5 best deep clean hard drive software

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
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  • Deep clean hard drive software securely shreds data so that other people won't get hold of your secret files using recovery software. It's an excellent way to improve your security and privacy.
  • You can use the software tools on this list to sanitize your hard drive if you share your PC with others or if you plan to recycle your old HDD. It's certainly easier than destroying your hard drive.
  • If your HDD is too slow no matter what you try, switch to SSD. Here are the largest SSDs to buy.
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best hard drive cleaning software

Deep clean hard drive software restores your PC security and privacy by securely wiping data to ensure that others can’t retrieve your confidential files.

As technology progresses, a lot of things changes about computers from one generation to the next. Their power, their accessibility and price, and even their size, all change in a relatively small period of time. However, one thing that never changes about computers is the fact that they eventually get really messy.

By that, we don’t mean users spilling their soda over the keyboard or there being a large amount of dust on the monitor. What we are referring to is the fact that computers and more specifically their hard drives always get clustered and obstruct the well functioning of the entire system.

Cluttered hard drives

No matter how big a hard drive is in size, it will eventually run out of free space due to the fact that there is way more stuff on the Internet for users to download than hard drive manufacturers are able to fit in their products. Even if you have 2 TB of free space, it’s still just a matter of time before that runs out too. And when it does, sorting out all the files and information and finding the junk you need to throw away amidst important documents and data won’t be so easy without help.

Hard drive cleaners

That brings us to the main subject of this article, which is the importance of having a hard drive cleaning service available on your PC. Inevitably a time will come when you are going to need it and it’s great to have it prepared. Maybe you need it right now, and don’t know what kind of software you should be looking for. Fear not, as we are here to provide you with the top picks for the role of hard drive cleaner.

There are many good picks out there but there are also ones that don’t do so great and it’s good to be able to differentiate them. That being said, let’s see what the top picks are for when you are in dire need of software to help you clean your hard drive completely and sort junk from important data.

1.  CCleaner (recommended)

In many areas, CCleaner is pretty much the only popular solution for cleaning out your computer’s hard drive. There’s a good reason for that, as CCleaner provides great options for doing that and the task can be easily completed with a nice array of extra features on top.

CCleaner offers multiple options for when it comes to cleaning your hard drive and one of them is called Drive Wipe. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, Drive Wipe will completely erase data from your hard drive and you won’t have to worry about traces being left that could be accessed by skilled individuals that know their way around the computer more than the average Joe.  You can use this software to only erase the empty part of your partitions. This is done for the aforementioned reason of making sure that there’s nothing left there.

Download CCleaner Professional

When deleting stuff, CCleaner offers users a wide range of options that come with different numbers of passes. The more passes it has, the more effective an option is but also the more time it will take it to get the job done. This is pretty much giving users the option to choose depending on how much time they have on their hands.

Of course, there’s a certain threshold that dictates how effective a number of extra passes would be in comparison to the previous tier. The higher you go, the more the whole thing loses its efficiency and worth. That being said, those that want to be as sure as possible that information has been completely wiped from the disk can use a wiping process with a higher number of passes, even if it won’t do a lot more after a while.

CCleaner also offers some other nice features that allow users to completely refresh their systems such as the ability to repair registries. The main focus of users that download this software, however, remains to clear out partitions and making sure that what is deleted stays deleted. When you find your computer running sluggish, this is definitely good software to keep in mind.

2. Shredit

Although Shredit sounds like an appropriate name for a program that aims to do the complete opposite of what Reddit does (shredding stuff vs. writing stuff) it’s quite a long shot to think that this was the actual inspiration for the software name.

Regardless of where its name comes from, one thing is for sure: Shredit is a meticulous application that allows users to safely delete files which are never to be seen or read again. Just as the name implies, information is shredded and is rendered absolute in a manner of moments.

One of the things that Shredit excels at is the fact that it can prioritize large numbers of files or individual files all the same. Users that are looking to delete specific files can thus have Shredit only focus on one item at a time, or have it shred things in bulk.

Download Shredit

It can do even more than that however, as there doesn’t have to be any information visible on a partition for Shredit to be able to clean it up. Yes, Shredit can also be used to clean up free space, which will help make sure that whatever was there isn’t coming back. When it comes to how intense the process is, the software lets users choose for themselves just how thorough the want it to be.

The software comes with multiple governmental standards which can somewhat attest for its capabilities to completely remove information from a hard drive. Additionally, those that want a copy can either go for the digital version or the CD version. The former

The former is, of course, cheaper and you will also get it instantly which makes it a lot more convenient than having to wait for the physical one, not to mention that today not all machines even have CD-ROMs. For instance, a lot of laptops today completely ditch the CD-ROM in favor of other attributes.

3. BleachBit

From a paid program we bounce back to the free software space. Our host for returning to this category is BleachBit, a service that is quite popular and for good reason: It provides excellent data wiping and security protection features that make users love it.

There are multiple reasons for which a person might be in need of using BleachBit. To start off, it’s what you would need when you don’t have any more room available on your computer’s hard drive. As mentioned slightly previously, BleachBit also does a fine job in making sure that the user’s privacy is respected and protected. To do this, BleachBit makes sure that what a user deletes won’t see the light of day again, making it thus very efficient for removing sensitive information.

BleachBit is good for things other than removing junk files as well. For instance, it’s great for completely wiping free space clean. In fact, the software provides two distinct methods through which someone could wipe the disk clean, even the free space portion.

Download BleachBit

The easiest way in which you can achieve this is by navigating to the actual option that reads “Wipe Free Space”. It can be found in the File tab once you open the app and it’s quick and effective. The other method is not as straight forward but depending on each individual’s style of navigating around a computer, it might be the easier or preferred solution for some.

The second way in which you can wipe a drive’s free space is by navigating to the Free Disk Space section of the app and using the Clean icon to launch the process.

The intriguing part about this whole deal is that there is no actual Cancel button so one might be tricked into believing that once the process is started, there’s no going back. In a theoretical sense, yes, that’s the way things are. However, in a practical sense, you can completely cancel the process, just not with a Cancel button. Simply close the program and the wiping process will cease immediately.

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