Round up: Dead Rising issues on Windows PCs

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Dead Rising is an exciting game in which you chop zombies up until you drop. It was launched on September 13 and can be played the 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Dead Rising is not a brand-new game. Actually, the first version of the game was released in 2006 for the Xbox 360. Ten years later, the PC version of the game is finally available. Dead Rising has received very positive reviews and is currently one of the most popular games on Steam.

However, the Dead Rising gaming experience is not perfect, with many bugs limiting it overall. In this article, we’re going to list the most frequent issues affecting gamers as well as the respective workarounds if available.

Dead Rising bugs on Windows PCs

1. No audio output is available during gameplay. This issue has plagued Dead Rising gamers since the very first day the game was launched. More specifically, sound is completely unavailable in menus and during the gameplay.

So, upon launching this I discovered a fun bug. I have no audio at all, not on the menus, not in cutscenes, and not in gameplay. I’ll wait on the patch tomorrow to see if that helps, but it’s a weird issue to have.

Unfortunately, there is no workaround available for the game’s sound issues on Windows 10. Capcom has officially acknowledged this problem and is investigating this bug. However, gamers have found a temporary workaround to enable sound in Dead Rising but this solution involves using Internet Explorer 11. You also need to update the browser and install the latest security patches in order to enable gameplay sound.

As expected, many gamers are disappointed by this workaround, accusing Capcom of forcing them to install a piece of software unrelated to Dead Rising: “It’s a rad ridiculous that you have to install a browser, that no one wants or needs, to have sound in a game. This is a band-aid, not a fix. Millions of games do not require you to do this and there’s no reason why this can’t be fixed on your end.

2. Dead Rising fails to launch due to error “Failed to initialize DirectX“. DirectX is a crucial component of Windows 10, required by many multimedia applications. This bug is a severe issue that prevents users from enjoying the game. There is no official fix available to solve DirectX errors in Dead Rising. If you’re experiencing this error on a Windows 10 PC, you can check out our dedicated article on how to solve DirectX errors on Windows 10. If you’re lucky enough, one of these solutions will solve the problem for you.

Getting Failed to Initialize DirectX, and an outright “DeadRising.exe has stopped working” on launch […]. I have tried a lot from using the directx installer that came with the game to restarting my PC to loading dead rising onto the C drive. Still not working.

3. Dead Rising fails to start This error has no particular error message. Whenever gamers hit the play button, the game displays the “Preparing to run Dead Rising” box. This first will close and then a second box immediately appears, and then a third, a fourth and so on. The latest Dead Rising patch doesn’t solve the issue for all gamers, but it appears that uninstalling and reinstalling the game should fix this bug.

4. Dead Rising fails to save Capcom already released three patches for Dead Rising, but almost one month after the game was launched, some players still cannot save their games. When they try to save their progress, the error message “Failed to save game. Please check disk space available.” appears on the screen. Capcom’s developer team was able to identify the source of the issue: memory leaks when taking and storing too many photos. There is also a temporary workaround available that involves keeping the number of photos taken and stored below 30.

Woke up, seen that Dead Rising was done downloading and decided to play it.[…]  then boom i tried saving my game and its giving the error ” failed to save game please check disk space available” even though i have 400 Gb’s of space free. With that being said Dead Rising is an amazing game just wish i could enjoy it.

5. Music doesn’t loop correctly. This issue is not a huge issue, but it can become quite annoying. According to user reports, music will abruptly stop part way through a song and then loop over with a fade-in. Gamers suggest this bug is caused by the manner in which the music was encoded in the original game. Most likely, Capcom just broke the looping function in the port.

Unfortunately, Capcom hasn’t said anything regarding the music looping issue during the Helicopter Camera Sequence. Same goes for every Boss Theme[…]

6. FPS rate severely drops This issue makes the game unplayable. The latest Dead Rising patch addresses this issue but judging by the user reports, this update doesn’t solve the bug for all users.

The game starts perfectly, but as I let the start menu play – I can see the performance slowly decend to an unplayable state. This happens even when the settings are low. This is with a Gtx 970 and i7 processor.

7. Going from menu to “Ranking” and then “Friends Rank” crashes or freezes the game. It seems you’re not allowed to navigate away from the menu or you’re stuck there. No workaround is available yet.

8. Frame rate stutters when using Melee weapons. Actually, this is not an issue, as many gamers initially thought.

The framerate stutter is actually a feature called hit-stop that was brought over from the original Xbox 360 version of Dead Rising. This feature dramatizes the impacts from hard hits and occurs with blunt objects or items that bounce off of zombies.

These are the most frequently encountered issues in Dead Rising. Don’t forget to download the latest patch for this game, addressing the following issues:

  1. Memory leakage. Memory usage should remain around 1,300MB – 1,800MB, thus eliminating framerate degradation.
  2. Looping background music. Howeversome gamers are still reporting this issue.

How has your Dead Rising experience been so far? Tell us more about it in the comment section below.