Dead Rising 4 leaked gameplay and promotional material confirm sequel

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Dead Rising 3 could finally have a sequel, three years after its official release. Dead Rising 4 will most likely feature the same background as its predecessor and will improve the original game with cooperative multiplayer and other interesting online features.

The game’s developer has yet to confirm its intention of creating a sequel for this popular zombie-killing game, but recently leaked gameplay images and promotional material suggest that Dead Rising 4 is in the works. The source of these materials also suggests that the sequel will actually be a remake starring Frank West, the original protagonist of the series.

The same source also goes as far as implying that Dead Rising 4 will actually be announced at E3 and claims that the game will be available only on the Xbox One and Windows 10.  It appears that Microsoft is funding the sequel, therefore the company wants to make sure as many users as possible have access to the game.

As far as the game action is concerned, rumors also suggest that players can team up in units of four, working together to smash as many zombie heads as possible.

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