How to delete an Overwolf account and all the related data

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Remove overwolf account data

Whether you use Overwolf as a developer to create extensions for games or end-user, depending on the situation you may have to delete the Overwolf account and all the data associated with the account.

Deleting Overwolf account is a straight forward process and there are no strings attached. In this article, we show you how to delete the Overwolf account and all the data in it.

Steps to delete an Overwolf account:

1. Delete the Overwolf account using the client

  1. On your desktop, launch the Overwolf client and sign in with the username and password of the account you want to delete.
  2. From the home screen, click on the Overwolf tray icon.
  3. Go to Settings and click on Privacy.
  4. Choose the “Privacy Control Panel” option.
  5. Here you will see the “Delete Account” button.
    Delete Overwolf account
  6. Click on the Delete Account button and confirm the action.
  7. You will be logged out of the Overwolf account.
  8. That’s it. Close Overwolf client and you are done.

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2. Things to know after removing Overwolf account

Clicking on the Delete Account button is the first step at removing your Overwolf account. Here are a few more things to note to successfully delete the account.

Verifying email address

  1. Overwolf requires the users to verify their email address to be able to remove the account successfully.
  2. You may receive an email to verify the account, make sure you click on it to complete verification. Ignore if you did not recive any links from Overwolf.

The account is not deleted instantly

  1. After clicking on Delete Account and signing out, your account will be suspended for 2 weeks.
  2. Once the two weeks are over, your Overwolf account and all related data will be permanently removed.

You cannot reactivate the account

  1. Once the Overwolf account is permanently removed after 2 weeks’ time, the user will not be able to reactivate the account.
  2. All the actions related to the deletion of the account are permanent and are irreversible.
  3. This action will also cancel your in-progress data package requests.


So that was about how to delete the Overwolf account and all related data. However, do read the seond section of the article to understand more about the risk associated with canceling the Overwolf account.


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