfort Clipboard (recommended)

comfort clipboard manager window

Comfort Clipboard is an extremely handy software that keeps your clipped data always ready-to-use.

It has many features that other clipboard software doesn’t, especially the ‘autosave’ feature which is very helpful in case you turn off your computer and need your clipped data from the last session after reboot – you can find them into the program.

You have to choose between two versions of the program: Lite ($10) and Pro ($20). While Lite version has a limited number of fragments you can store in the clipboard history, Pro version has unlimited slots.

Besides that, there are still many useful options in Pro version: data encryption, hiding clipped passwords, hotkey assignment, editing text fragments and many more.

We recommend you this tool not only for its great price and features but also for its trial version, high-security level and compatibility with all versions of Windows.

Editor's pick
comfort clipboard logo
  • Windows 10 compatible
  • Free version available
  • User-friendly

Note: Comfort Software also offers a great on-screen keyboard that you can use easily on every Windows 10 PC or laptop.

Another great tool is Comfort Keys Pro which allows you to customize the functions of the buttons on your keyboard. We recommend you to check them.



ClipboardFusion is a simple Clipboard manager with certain advanced features. One feature that sets apart this application from the rest is its ability for text scrubbing.

This feature is extremely useful if you’re copying text from one application to another because it removes formatting, whitespace and HTML tags, leaving you just with text.

ClipboardFusion also comes with Text Replace feature that allows you to easily find and replace all instances of a specific text string in your Clipboard manager.

In order to make your job faster, this tool supports a wide range of hotkeys so you can easily scrub text or turn on syncing just by using a single hotkey.

Thanks to the Clipboard Preview feature you can easily see preview of any image that is copied to the Clipboard.

In addition to images, this feature also works with HTML color codes, so if you are a web designer you are probably going to like this feature.

It is also worth mentioning that ClipboardFusion fully supports macros, and you can create all sorts of macros by using C#.

This Clipboard manager also supports Clipboard syncing, however, this is a premium feature that requires you to purchase a license.

After purchasing a license you can seamlessly sync all your clipboard entries with other computers and even mobile devices.

Epic guide alert! Everything you need to know about clearing the clipboard in Windows 10 is right here!



Ditto is a freeware Clipboard manager that comes with easy to use interface. In order to paste from your clipboard, you just need to press a keyboard hotkey and you’ll get a list of recently copied data.

If you wish to copy recently used data again, you just need to use a keyboard shortcut to paste it instantly or you can just select it from the menu by clicking.

If you can’t find certain data, there’s also a built-in search feature available.

Ditto uses sqlite database and it allows you to to keep multiple computer’s clipboard synced. In addition, when sending data over the network Ditto will encrypt it in order to make it safe.

Although it doesn’t have any advanced features, Ditto is still an outstanding Clipboard manager, so if you’re looking for a lightweight and fast manager for your Clipboard, Ditto might be just what you need.



Another freeware and lightweight Clipboard manager on our list is ClipCube.

This tool comes with visually appealing interface and in addition to being a Clipboard manager, this tool also works as a notetaking app.

This is a simple and fast application that allows you to easily edit your previous entries in order to make necessary changes.

We have to mention that ClipCube is a simple application with simple user interface, and our only complaint is the lack of search feature in the Direct Paste window.

This app might not be complex as the previous ones on our list, but it still does a great job.

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Ethervane Echo

ethervane echo

Ethervane Echo is one of the older Clipboard managers, and as such it lacks some of the features that other entries on our list have.

Most noticeably, this tool lacks Quick Paste feature that allows you to easily search through your Clipboard history.

Another limitation of this software is the lack of support for non-text data, meaning that you won’t be able to to store any images.

It’s worth mentioning that Ethervane Echo comes with fast search that allows you to easily search through your Clipboard history.

In addition, this tool comes with advanced filters so you can sort Clipboard history by time or even by the used applications in order to organize your Clipboard.

Ethervane Echo hasn’t been updated in a while, and since it misses some major features it might not be the best Clipboard manager, but if you are looking for a Clipboard manager with advanced filtering and simple functionality, Ethervane Echo might be perfect for you.



ShapeShifter is also called a Clipboard extender rather than a Clipboard manager because it just enhances the functionality of your Clipboard.

