CTRL +C issues in Command Prompt gets fixed in Windows 10

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The latest Windows 10 build brings many improvements and bug fixes, making the Creators Update OS more reliable. Build 15014 also fixes a very annoying issue that prevented Insiders from using the CTRL +C function in Command Prompt.

Being able to quickly copy and paste various command lines in Command Prompt is very useful. Many commands include special characters, and there are are also users who created their library of CMD commands that come in very handy when they need to quickly fix something.

CTRL + C has been unavailable since build 15002 was launched. Indeed, it took three builds for Microsoft to fix this issue, but the good news is that once you install build 15014, you’ll be able to use CTRL + C in Command Prompt once again.

We fixed an issue where using CTRL + C to copy in Command Prompt wasn’t working.

Insiders shouldn’t encounter any other Command Prompt issues in build 15014. There are no bugs affecting CMD on Microsoft’s list of known issues, and for the time being, Insiders haven’t reported any Command Prompt issues either.

Command Prompt is here to stay

Speaking of Command Prompt, there were some rumors circulating last year that Microsoft was planning to replace CMD with PowerShell. Build  14971 set PowerShell as Windows 10’s default shell and this was the root-cause of these rumors. Rest assured, Microsoft won’t remove Command Prompt in Windows 10 Creators Update.

CMD is an essential part of Windows 10’s skeleton, and millions of businesses, developers, and IT professionals use it on a daily basis.

Much of the automated system that builds and tests Windows itself is a collection of many Cmd scripts that have been created over many years, without which we couldn’t build Windows itself! […]
Many of our customers and partners are totally dependent on Cmd, and all it’s quirks, for their companies’ existence!
In short: Cmd is an absolutely vital feature of Windows and, until there’s almost nobody running Cmd scripts or tools, Cmd will remain within Windows.



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