Windows 10 Creators Update creates inconveniences for CS: GO

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
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It’s not surprising that the new Creators Update from Microsoft is generating minor issues in a lot of places since its release, with CS: GO being one of the biggest victims.

Fortunately, the biggest problem here is that the update turns the EPP feature, Enhanced Pointer Precision. Many players are not pleased that when they start a game, they are surprised with having this feature turned on. It can be really difficult to play with if there is no prior practice in those conditions.

On the CS:GO subReddit, user Pippkorn voiced his complaint and made it known that this problem exists:

The recent Windows 10 Creators Update seems to have re-enabled ”Enhance Pointer Precision” (Acceleration) in the Windows mouse settings

Fortunately, this problem is more of an inconvenience than a real issue that is very hard to fix or remedy. Multiple users responded to the post created by Pippkorn and while they agreed it was something they were displeased with, they provided a simple solution which would take care of the issue.

How to disable Enhance Pointer Precision on PC

To turn off this features, follow the steps listed below:

To disable:

Press the Windows-button -> Search for ”mouse” -> press ”Change mouse settings” -> in the top right corner, press ”more mouse options” -> press the tab ”pointer options” -> uncheck ENHANCE POINTER PRECISION

I’ve directly translated the name of the options from Swedish, so if there are any mistakes please feel free to correct them.

Have you played Counter Strike: Global Offensive on Windows 10 Creators Update? Did you encounter any other particular game issues?


  • I must run the game in Fullscreen windowed to make it work.. Little booring but atleast it is working.. A little latency is comming up. Well i got the typical D3D device error.. if someone has a fix on it i would be happy, it happened on the Aniversitary update too, but then i managed to fix it like five times after a couple of hours, but not on the new creators update..