You Can Now Pause Video Recording in Windows 10 Camera App

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Microsoft just issued an update for its Windows Camera app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. We can’t say that this update is a major one, since it brings only one new feature, and a few performance and reliability improvements.

A single feature that the new update for Windows Camera provided is a pause option when recording videos with video recorder, and it also changed the version number of the app to 2016.225.10.0. The update is for now available only for Windows 10 version of the app, but as a Microsoft employee announced via Reddit, the update should arrive to Windows 10 Mobile soon, as well.

However, the changelog of the app in the Windows Store only says that the latest update brings some bug fixes and user experience, performance, and reliability improvements, but the changelong will probably be changed, when the update arrives to Windows 10 Mobile.

The ability to pause the recording while shooting a video will certainly be a welcomed addition, since all Android cameras have this feature. On the other hand, Windows Camera on some Lumia Phones still lacks some basic features, like the ability to zoom, which makes users pretty unsatisfied. So, as Microsoft started to deliver new features to its Windows Camera app, we hope that the company will continue, and that we’ll see even more features, including zoom in the future.

Users are also occasionally reporting various crash problems while using Windows Camera app on both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, so we hope that these performance and reliability improvements (we don’t know what exactly has been improved) will fix the issue with crashing.

Which feature would you like to see in Windows Camera in future? Are you satisfied by how Microsoft’s default camera app works now? Tell us in the comments. Recently, the Windows 10 Mobile Camera has been updated with the slow-motion video capture option, after it has received brand new Camera and Maps apps.

If you still didn’t receive the update, just head over to the Windows Store, and download the latest version of Windows Camera App.


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