Fix: Unable to Detach Surface Book from Keyboard

By: Ivan Jenic
3 minute read

Microsoft presented the Surface Book as the most powerful laptop today, and the device is indeed powerful, but it’s more than just a regular laptop. Namely, you can detach the screen from keyboard, and use Surface Book as a fully legitimate tablet.

Since detaching a screen is a simple action, it should be performed without any issues, but this doesn’t appear to be the case, as a couple of users recently that they’re unable to detach Surface Book from the keyboard, as the detach button doesn’t react well.

“When I first got my surface book I could detach it without any issues, however I am no longer able to. Now when trying to detach it the detach button’s light blinks green but nothing happens. When I hover over the software detach option it says “Surface Detach: Detached” and when looking at the battery status it say “Battery 1 not available.” Everything appears to indicate it does not think it is currently attached to the keyboard, when in fact it is.”

Microsoft noticed this issue, but the company said that all necessary updates for Surface Book have already been released, so the issue must be of a technical nature. But even if the company didn’t helped, users managed to find the solution by themselves, so if you’re also facing the problem with detaching your Surface Book from the keyboard, check out the solutions below

How to Fix Surface Book Detaching from Keyboard Error

Solution 1 – Two button shutdown

One user reported that the detaching issue was solved after performing a two button shutdown, and since it’s the simplest solution we have in this article, we’re going to try it first. To perform a two button shutdown on your Surface Book, do the following:

  1. Turn your Surface Book off
  2. After your Surface turns off, press and hold the volume-up button and the power button at the same time for at least 15 seconds, then release both (The screen might flash the Surface logo, but don’t release the buttons for at least 15 seconds)
  3. After you release the buttons, wait for 10 seconds, and then press the power button again to turn on your device

One you performed a two button shutdown, try to detach your Surface Book from the keyboard, and it should work without any problems. In case you’re still unable to detach it, try some of the following solutions.

Solution 2 – Enter BIOS

This solution was provided by the user who reported the issue on Microsoft Community forums at first place, it does sound a little strange for us, and we didn’t test if it works, but he claims that it solved the problem for him, so if performing a two button shutdown didn’t work, you can give his solution a try.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Shutdown your Surface Book
  2. Press the power button to turn it back on
  3. Hold the Volume Up button until you enter the BIOS
  4. Do NOT make any changes in the BIOS
  5. Exit the BIOS, and you will be prompted that the changes will be saved
  6. The computer will restart

After doing this, as our friend from Community forums says, various permission errors will occur, but you should ignore them, and just restart your computer again. After that, everything should get back to normal, and you should be able to detach your Surface Book from the keyboard without any problems.

That’s about it, once again these are not official solutions, as we picked them up from users of Microsoft Community, so if you’re also experiencing the similar problem, we can’t guarantee that they’ll work for you, but you can give it a try.

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