Convert EXE to MSI for Microsoft Endpoint: 5 Best Tools

A carefully-curated list of excellent converters

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  • EXE to MSI converter tools help you to change your Windows installer format.
  • The best of these tools combine ease of use and the ability to edit MSI files.
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MSI files are a type of installation package for Windows software. Windows Installer uses MSI files to install the software. The advantages of the MSI format are that it has a standardized GUI, installation on demand, and enables unattended installation.

As such, there are a few EXE to MSI converters for Microsoft Endpoint and other use that allow developers to change their installer format. These are some of the programs with which you can convert EXEs to the MSI format.

What are the best EXE to MSI converters?

EXE to MSI converter free – Best free converter

EXE to MSI Converter Free is a straightforward freeware program for converting EXE installers to MSI alternatives. You can add it to Windows by pressing the Download free edition button on its official website.

As this software hardly has any configuration options for converting EXE files to MSIs, you can set up an MSI file in just a couple of clicks.

The software includes a Test Installer button to check how the installer works. Aside from that, the program doesn’t have any other settings.

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MSI Wrapper – Excellent UI design

MSI Wrapper is an EXE to MSI converter with a step-by-step wizard UI design. The software has a freeware and professional version retailing at $198.

You can launch Wrapper Professional with command line parameters, and the pro version also enables you to incorporate macros within the wrapped MSI setup.

Press the Download Free MSI Wrapper button on this page to add the freeware version to Windows.

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Exemsi has designed MSI Wrapper more like a wizard so that users can set up an MSI package in about five steps. The software lets you specify extra info for your installation packages, such as manufacturer and version details.

Furthermore, you can add extra help, update, or hyperlinks to the installers with this software. You can also specify extra command line arguments for the installer in the pro version.

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PC Remote Software Deployment – Converter for network distribution

PC Remote Software Deployment is an installer converter primarily designed for network administrators. The software is ideal for setting up MSI installers for network distribution.

Remote Software Deployment is retailing at $95-$695 and is compatible with Windows platforms from XP to 8.

The most unique aspect of Remote Software Deployment is that it enables users to convert EXE installers to MSI files with snapshots of their systems.

The system snapshot captures all the required file system or registry details for the MSI installer. This software isn’t just limited to installers; you can also set up uninstaller packages.

This application also enables users to automate software deployment on remote PCs.

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PACE Suite – Built-in MSI editor

PACE Suite is an advanced packaging tool with which you can set up Windows Installer and virtual packages. You can convert EXE installers to MSI and alternative packages with this software.

The PACE Suite Freelancer Edition is available at 1,199 euros with one-year maintenance. However, you can also try out a full demo of the software for a month. This software is compatible with Windows 10, 8, and 7.

PACE probably has all the tools most will need for converting EXE files to MSI format. The software’s MSI Generator enables users to capture installations with snapshot or monitoring methods.

Aside from converting an EXE to MSI, you can also set up an MST or App-V package with PACE. Furthermore, PACE includes an MSI Editor with which you can further edit a Windows Installer.

With the MSI Editor, you can adjust the application’s details and edit the installer package’s files, registry entries, shortcuts, etc. This software also has fast repackaging speeds.

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EMCO MSI Package Builder – Easy to use

The EMCO MSI Package Builder is software in that you can convert EXE installations to MSI, manually set up MSI packages, and customize installations.

Package Builder has a Professional and Enterprise edition, which includes extended EXE to MSI conversion options and supports more installation resources.

The pro version is available at $599 on the publisher’s website and is widely compatible with Windows platforms from XP up.

MSI Package Builder has an intuitive UI design incorporating wizards to guide you through converting EXE installers to MSI format.

The software’s EXE to MSI automated repackaging is based on installation-capturing technology that captures registry and file system changes.

You can also set up installer packages manually with the software’s visual editor. Package Builder users can further customize MSI packages’ files, registry keys, and shortcuts with the installation authoring tool.

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Those are a few EXE to MSI converters that provide invaluable tools and options for developers and network administrators to set up MSI packages.

Of those programs listed above, PACE and MSI Package Builder probably have the most comprehensive options and tools for repackaging software. If you need a list of the best installer package software, check out our software guide.

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