3 Quick Ways to Fix Error Code 8018 in Dead by Daylight

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  • The dbd error code 8018 can arise from an internet connection or server issue.
  • Rebooting your router/modem might help when dbd cannot connect to online services.
  • Or you might need to turn off network security and antivirus shields to resolve dbd error codes 8014, 8018, and other similar connection errors.
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Dead by Daylight (dbd) is a popular multiplayer horror game for Windows and consoles. Yet, that game does have numerous connectivity errors that disconnect players.

Error code 8018 is among Dead by Daylight’s connection issues that players have reported. For example, one player said that dbd issue is as follows on Reddit:

I’m connected to the internet, but when I load up my game it (dbd) says, Cannot connect to online services. Please try again later. Error code: 8018.

The 8018 error usually arises when players try to sign in to dbd. It’s a pretty annoying connection error when it persists, but there aren’t that many confirmed fixes.

What are the most common Dead by Daylight error codes?

Error 8018 isn’t the only connectivity issue players have reported for Dead by Daylight. These are some of the other similar dbd error codes that blight the game.

  • Error code 8012
  • Error code 8013
  • Error code 8001
  • Error code 8014

Those errors can often be server-related ones. Therefore, players should check the server status for dbd when such errors arise.

To check if there’s a general server outage, open the Dead by Daylight page on DownDetector. If user reports there indicate a current server issue for dbd, you’ll need to wait for the developer to sort it out.

DBD's Downdetector page dbd-error-code-8018

If DownDetector doesn’t highlight any Dead by Daylight server issue, try applying some potential resolutions for error 8018. You might be able to fix the dbd error 8018 with these resolutions.

How do I fix connection error 8018 on Dead by Daylight?

1. Run Steam or Epic Games as an administrator

  1. Right-click the Steam or Epic Games desktop shortcut you launch gaming clients to select Properties.
    Properties option dbd error code 8018
  2. Select Compatibility to view the options on that tab.
  3. Click Run this program as an administrator to select the checkbox for that setting.
    Run this program as an administrator option dbd error code 8018
  4. To save the new compatibility option, click Apply.
    The Apply button dbd error code 8018
  5. Select OK to exit.
  6. Then launch Dead by Daylight from the Epic Games or Steam gaming client you have installed.

2. Power cycle your router/modem

To power cycle, a router that includes a built-in modem, unplug it for about one minute. Then plug the router back in. Finally, wait at least a few minutes for the connection lights to come on.

A router dbd error code 8018

You’ll need to unplug both if you have a separate router and modem. Wait a minute, and then plug the modem in before the router.

3. Disable firewalls and third-party antivirus software

  1. Press down the Windows key combined with S.
  2. To find the Control Panel’s WDF applet, enter Windows Defender Firewall in the search tool.
    Windows Defender Firewall search dbd error code 8018
  3. Click Windows Defender Firewall to view that applet’s options.
  4. Select the Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off navigation option highlighted below.
    Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall option dbd error code 8018
  5. Click the Turn off Windows Defender Firewall options for public and private networking, and select OK to confirm.
    The Turn off firewall option dbd error code 8018
  6. Launch Dead by Daylights to see if you can play it ok.

If you’ve installed a third-party firewall or antivirus software, disable them with their built-in options. You’ll probably be able to find options to disable on their settings tabs or context menus.

Why is dbd disconnecting me?

Dead by Daylights often disconnects players because of internet connection issues. Restarting your router/modem as discussed for the first resolution can feasibly resolve such matters.

Firewall and third-party antivirus software blocks are other possible causes for dbd’s connection errors. For that reason, we recommend players try disabling firewalls and antivirus shields before launching Dead by Daylight.

Can you get banned for disconnecting dbd?

Yes, some players had said they’d been banned after getting disconnected from dbd matches (even when they didn’t choose to disconnect). The game imposes short, temporary disconnection penalties.

So, it doesn’t make much difference whether players choose to disconnect from competitive dbd matches. There are, however, various ban time penalty levels.

Those possible resolutions might resolve dbd error code 8018 for some players. Sometimes, however, you might need to reattempt to connect multiple times or try again later.

However, if the issue continues, you can contact the game’s support service from Dead by Daylight’s support page. Click the Submit a Request option on that page to contact support.

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