Diarium diary app available for Windows 10 now

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If you haven’t heard about it until now, Diarium is an app on the Windows Store that helps you capture moments of the day important to you.

This app is simple: it opens a calendar interface where you will see a pen placed on the current date. Clicking the date you want will show you another menu with two commands. At the top, you will find some non-essential options that bring you niche functionalities, such as opening the day in the calendar or exporting the entries in the diary, something you most likely won’t be doing daily.

At the bottom, you have some options to improve your experience with this app. For instance, you can attach photos from your gallery or directly from the camera. You can also doodle in your diary entries which can challenge your creativity and sense of humor. You can also tag every entry by location or by text for review later.

The app is integrated with the Calendar app and with the Action Center, which means you can quickly begin an entry from the Action Center even without opening the app. Also, you can view the entries right in the calendar app together with the rest of the basic calendar entries.

If this sounds appealing to you, keep in mind you can download the app from the Windows Store for Windows 10 both on the Mobile version and on the PC.



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