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Adopting the best possible nutrition strategy is not an easy task — sticking to it is even harder. Fortunately, there are many dietitian software out there that you can use to make your task easier.

Nutrition software help you develop personalized nutrition plans, keep in touch with your patients, track their progress, and more.

Without further ado, here are the best dietitian software to install on Windows PCs.

Top 5 nutrition software to use in 2018



TiqDiet nutrition software

TiqDiet is very popular among nutritionists, diet coaches and dietitians. You can use it to create personalized nutrition plans, track your clients’ progress and results, and communicate with them.

You can create as many nutrition plans as you like, there is no limit to the number of plans that you can add, or the number of clients.

The software features a built-in chat that you can use to stay in touch with your clients and answer their questions in real time.

TiqDiet allows you to better motivate your clients and help them stay on track. You can send full shopping lists on their mobile phone and observe their progress and react in real-time to keep them motivated.

tiqdiet software

Creating meal and nutrition plans has never been easier. The tool features a series of nutrition plan templates that help you create meal plans faster and save time. You can then send them to your clients’ phones or print them.

TiqDiet is available for $29/ month or $24/ month is you choose an annual subscription but you can also try it for free for a limited time.

Get TiqDiet



Nutrium aims at simplifying the tasks of nutrition professionals and motivating patients to achieve their goals.

The software helps you create personalized meal plans for your clients and automatically calculate caloric intake as well as nutritional values.

You can always check on how your patients are progressing to make sure they stay motivated. Moreover, you can send them notifications during meal time to help them follow their meal plan and avoid eating food that is not appropriate for their goals.

Patients can use Nutrium to record their meals, as well as their flaws and abuses, which allows them to be completely open with their nutritionists. Patients can also integrate data from Nutrium into fitness apps, allowing dietitians understand how exactly they can help patients achieve their goals. Based on this combined data, nutritionists can adapt the meal plans according to their patients’ lifestyles.

Nutrium is a very useful tool that health professionals can use to change their patients’ eating habits.

Get your Nutrium plan



As its name suggests, NutriAdmin is a tool that makes the job of nutrition health professionals much easier. It basically takes most of the paperwork off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on the patients.

This software is above all a powerful customer relationship management tool. It features electronic medical records for your clients, fully customizable client profiles, pre-built data fields for nutritionists & dietitians, and more.

At the same time, NutriAdmin allows users to create professional meal plans, and search over 70,000+ food items in the database. To make things even easier, the tool auto-generate a personalized plans (including recipes) in 60 seconds. You can also generate nutritional analysis and shopping lists to guide your clients.

NutriAdmin also allows you to get to know your clients through online customizable questionnaires that they can fill in before the consultation. You can use pre-built forms or create your own, and add your logo and signature in emails.

This software can also process bills and payments. You can bill your clients online and accept online payments via Stripe. There you have it, you have all the features in one place.

Get NutriAdmin starting from $29.99 a month.


Nutrition Maker

Nutrition Maker nutrition software

Nutrition Maker is a powerful nutrition software designed for health professionals, including dietitians, nutritionists, wellness programs and personal trainers. You can use it to assess calorie requirements, create detailed meal plans, and analyse your clients’ progress.

The software creates custom shopping lists based on your clients’ goals so that they can implement the meal plan into their daily routine.

The tool also acts as a nutritional education tool for the client as it regularly displays nutritional information that provides improved understanding of nutrition concepts.

Nutrition Maker key features:

  • Save time creating meal plans: A wide variety of meal plans is available at various calorie ranges.
  • The tool helps you maintain client motivation and optimized weight control.
  • Unlimited number of clients.
  • Client before and after photos.
  • Create custom questionnaires.
  • Calorie assessment calculator.
  • 4 different BMR equations using client age, gender and activity level.
  • Establish weight goals.
  • Food database of over 25,000 foods and you can also add your own foods.

The tool is licensed for a single computer and single user. You can get it from BioExSystems.


DietMaster Pro

diet master pro nutrition software

DietMaster Pro is a professional nutrition software that’s suitable for health club owners, personal trainers or medical practitioners.

This software is super fast and can produce meal plans, grocery lists and nutritional assessments within minutes.

You can also run nutrition analysis of an individual’s current eating habits in order to identify where the problems are coming from in terms of shortfalls, over-consumption, vitamin deficiencies, etc.

You can create meal plans from scratch according to your clients’ needs in order to help them achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. You can use the software’s food database or simply create your own.

The meal plan is copied into the clients’ folders and can be modified depending on their needs. The tools also allows you to do follow-up every 2-3 weeks and update the client profiles in order to record their progress and see if it’s consistent with the goals set.

You can try DietMaster Pro for free for 15 days.

These are 5 of the best nutrition or dietitian software that you can use on your Windows PC. As you can see, these tools can be used by a variety of nutrition specialists.

Go to their official webpages, download the free trial, test them for a while and then choose the software that best suits your needs.



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