Unlike other Clipboard managers, this one doesn’t require you to use any new shortcuts, and you can perform all you need to do by using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V shortcut.

It’s also worth mentioning that ShapeShifter supports wide range of data including text, HTML, videos, pictures and even files, unlike some other Clipboard managers on our list.

In order to copy and paste data using this tool, you just need to press and hold Ctrl + V shortcut for a while and you’ll see your Clipboard history available. In order to paste data, just select any data from your history and release Ctrl + V keys.

Entire process is streamlined so it feels rather natural since you don’t have to use any new shortcuts.

In addition, you can paste data by selecting your history entries from the Taskbar icon. This method seems a bit inefficient, and we assume that most users will continue to use the shortcut keys.

Although ShapeShifter is an innovative tool, it doesn’t have a search function which is a major flaw in our opinion.

Fortunately, the development team is working hard on this tool, so we might see this feature added in one of the upcoming versions.

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Save.me is another Clipboard manager that allows you to easily access your Clipboard history and copy the required data.

Regarding data compatibility, this tool supports images, text and files, just like ShapeShifter. We have to mention that the biggest flaw of Save.me is the lack of Quick Paste function as well as lack of shortcut support.

This tool will allow you to organize your Clipboard history, and thanks to the built-in search feature, you can easily find what you need in just a few clicks.



Just like other entries on our list, ArsClip is another lightweight and free Clipboard manager. This tool comes with Quick Paste feature, so you can easily view your Clipboard history just by pressing a keyboard shortcut.

In addition, you can also view your Clipboard history by holding the right mouse button.

Your Clipboard history will be sorted by application, so you can easily find what you need.

If you need to search for a specific data, you can do so using the search feature. However, the search feature isn’t available right from the Quick Paste window, and you have to perform few extra clicks before you can use it.



Clipjump doesn’t offer rich and user-friendly interface, but it certainly doesn’t lack in functionality. This tool comes with Action Mode which you’ll be using to access settings and advanced features.

We have to mention that Clipjump supports text, images, and even files, and in order to paste certain data, you just need to keep pressing Ctrl + V to navigate through your Clipboard history.

You can also set several different channels and give each channel its own Clipboard history in order for you to better organize your data.

Clipjump is an advanced tool, and it has a learning curve, so you’ll have to spend some time with it before you master all of its hidden functions.



CLCL is another light and free Clipboard manager for Windows 10. This tool comes with humble user interface, and although it doesn’t offer a search function, it will store data, images and text in your Clipboard.

This tool is easy to use and in order to access your Clipboard history you just need to press the keyboard shortcut and select an item from the list, or use a keyboard shortcut to add it.


ClipTray is a small and simple Clipboard manager that can store text, images and files.

This tool works a bit different than the others on the list because using the shortcut key lets you select the desired data, but in order to paste it, you need to use the standard Ctrl + V shortcut.

This isn’t a major flaw, but it requires a few minutes before you get used to it. As for the flaws, only flaw of ClipTray might be the lack of search feature.

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Clipboard Master


Clipboard Master is one of the most powerful Clipboard managers on our list. It supports text, files, and images, and thanks to the built-in search function you can easily search for your data.

This tool can store up to 10,000 entries, and thanks to the Fixed Clipboard feature, you can save your most used data in order to access it quickly.

With such large number of supported entries, there’s a built-in filter tool that lets you display only certain type of data, such as text or image.

One extra functionality is the ability to create screenshots right from Clipboard Master, and even though such feature isn’t necessary, it’s still a welcome addition.

Another feature that we didn’t expect to find in a Clipboard Master is the Password Safe that works similarly to a password manager. This feature encrypts your data and allows you to easily enter it without typing.

If you need an extra layer of protection, there’s also an ability to add master password.

Clipboard Master works great as a Clipboard manager with its filtering and built-in search feature, and thanks to these extra features, it just might be one of the best Clipboard managers on our list.

Clipboard managers are useful tools, and we covered some of the most popular and the best Clipboard managers for Windows 10.

If you are looking for a powerful Clipboard manager, Ditto or Clipboard Master might be just what you need.

Editor’s Note – this article has been originally published in May 2016. We have recently updated it to include even more clipboard manager apps and software for Windows PC usersWe want to be sure that our list has the best products that will fit your needs.


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