Conhost.exe high CPU usage issue fixed in latest Windows 10 build

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Microsoft released the new build 15019 for Windows 10 Preview last week. Besides some of the new features that the new build brings, it also fixes some of the known issues that were present in the previous Preview builds.

One of the issues that users have been reporting for some time is the problem where using Command Prompt with certain fonts caused the conhost.exe process to use a lot of CPU. Due to a high CPU usage, some Insiders who encountered this problem were unable to use their computers normally.

Luckily, with the latest Preview build 15019 for Windows 10, Microsoft fixed this annoying issue. Here’s what the company said about the problem in the build announcement post:

We fixed an issue where using Command Prompt with certain fonts could result in conhost.exe unexpectedly using a lot of CPU.

Although Microsoft assures users the problem has been resolved, we don’t have any details about it. So, we don’t know what exactly has been done. But if the issue is indeed resolved, it doesn’t matter after all. The Windows Insider Program is all about finding and fixing issues in the system in order to help Microsoft deliver the as stable product (in this case the Creators Update), as possible.

In case you’ve already installed the new build, let us know in the comments if it resolved the Command Prompt issue.



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